2022 Search ads 360 update What you need to know

The Search Ads 360 Summary

  • The Search Ads 360 platform has been updated to get the most out of the last decade.
  • Performics’ senior media manager Alex Medawar shares some of the highlights of the update. Things around budget optimization, performance monitoring, and inventory management.

Google recently announced a new update to its Search Ads 360 platform – and it’s a big one. As Sa360 has grown more powerful since it first launched over 10 years ago, it is easier than ever before for businesses to manage their search advertising campaigns.

Certain users of Search Ads 360 have gained access to the preview area this past month.

The new platform experience will be released over the next few months as it is currently being implemented. People still receiving the Classic Experience will still be able to use it. In this article, I outline what’s new and share effective ways to make the most of your budgets and inventory in the Search Ads 360 platform.

1. Add more support for alternative channels.

One of the new features in Search ads 360 is better support for alternative search engines, such as Microsoft ads and Yahoo. Japan.

Another important aspect is that other advertising channels have been neglected for many years, making it more difficult to connect data and make large changes.

Google promises that you will be able to do more of your work from one place.

Sa360 will support two more features for advertisers.

  • Answer search ads are search ads that are based on the keywords you searched.
  • Call us today to discuss your business.
  • Place local inventory advertising on this site.
  • Alloys that have access to a wide variety of audiences.

I am using Yahoo! All of the advertisers in Japan now have the ability to use dynamic search ads and site link extension scheduling.

2. You will have access to new features.

New search ads are designed to be compatible with all the latest features of Google Ads.

  • Performance Max – a new goal-based campaign type that lets performance advertisers access all of their Google Ads inventory from a centralized campaign.
  • Discovery campaigns – allows advertisers to run ads in Google discover feeds to deliver highly visual, inspiring personalized ad experiences
  • Use of Display and YouTube Advertising in the past.

In the enterprise, Google has added advanced enterprise innovation features that will enable teams to perform daily tasks such as:

  • You should manage your campaign.
  • You should create rules that are automated.
  • Labels that are displayed to several different advertisers at the same time.

The addition of Templates will combine current features like inventory management and ad builder for a unified and scalable experience.

new features in the Search Ads 360 update - inventory management and ad builder

The reports media managers spend hours crafting and preparing to make the predictions. However, the new Performance Center will provide enterprise planning capabilities, including spend, CPA, and conversion forecasts for the coming months.

3. An innovative system for inventory management.

The use of a new inventory management system allows you to streamline your workflows and have greater control over how your ads are used.

Sa360 is a full package product offering, which includes an inventory feed, and allows you to create paid search campaigns, to begin with. We will use your feed to provide you with the price, description and availability of your products.

It is especially useful in industries that have many different prices and availability.

  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Live and streaming entertainment for both live and streaming.
  • Recruitment
  • Retail
  • Businesses that offer geo-specific deals.

How does it work?

  1. Provide high-quality data and make a list of attributes for your feed such as product name, price, and landing page.
  2. Make sure to build templates for each type of output you want to get. You can build a campaign, ad group, or keyword. (Tip: start small!)
  3. Utilize functions and attributes to generate highly relevant ads.
  4. What you are doing and refine it until you are happy with the results.

In few minutes you will have ready-to-go, targeted campaigns in your account ready to launch.

It is possible for marketers to manage templates across client accounts and update their ads at scale.

budget management in Search Ads 360

4. The management of budgets.

Any media manager will tell you that managing account budgets and pacing is one of the most critical components of campaign management, and also one of the most difficult, especially when you are dealing with massive campaigns.

In the latest version of Search ads 360, new features will be included for managing your budget and are integrated with the new performance center.

The new Google app will be available to you for free this year. You will be able to experiment with a variety of different possible media budgeting scenarios.


These are some of the functions that are included in the present budget management system.

  • The graphs include targets and estimated spending. They can also include metrics such as CPaA (cost per acquisition) or revenue.
  • Automate budget allocation and bid adjustments, as per your budget bid strategy.
  • It is possible to make predictions based on historical performance data and factors in seasonality.
  • Estimated cumulative spending and likelihood of hitting the target spending based on historical data.
  • The reports provide information on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual levels.

As Google introduces new features to its software during the year, we can expect that these tools will become more accurate and streamlined for enterprise planning.

We just got a new appearance.

The new Search Ads 360 experience closely resembles the Google Ads platform with similar navigation and a familiar user experience.

On launch of the Sa360 platform, you will see the same account overview dashboard in Google Ads as in the Sa360 Platform for smooth navigation between the two platforms.

Now onto the future.

In the latest update for Search Ads 360, Google opens the door to new generations of enterprise innovations designed to maximize the performance of enterprises.

The new updates will help you complete more work in one place. They will save time and provide a better cross channel view of your data to make smarter decisions.

To learn all about the new tools, enroll in Google’s new Skillshop modules for Search Ads 360.