You can use this Instagram marketing technique to see what the world is like.

It seems that the images are still incomplete (but still somewhat complete). So, break the endless scroll and visit the brand’s Instagram feed to find the whole puzzle.

What happens is that instead of posting one photo on each square of the Instagram grid, you use themes to connect a series of images. Each tile acts like a small cookie crumb to lead you to the big finale. A few small details are left out in the illustrations, details that only you can find when you look at the whole grid.

If done right, the end result always trumps the wait.

How can you make use of the Instagram Grid?

If you are new to the marketing side of Instagram, properly utilizing the potential of the grid can be a bit of a challenging task.

It is also possible to have a cheat sheet to help you handle it all.

We have curated a list of 8 creative ways brands use the grid layout to differentiate their feed from the rest, tell their brand story, and add more meaning to that storytelling.

So, without further ado, here’s what you need to know.

1. Create a mini website that has a grid.

So, let’s start by talking about something practical. Remember that your purpose in creating the grid is not to look at it – even if that’s part of it. Your purpose is to sell something through your Instagram feed.

So it is always a good idea to use the grid to share a small or pared-down version of your main website. Frozen Bottle, an Indian dessert brand, often uses grid tiles to promote its brand in unique styles.

Creating a mini-website with an Instagram grid
Source: frozen bottle from Instagram.

Grids like this help people find all the relevant information about your business, your product, and your purpose. Be upfront about that. Tell people that you are there and sell your things. By sharing your contact details, you will get more visitors to your websites or to your physical locations. You will also get more traffic from users who use the same old old ‘linkinbio’ hashtag.

How can you pull it off?

Utilize the full potential of Grid and the services that it provides for your business. Why not use the grid to create a logo for your brand on your entire Instagram fold? Allow people to see your brand in all its glory, and allow them to appreciate it.

2. Be sure to create a catalog or menu.

Lifestyle, fashion, and even food brands are continuing to be captivated by Instagram’s grid layout. One of the primary reasons for this is that you are able to manipulate the grid to make it look like multiple things – like puzzles, checkerboards, magazine catalogs, etc.

Building a catalog and a menu with an Instagram grid
Burberry on Instagram, via.

Take a look at Burberry. The grid in their area will be different for each row. In each row, all three tiles are connected to one another and connected, and that connection changes in the next row. He has the same style for almost an endless scroll. The result is not only beautiful, but also very thematic. In some cases, you feel like you are looking at a fashion catalogue, and not individual images.

How can you pull it off?

It is important to plan how you will look and feel in each row, and choose images that convey that feeling. Be sure to not repeat the same thing for each tile; that would be too repetitive. If you are able to do that, you should choose a connecting thread that ties the unique images together. In the example above, there are three rows with three shades of lipstick in the middle row. Products are all alike, but in the two corner photos, we have highlighted each shade individually.

Just remember that you must post three pictures for each row simultaneously, because you will mess up the order of the grid and the viewing experience.

3. Try to take a panoramic shot.

So this is another style that uses the row-style. But it has a twist. There is a panoramic view of a single image, and you are allowed to display it in every row. You may add more than one row.

Panoramic Shot for an Instagram grid
Source: @william.wanderlust on Instagram.

See how the travel blog william.wanderlust has done it.

Each row contains a single, continuous shot that is divided into three tiles. This not only allows you to have a theme, but also allows you to appreciate each picture and its relationship to the other two.

How do you get that off?

First, take the panoramic photo. Then divide that total into the required number of images. You can use an app to do that. You can use InSwipe for Android and Swipeable for iOS. The app allows you to split your single panorama shot into several images that you can display simultaneously, so that you can have a swipeable panoramic effect.

4. Use Columns to Help You Elevate Your Brand.

Rows are not your only option when creating a consistent look for your brand to win customers over.

The majority of brands, their influencers, and their neighbors are using horizontal grids to showcase their brands. So, break the monotony by going vertical.

A good use of columns is to showcase different kinds of products, graphics, and information. Make sure that your grid’s columns are tall, strong, and vertical. In the same way, fitness gurus want to show off their entire bodies, and medical blogs are using their human anatomy series to show off their large canvas, and architects are trying to show off their high-rise project to the world.

Columns in an Instagram grid
Source: Breathwork for Community on Instagram.

Community Breath Work is a holistic health blog that uses vertical and horizontal rows to maximize the brand’s idea.

How do you get that off?

In order to fully use the benefits that a vertical grid can offer you, ask yourself whether your brand truly needs it. It is possible, for example, that if there is a picture that really needs vertical representation, a grid column can work. So, if possible, try not to force anything.

