10 Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns & Ideas

You might be planning a fancy night out with your lady or maybe you are hoping to snuggle up in your PJs at home, but there is a lot of buzz surrounding Valentine’s Day.

Building buzz for Valentine’s Day is about knowing your audience and finding a powerful way to get their attention by delivering relatable content.

There are a variety of marketing strategies that you can employ to surprise and delight your customers and drive sales during this Valentine’s Day Season. From social media promotions to SMS campaigns, and more, there are many marketing strategies that you can implement.

Here are 10 different ways to promote Valentine’s Day. You can do this by sharing the love with your customers this February.

1) Create a social media campaign that is interactive.

Everyone likes a little gift for Valentine’s Day. So Tiffany & Co. created that small present for UGC by advertising it as a part of their marketing campaign, called ‘the Tiffany tattoo shop’.

Tiffany’s has created a mini-site where consumers can select and customize a tattoo that they can use as a sticker on their Instagram posts. Each design was based on a tattoo style that has always been popular. Tiffany’s asked all of their customers to create their own tattoos and to share them via the hashtag “#believeinlove” (OR, #believeinlove).

The result was that Tiffany’s received a ton of cute, stylized, and branded customer photos. Every customer and fan engaged with the brand, and they got to “take home” their own little creations.

2) If you use SMS, you can offer your customers exclusive savings.

So, show your existing customers that you are loving them by offering them a special discount on select Valentine’s Day-themed products or specific product categories, or store-wide via conversational text messages.

While you can send this message in many ways, try out our free chat widget to see how you can communicate with your customers.

3) Create a contest on social media in order to get more engagement.

The Body Shop’s #sendingakiss contest used Valentine’s Day as a hook. They asked their Instagram followers to send them some photos of themselves blowing kisses to a friend. So the winner got a gift pack of newly released fruit-scented lip balms for them, along with their gift from Valentine’s.

They were also clever in asking people to send the kiss to some of their friends, people that are likely to be tagged in the posts. This move enabled them to reach new and relevant audiences while saving valuable resources.

4) You may use the UGC for cross-channel marketing. Currently we are working on this.

Dunkin’ has built a reputation for consistently creating great UGC marketing campaigns. They know that their customers are very loyal and passionate and they use that to their advantage time and time again.

Afton, in Valentijnsdag, they merk to hun that he was not making use of hun social media. Then they decided to compete in the Instagram Contest, Genaamd Dunkin’ Love and stream live on Facebook. Furthermore, they made use of geofilters in order that men in every location could find out who Dunkin was.

Dunkin Donuts' delicious Valentine's day marketing campaign

This strategy allowed Dunkin’ to leverage user-generated content on various channels on the big day.

5) Create heartwarming videos that tap into consumer emotions.

Online dating platforms, such as eHarmony, are most likely to make money on Valentine’s Day. People across the globe are looking for love, and dating sites are no longer taboo, and have become the social norm for millennials.

Eharmony Australia also did a cute take on their ugc valentine’s day marketing strategy. Watch this video below, and you will quickly realize what we are talking about.

They asked the kids what Valentine’s Day meant to them. What they cleverly explain is the true meaning of spending quality time with those who matter the most. So, they told their ‘little ambassadors’ to make some cards for Valentine’s Day. The children can then send these to their friends and loved ones online.

6) On social media, you can celebrate the different types of love.

Being aware that women can have so much more fun celebrating Valentine’s Day together than the usual pressure of finding a date, Nina Rico created the campaign #mybestvalentine.

Valentine's Day marketing campaign from Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci is encouraging their customers to send in photos and videos of their best friends and their perfume, so that they can feature them on their social media platforms. Brands can create campaigns by collecting influential UGC around friendship, family, pets, or even celebrating self-love.

7) Boost credibility by featuring customer photos.

Meundies has launched a social media campaign asking couples to share photos of themselves wearing their matching underwear sets. The hashtag #matchmeundies was selected to show that it is being shared. The cute prints that I created, and the varied, funny, and romantic shots that I took, made for an enjoyable and sweet photo campaign.

You and your partners must be wearing a set of shoes for the photos to capture a huge amount of people. In doing so, you will increase the demand for the purchases and create a series of exciting and authentic customer photos.

You can then take these customer photos and turn them into a gallery on your site.

8) Show your customers that they are special by using your loyalty program.

Thank your loyal customers for the love they’ve shown you and return the favor with exclusive offers for loyalty program members. Here are some great ideas.

  • Offer double points for all purchases made before Valentine’s Day.
  • You can get a free Valentine’s Day themed gift with any purchase.
  • You must waive the shipping costs for a period of time before the holidays.

When you emphasize the urgency and exclusivity of your relationships, they will feel appreciated and valued. That’s what most people want to feel on Valentine’s Day.

9) Urge customers to encourage others to continue spreading the love among you by referring others to your business.

Your loyal customers are your best marketing tool. Use that power to market your Valentine’s Day marketing. If possible, give consumers extra points, products, bonuses, or discounts for sharing your offers with friends and relatives.

The more channels that consumers can use to spread the love, the more new customers you will get. Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals offers customers the opportunity to share referrals across multiple platforms, like email, social media, and more.

10) You should use visual marketing to tell your stories.

Google demonstrated the power of storytelling images, tracking a romantic story from start to finish with nothing more than a Google search bar and highly popular search terms from users. Valentine’s Day campaigns that are based on a story usually do well because they elicit strong emotional responses from users.


The result: By using strong visuals, rewards, and ugc across all your marketing channels, you can show your love to your loyal customers around Valentine’s Day, and tap into new consumer segments through referrals and social media buzz.

Also remember that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, but it is not limited to couples. Consumers love their friends, their children, their pets, and themselves. That gives brands ample opportunity to use the power of emotions to connect with customers no matter what type of relationship they have.