Laypeople do not engage with this cable dimension since 3AWG is extremely thick. The cables behind your outlets and also lights are 12 to 14AWG, depending upon the circuit dimension. You can run every little thing in your home on 12-gauge circuitry.

When your circuit breakdowns, 12AWG is the thickest cable dimension you will certainly run into throughout repair services. 3AWG surpasses 12AWG’s density dramatically. This is what you need to understand about the cable dimension:

Characteristics of a 3AWG Wire

Laypeople usage AWG to evaluate a cord’s density. Specialists coincide. They make use of the scale since you can analyze the device of dimension promptly. Yet some designers favor inches, mm, and also mm2 as a result of the accuracy they use.

When it comes to 3AWG, the cable dimension has a size of 0.229 inches (5.83 mm) and also a cross-sectional location of 26.7 mm2. You do not need to compute these numbers. Tables like the one on The Engineering ToolBox will certainly inform you the size and also cross-sectional location of each cable dimension. This details originates from the NEC. For that reason, you can trust its precision.

The number of Amps Can 3 Scale Cable Manage?

3-gauge circuitry can securely send 85 amps. The ampacity reveals you just how much electrical energy a certain cable dimension can continually send without overheating. It protects against fires by enabling you to combine each application with the appropriate cable dimension.

Once more, you do not need to compute a 3AWG line’s ampacity. The table listed below programs you the amps of each cable dimension. As well as once more, this details fits the ampacities you see in the NEC’s tables.

Wire Scale Size60˚C
60 ˚C75˚C
3 AWG85 A100 A110 A65 A75 A85 A

Most areas in the USA follow the National Electric Code’s regulations and also laws since their standards are exact and also trusted. Unquestionably, regional codes supersede the NEC. Nonetheless, you will certainly be hard-pressed to locate a neighborhood code that differs with the concept that 3AWG circuitry brings 85 amps.

You figure out the ampacity by checking out the ‘Cable Scale Dimension’ column in a cord dimension graph. When you locate 3AWG, inspect the equivalent row to see the ampacity at various temperature level rankings.


How lots of odd-numbered cable dimensions have you seen in your regional shop? Take a look at a cord dimension graph. Have you saw that it just reveals even-numbered evaluates? The cable dimension leaps from 14 to 12, 10, 8, 6, and also 4. Yet as opposed to missing straight to 2, the cable dimension reveals 3, 2, and also also l.

That elevates 2 concerns. Initially, why do cable dimension graphes miss weird numbers? Second of all, why does the cable dimension graph point out an odd-numbered scale like 3AWG? The solution to the very first inquiry indirectly fixes the 2nd one.

Cable dimension graphes overlook odd-numbered evaluates since the distinctions in between weird and also even-numbered evaluates are also tiny to matter. Your merchant has no factor to supply 13AWG since you currently have 14AWG and also 12AWG.

14 AWG is 0.064 inches. 12AWG (the next off biggest dimension) is 0.081 inches (copper). These 2 dimensions are divided by a modest 0.017 inches. Simply put, any kind of application that calls for 13-gauge circuitry can use 12AWG or perhaps 14AWG.

So what collections 3AWG apart? The distinctions in between even-numbered evaluates are just small amongst the smaller sized dimensions. Those distinctions come to be a lot more substantial once you get to thicker cable dimensions such as 3AWG.

Consider this. 4-gauge wiring is 0.204 inches. 2AWG circuitry is 0.257 inches. The distinction in between these 2 dimensions is 0.053. That is also substantial for you to assemble to 2AWG or to 4AWG.

You require 3-gauge cabling whose 0.229 inches position the cable dimension in between 2AWG and also 4AWG. This reasoning relates to 1AWG.

For that reason, if your service provider requests for 3AWG, obtain them 3AWG. Do not turn to the various other cable dimensions. Your regional merchant will not equip 5AWG, 7AWG, or 9AWG. Yet they need to have a couple of coils of 3AWG circuitry accessible since specialists utilize it.

Leave it approximately your service provider to identify what they require. Do not buy 3AWG to conserve cash although your service provider desired 2AWG. At the exact same time, you should not squander cash on 3AWG when 4AWG suffices.

Why Do Individuals Call 3AWG THHN/THWN?

People do not always call this cable dimension THHN or THWN. Nonetheless, BC Highlight Electric has actually discovered that customers typically connect 3 and also 4AWG circuitry with THHN and also THWN. Or, at the minimum, you generally locate the cable dimensions in the THHN group.