What you think is going to make your audience the most is going to come from organic growth of your blog. So allow that to grow.

5. This is the diagonal grid that we are using.

Try this only if you are brave and able to commit to doing it. A diagonal grid is more difficult to make than square tiles and horizontal row grids, but it strikes the most nerves.

You must make the theme or story and write it on a diagonal line on the grid. In practical terms, this means that you share a thematic image on every 4th tile. In contrast to the other styles that we have discussed so far, this style does not require that all the grid-style pictures be posted in one go. It is important that you pay attention to the order in which you post your images. Remember, every 4th tile.

Diagonal Instagram grid
Source: i am posting on instagram.

We Have a Wish, a small blog of positive news with cute illustrations uses the diagonal style grid to tell its story. Each diagonal row that you choose is acceptable, but this blog chose to use it sparingly. Every third diagonal row is dedicated to these themed images. So you should look for those posts and engage with them with more enthusiasm.

How can you pull it off?

Remember the rule of every 4th tile. That is the most important rule that should be obeyed. On the other hand, keep the themes broad and more general. For example, if you continue to use the same color theme, keep the same colors and switch up the graphics. Or, in place of ‘vegan foods that contain soy’, try ‘vegan foods with a peach background’.

Make your life easier.

6. Text can help you take your Instagram grid to the next level.

Text posts are popular on the social media platform, empowering your Instagram marketing message. Book quotes, movie lines, meme accounts, and Tweets are some of the most engaging forms of content that people interact with on this picture-hungry platform.

It can be a lot of fun to put text posts on a grid. You are able to use them to create a rut and give your audience something to munch on. You also have the option of creating horizontal or vertical grids composed of text-based posts. You can also dedicate the center column of your grid to text posts that you have dedicated to make up the entire fold. You can also keep it all visual and reserve the text for the diagonal tiles.

Using text in Instagram grid
Source: Content curated by Mint via Instagram.

Mint Content does something entirely different. On the left column, there is a continuous line of text posts. On the other two columns, they have arranged images in a 2:1 ratio.

How can you pull it off?

Add unique elements to your text-based posts so that they can stand out even more. The text of the post contains mint content and contains green borders. You also have something that is similar. Or you can assign a color to each of the text tiles and set them apart from the others.

7. Allow the colors to do their work.

Colors change everything in your grid and they bring a whole new set of perspectives. You can set up color-coded rows and columns, and even do something that looks like a rainbow, play with color blocking, or even use tinted filters, if you want to stick to a consistent brand look.

So many ways you can include color in your Instagram grid.

Playing with colors in Instagram grid
Source: Sarah Peretz via Instagram

Sarah Peretz is a masterful influencer whose entire feed is an endless scroll of an infinite rainbow.

How can you pull it off?

It is hard to color code your Instagram feed. If you want to see something with more bang, like a rainbow grid, you are in for a lot of hard work and commitment.

It will take a lot of planning to produce this effect, so investing in a tool to plan your Instagram images might come in handy.

8. Break the monotony of your work with an abrupt change.

We are branding experts. And so we harp on about ‘consistency’ and more ‘consistency’. In fact, when it comes down to it, I’ll be the first to admit that the line between being consistent and monotonous is very thin. If your brand has crossed that boundary, it’s time to shake things up.

This is the same for everything; your brand, your core offer, your logo design, and yes, your Instagram grid, too.

To make people – Millennials and Gen-Z especially – notice your brand again, bring an abrupt change they are not anticipating. So if you have been using sepia-tones all along, you should change the grid to bright neons, but you must stay within the brand guidelines, of course. If you have always posted some style pieces, it would be good to get the grid buzzed with light, funny, heartwarming text.

Tiffany and Co. are a pro at breaking the grid monotony and presenting you with unique stories, ideas, products, and imagery after every block.

Telling a brand story with an Instagram grid
Source: Tiffany & Co. via Instagram

From those circles, we have a very distinctive diagonal grid that is very distinctive.

How can you pull it off?

Do not remain loyal to one single style for too long. For modern brands, especially those that want to reach out to young audiences, being consistent with someone can be like death. Instead of trying to stick to a single grid style religiously, try to mix things up and keep people hooked on what you are doing.

How Can You Make the Most of Your Instagram Grid?

You are not limited by what your Instagram grid can do. All you are limited by is your imagination. Just allow the electricity to run wild and see the grid explode and rain down on you. However, one word of advice to wise people: You should allow your brand to lead your industry. If the style you are going for makes sense for your brand, you can go with the style that has the legs that will be able to take the grid and fly. All you can do is plan, strategize, and dedicate yourself to that journey.