For any online business to grow, effective content is vital. Marketing campaigns must find new and innovative ways to differentiate their brands from the competition. Sometimes you should look at other brands to attract the attention of your customers and discover some brilliant content promotion ideas.

Take a look at the lessons that have been learned here are twelve examples of content promotion that you can use to supercharge your digital marketing in 2022.

1. Employing powerful imagery.

It’s becoming harder to make an impression with just words. Today, consumers prefer visual content over words. According to research, almost 60% of senior executives prefer watching a video to reading online text.

You can create engaging videos from photos, videos, and music. You can create marketing videos in the formats Ig and Fb.

There are plenty of coupons for video creation services online, too, so you can easily create personalized 30-second HD-quality videos to market your brand that won’t cost a lot.

Having a powerful image or video concept can make a good impression. Sometimes it is important to think outside the box.

That said, sometimes, it is simple, especially when it comes to products that are visually appealing. One example is pizza. When you’re hungry, a hot, freshly cut slice of pizza, oozing with delicious, melting cheese, will most likely make you look twice.

In order to engage viewers with its content and promotions, Pizza Hut utilizes powerful imagery to communicate its message.

pizza hut the original pan pizza

2. On this page, you will find guest blogs and valuable tips.

Including guest blogs in your content can vastly increase your reach while providing an abundance of engaging and relatable content.

If guest posts are unique, high quality, and vetted, they can help you get more value from your audience and lead to more conversions to your site.

Home Depot is a great example, as everyday diyers contribute very relatable and exciting ideas, tips, and tricks to the wealth of information that home depot offers.

You want to give your valuable visitors a reason to return to your site. As a result, you can increase brand awareness and create loyal fans.

The Home Depot Blog

3. You are able to provide valuable resources.

In addition to providing a wealth of valuable tips, tricks, and information, anything that is valuable can be a highly impactful way to get masses of traffic to your site and send your SEO soaring.

Shutterstock is a great example of what this means. The unique resource has stunning visuals, music and video components and has tapped their expertise to create the ‘creative trends report’.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, this compelling infographic has brought about over 6 billion visits to their site, as well as thousands of social media shares.

Shutterstock creative trends

4. The topic is associating influencers.

The best way to promote your content is to collaborate with others. This is one of the most powerful content promotion ideas on this list.

Getting social media influencers involved in your content promotions is a sure-fire way to gain additional online attention, as you can tap into their social reach and expand your brand awareness considerably.

There are other ways in which you can continue to utilize this avenue of marketing.

If you combine your marketing message with a movement or cause that is able to provoke an emotional reaction, your influencer impact will transform from being a simple product endorsement to being an inspiring message that will gain more attention.

Olay has done this well with their #faceanything campaign. You’ve collected 9 influential individuals using social media to craft a message that empowers women.

All while connected back to their facial skin range, inspiring female empowerment, with the result that their positive brand awareness increased through the roof.

Olay influencer marketing campaign

5. It is important that you keep your content varied.

Some companies are best known for only offering one or two specific products or services. With some clever content promotion, you can reach far and wide.

If you intentionally broaden your online content in order to reach multiple audiences, you can increase the number of conversions that you have, and you can also gain much more brand followers. Cracker Barrell is an excellent example of this.

They may be best known for their cooking and old memorabilia, but they keep their content and offerings much wider. They have amassed an online audience that is genuinely interested in a far greater variety of things.

Including articles and content that focus on everything from recipes to holiday decorating tips, they are able to keep a wide range of consumers interested in their web presence, and they have also increased their seo by doing that.

Cracker Barrel varied content

6. Creating social challenges.

By finding new ways to create actively promotional content, you can increase brand awareness and conversions. A good way to use that information would be by providing a positive message.

That requires not only focusing on global issues but also how to have fun. You can grow your digital marketing footprint and your brand into the spotlight.

This was done brilliantly as part of Levi’s annual challenge. Then, we asked people to style their Levi’s jeans differently every day for a week, and to use the hashtag that was most popular in the post to show that they were proud.

They elevated their brand, made it sustainable, and helped people wear their brands and share them more. The campaign shows that business ethics is vital to their brand.


7. Personalizing

Some advertisements are launched that go far and beyond what is often seen. One of Coke’s personalization campaigns is definitely one of those good examples.

Coke’s marketing team knew what it was doing when it launched its Share A Coke campaign. The idea was to take something that was already a global brand giant and allow the consumers to become part of it by personalizing their bottles.

After researching some of the most popular Australian names, they added the names to coke bottles in Australia in 2012. They added them to British coke bottles the following year. The label on the bottle said Share a Coke With and was followed by a name that was used frequently. People could buy drinks of their favorite drink by writing their own name or the name of a friend on the bottle.

Because that campaign was very popular, it quickly spread around the world and appeared in no fewer than 80 countries. What helped make this tournament so successful?

If you make people comfortable, and personalized to their behavior, they feel unique, meaningful, and included. They chose the names that would be most familiar to the people who were most likely to get on board with this idea. It is a wide-ranging strategy, as everyone wants to be included.