Informing a store you desire number 4 cable suffices to obtain you THHN circuitry. Specialists that desire 2AWG might opt for 3AWG since the cable dimension is less expensive and also lighter. THHN highlights the cable’s qualities (Thermoplastic High Warmth Nylon). At first, producers marketed 3AWG in THHN and also THWN variations (the ‘W’ describes the cable’s water resistance).

Yet the expense of offering 2 various kinds of cables was expensive although the distinctions were small. At some point, producers incorporated the kinds. Nowadays, your 3AWG cable will certainly claim ‘THHN THWN’ on the coat.

These cables are fire and also waterproof. You can mount them in damp and also completely dry places if you remain within the advised temperature level rankings.

Use 3AWG

The reduced you take place a cord dimension graph, the thicker the conductors come to be. In AWG, the smaller sized the number, the larger the cable. Simply put, 3AWG is fairly huge. The table below will certainly provide you a concept of what 3-gauge circuitry will certainly perform in contrast to various other cable dimensions.

18 AWGLamp Cords
16AWGExtension Cords
14AWGLights Fixtures
12AWGOutlets, Kitchen Area Appliances
10AWGDryers, Stoves, Air Conditioners, Heaters
8AWGCook Tops
6AWGLarge Heating Systems and also Heaters
4AWGLarge Heating Systems and also Heating Units, Below Panels
3AWGFeeder Cable and also Solution Entrance

3AWG and also 4AWG have a great deal alike. You can run durable home appliances such as huge hot water heater and also electrical heating systems on a circuit with 3AWG wires. Furthermore, you can make use of 4AWG as a feeder cable if the scenario is excellent.

Does The Product Affect 3-Gauge Electrical Wiring Amps?

Yes, it does. Take a look at the cable dimension graph. The row on top reveals the products. It restricts your alternatives to copper and also light weight aluminum since the majority of stores market copper and also light weight aluminum circuitry. From the table, you can see that a 3-gauge line’s ampacity adjustments with the product.

3 AWG copper cables can send 85 to 110 amps. Yet 3AWG light weight aluminum lines are limited to 65– 85 amps. Why? Since copper is a lot more conductive than light weight aluminum. For that reason, copper circuitry has a greater ampacity than its light weight aluminum equivalent.

Suppose you can not manage copper? 3-gauge circuitry is extremely costly. Including copper to that mix makes points even worse. Suppose your budget plan has compelled you to focus on light weight aluminum? If your task calls for 3AWG copper, obtain 2AWG light weight aluminum. You can change copper with light weight aluminum if you increase the scale.

Or else, an application that calls for 3AWG copper might bewilder 3AWG light weight aluminum. Bear in mind that light weight aluminum is lighter and also much easier to deal with. Simply put, also if you can manage 3AWG copper, you may select 3AWG light weight aluminum since the product is much easier to set up.

Does Temperature level Impact 3-Gauge Electrical Wiring Amps?

The temperature level is much more crucial than the product. Once more, take a look at the cable dimension graph. Have you saw that a 3-gauge cable’s amps boost with the temperature level? The scale will certainly bring 85A at 60 levels C and also 110 amps at 90 levels C.

Your main worry is a cord’s interior temperature level and also ambient temperature level. The interior temperature level issues since conductors stand up to the circulation of present. This is why they come to be cozy to the touch when you attach them to a tons.

Coupling a cord with a bigger tons than it can deal with will certainly result in getting too hot. The cable concerned will certainly thaw. 3AWG lines are very thick. Yet that does not indicate they are unsusceptible to overheating.

The ambient temperature level threatens since it can add to getting too hot. This is where the temperature level ranking beams. A cable with a high-temperature ranking can suit a huge tons in a setup with bad air flow without overheating.

This is why a 3-gauge cable’s amps boost with the temperature level ranking. The greater the temperature level ranking, the higher the ampacity.

Range vs 3-Gauge Wire

For Copper Wire,

Solitary Phase

VoltageAmpVoltage DropMax Distance
120 V853%99 ft
240 V853%198 ft
480 V853%397 ft

Three Phase

VoltageAmpVoltage DropMax Distance
120853%114 ft
240853%229 ft
480853%459 ft

Do The Watts Issue?

If a 3AWG cable has an ampacity of 85 amps, you can obtain the watts when you increase 85 by 120V. This offers you 10,200 watts. A 240V system will certainly transform the watts. Nonetheless, you locate the electrical power on home appliances. The watts do not matter to a cord.

You can transform a maker’s electrical power to amps to contrast its power usage to a cord’s amp ranking.

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