Are you sidetracked by the flickering black display when you were simply minutes far from success in your preferred video game on your PS5? Although PlayStation 5 is an excellent console, it still experiences some technological aesthetic missteps, yet you can promptly repair it without damaging a sweat.

If the PS5 display is flickering black throughout a video game, this takes place when the HDMI cord is harmed or the 4K video clip transfer price setups are inaccurate. To repair this problem, change the HDMI cord with a brand-new one or transform the console’s 4K video clip transfer price setups.

In this write-up, we’ll review why your PS5 display is flickering black as well as discover some reliable options to resume your video gaming experience.

Why Is My PlayStation Display Flickering?

Changing 4K video transfer rate on PS5

Many factors add to the PS5 display flickering concerns, such as:

  • The television or PS5 firmware is outdated
  • Incorrect HDR, HDCP, as well as RGB shade setups on the console
  • Loose or damaged HDMI cable
  • Incorrect 4K video clip transfer price setups on PS5
  • Technical problems or bugs
  • TV or console equipment issues

How Do I Take care of The Flickering Display On My PS5?

Updating PS5 in Safe Mode

To repair the PS5 display flickering black concerns, attempt the adhering to troubleshooting options one at a time.

Reboot the Console

  • Press the “Power” switch on your PS5 for a couple of secs up until you listen to a beep noise.
  • Currently, disconnect the PS5 from the keys.
  • Wait 1 min, connect the console right into the source of power, as well as transform it on inspect if the flickering black display or PS5 lagging issue is taken care of.

Inspect the HDMI Cable Television

Sometimes, a loosened or malfunctioning HDMI cord is the key factor behind the flickering black display on your console.

To confirm this, disconnect the HDMI cord from the rear of the television as well as your PS5 as well as connect it back in firmly. Additionally, inspect the cord for any kind of damage or utilize it in the various HDMI ports.

If the problem still continues with various other ports, change the HDMI cord with a brand-new one.

Note: Make certain you are utilizing the initial PS5 HDMI cable with 2.1 speed.

Configure the HDR Settings

  • Open PS5 ” Setups.”
  • Select ” Display as well as Video clip.”
  • Choose ” Video Clip Outcome” from the left panel.
  • Select ” HDR.”
  • Now, choose ” Off” to disable the setups as well as see if this deals with the problem.

Modification the 4K Transfer Rate

  • Head to ” Setups.”
  • Choose ” Display And Also Video clip.”
  • Select “Video Clip Outcome.”
  • Go to ” 4K Video Clip Transfer Price.”
  • Change the worth of the video clip transfer price to -1 or -2.
  • Later, reactivate your console as well as confirm the solution.

Disable HDCP Settings

  • Launch the PS5 ” Setups” from the house display.
  • Navigate to “System.”
  • Choose the ” HDMI” choice from the left side panel.
  • Toggle the button alongside ” Enable HDCP” to disable the setups as well as see if this fixes your PS5 flickering black display.

Change the RBG Configuration

  • Open the ” Setups” on your PS5 from the house display.
  • Currently, most likely to ” Display as well as Video clip.”
  • Choose ” Video Clip Outcome.”
  • First, most likely to ” Display Resolution” as well as established it to reduced or greater, depending upon your choices.
  • Now, scroll to ” RBG Variety” as well as established it to ” Restricted” or “Complete.”

Update The Television Firmware

  • Ensure that you have actually linked your television to a stable net connection.
  • Press the ” Residence” button on the remote that is provided with your television.
  • Go to “Setups.”
  • Choose ” Assistance.”
  • Navigate to ” Software application Update.”
  • Select ” Update Currently.”
  • Wait for your television to upgrade as well as see if the display screen problem is dealt with on your PS5.

Note: The precise actions to upgrade your television’s firmware may vary depending upon your supplier as well as version. As a result, constantly get in touch with the main site or customer handbook for advice as well as assistance.

Update the PlayStation 5 System Software

From the Homescreen:

  • Press ” PlayStation” on the DualSence controller that features your PS5.
  • Scroll to the ” Uploads” or “Downloads” in the navigating bar at the end of the display.
  • Select your PS5 system software program upgrade from the checklist as well as adhere to the on-screen timely to upgrade your console to the most recent variation.

Making use of PS5 Setups:

  • Select the ” Setups” choice in the top right edge of the house display on your PS5.
  • Go to “System.”
  • Select ” System Software application.”
  • Navigate to ” System Software Application Update as well as Setups.”
  • Choose “Update System Software Application.” and see if this solutions the problem.

You can additionally settle the PS5 error code E2-80EC004A by upgrading the console software program.

Using A USB:

  • Plug a USB drive right into your computer as well as layout it to FAT32.
  • Currently, launch a web browser on your computer as well as most likely to the PlayStation Supportwebsite.
  • Download and install the most recent software program upgrade of your PS5 as well as relabel the data as ” PS5UPDATE.PUP.”
  • Next, produce a folder on your USB drive called ” PS5.”
  • Create one more folder called ” Update” in the PS5 folder.
  • Relocate the downloaded and install software program upgrade data right into your USB’s ” Update” folder.
  • Unplug the USB from the computer as well as insert it right into the USB port on your PlayStation 5.
  • Press ” Power” on your PS5 for a couple of secs up until you listen to a 2nd beep (This will certainly begin the console in Safe Setting.)
  • Scroll down as well as choose the Safe Setting choice 3: Update System Software Application.
  • Select ” Update from USB.”
  • Afterward, choose ” ALRIGHT” to verify.

Reset the Console

  • Select ” Setups” on your PS5 house display.
  • Most likely to ” System.”
  • Choose ” System Software application.”
  • Select ” Reset Options.”
  • Select “Reset Your Console.”
  • Finally, choose “Reset” to verify, as well as the flickering black display must be gone.

Note: Resetting your PS5 will certainly erase all your video games from the console as well as return all the setups to skip.

Consult PS5 Support

If none of the above options job as well as you are still experiencing the flickering black display problem on your PS5, connect to the PlayStation Support group on the main site for additional support.

You can additionally call 1-800-345-7669 to obtain instant assistance or reach them on Twitter.


In this write-up, we have actually clarified why you are experiencing a flickering black display on your PS5 as well as went over a couple of fast troubleshooting approaches to settle the problem.

We wish among the above options has actually benefited you, as well as you can currently revitalize your superb present gen-gaming experience on the console.

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