The concept of sharing enhances this stellar marketing idea. The brand made people feel emotionally connected. They encouraged people to purchase gifts for others. It was a novelty item that became popular.

Coca Cola personalization example

8. Educating

One way to engage an audience is by offering them ways to improve their skills. Canva is an excellent example of this, having created its own unique online design school.

Canva is a popular online graphic design platform that enables its users to create images and animations of professional quality for use on their blogs and social media channels.

When they go further, they also offer a variety of online courses through their design school. Users can improve their skills in graphic design from the comfort of their homes without the expensive costs of obtaining a degree.

Canva is an excellent example of how interactive content marketing that offers educational benefits can highlight the usefulness of a platform. Also, it is important for businesses to be credible and positioning their business as an authority in the industry.

Canva Design School

9. Be honest and build trust.

McDonald’s is probably the most successful fast food chain on the planet. Yet, it always carries a whisper of questionable ingredients. It’s such a longstanding brand that it has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories regarding the quality of the ingredients that they use and how they source them.

Sometime ago, McDonald’s continued to prosper, despite all of the rumors. When you are trying to purchase goods and support businesses, today’s consumers become more conscious about what they buy and what businesses they support. McDonald’s decided that it was time to change the perceptions of the public.

McDonald’s Canada devised a clever campaign that involved answering approximately 10,000 questions from customers. They took a stand from behind the famous golden arches, and publicly expressed their truth, demonstrating a sense of transparency and honesty that was somewhat radical. The people loved them for doing that.

What you tell your audience will affect them. By telling your story authentically, you will be able to win people over and restore their trust in your business and your product. That act likewise gives consumers the impression they are receiving superior customer service. Engaging with them gives them the information they need to make their own decisions.

It is quite certain that the information that McDonald’s Canada shared was largely (if not entirely) favorable to the brand’s reputation. The campaign was well executed. They have repeatedly demonstrated that they are committed to being transparent regarding their products.

McDonald's Canada allowing website visitors to ask questions

10. You need to take a road that is high.

From all the suggestions here, this is the one that is the most difficult to replicate.

During the Pandemic Lockdowns, so many businesses were fighting. Everyone started to feel so strongly that they were concerned about helping other people. This sense of solidarity was never seen before in our generation.

Burger King was one of those businesses that used those conditions to boost the sense of community support. Burger King encouraged their customers to eat some of their rival’s food as a gesture of solidarity. The campaign called Order from McDonald’s caused people to be shocked and encouraged people to feel compassion. It was very popular and received a lot of attention on social media.

There was a storm. It was difficult to tell if this was a highly strategic move or a genuinely heartfelt plea. Perhaps it was both. This is an example of how putting higher values above other factors can enhance the reputation of a brand.

BurgerKing asking followers to order from McDonalds tweet

L’Oréal Paris is a big name in the makeup industry. This company has produced famous skincare products, as well as revolutionary lipsticks and foundations. This video shows how the brand is using a new interactive content marketing technique, called Signature Faces, to stay relevant in today’s highly digitized world.

Signature Faces utilizes technology that allows consumers to try different lipstick shades virtually, while they are in the comfort of their home. This interactive tool uses artificially intelligent filter technology to provide a practical and efficient way to lock the bags when you are shopping online. It is extremely convenient and enjoyable to use.

Businesses should take into account the needs of their customers to create meaningful, interactive, and virtual experiences. Being made to be fun and shareable also adds a novel twist that maximizes its effectiveness. This also enables customers to decide whether or not to buy a product. This way, they can focus more on choosing what item to buy, than on whether or not to purchase anything.

Signature Faces

12. Just tell them stories.

Everyone prefers a good story that is in their possession, temporary to allow them to become lost, inspires, and moves them. Telling stories evokes emotion and engages audiences, and it can be a great way to draw people in and have them coming back for more. That is why blogs have become so popular.

Microsoft has learned how to use this skill and how to strengthen the relationships with its audience and brand users. This blog, aptly named, ‘Story’, reveals various feel good stories. People feel more emotionally and, therefore, more trusting in the brand.

People will appreciate and relate to human stories. People will trust that the person is being honest, and that they have strong relationships. Since humility is contagious.

Microsoft Stories

These are some great content promotion ideas that you can do.

It is frustrating to build websites with great content, but then the content just sits there unviewed. Is it important for content promotion ideas to be part of a good marketing strategy? As for content creation, it is only half the battle.

There are many innovative ways to increase your reach and attract consumers. Consider all of these, and be prepared to think outside the box in order to find the best results.

That’s why you should consider how you can cause people to feel, inspire, encourage interaction, create a social movement, be more transparent, shift public perception, and give your consumers what they want.

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Luke Fitzpatrick has appeared in a variety of publications. He is an advisor to Forbes, Tech In Asia, The Next Web, and others. He is also a guest lecturer at the University of Sydney, lecturing in cross-cultural management and the pre-MBA program.

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