We specify SaaS search engine optimization method as the procedure of choosing keyword phrases that suggest individuals are seeking (or demand) your item, and after that producing material (or maximizing existing internet site material) to place for those keyword phrases.

Over the previous 5 years running our firm, we have actually aided to develop as well as execute search engine optimization techniques for lots of SaaS companies as well as gotten web page one positions for thousands of important keyword phrases for our customers (as we have actually shown in instance research studies like this).

Throughout that time, via talking with various software program business that have actually done search engine optimization formerly (either internal or via a firm), we have actually discovered that business as well as SaaS marketing experts typically have a hard time to accomplish the search engine optimization results they’re looking for.


  • They (generally unconsciously) do not pursue one of the most high-buying-intent keyword phrases.
  • Their attribute as well as services web pages typically do not wind up ranking for their desired keyword phrases.
  • They do not see significant boosts in tests, trials, as well as item signups as an outcome of their search engine optimization initiatives.

In our viewpoint, these are strategy issues, not concerns at the tactical degree (e.g. picking the incorrect back links method or stopping working to take care of some meta tags). To take care of these issues, you require to repair your search engine optimization method.

In this post, we describe why these issues are so usual amongst SaaS companies that attempt to do search engine optimization. And afterwards we go through a 5-step procedure that you can comply with to develop a SaaS search engine optimization method that resolves these issues, based upon the procedure we make use of at our firm.

The 5-step procedure we’ll cover consists of:

  1. Identifying High-Intent Keywords: Prioritize searching for keyword phrases with high buying-intent, that is, those that suggest individuals browsing are wanting to purchase or resolve a trouble your item resolves, rather than just focusing on search quantity.
  2. Producing a Unique Piece of Content to Rank for Each Keyword: Develop committed web pages or post for each and every key words that deeply pleases search intent rather than just spraying search engine optimization keyword phrases throughout a number of post.
  3. Selling Your Product Through Your Content: Discuss your item thoroughly in these posts consisting of describing your special item attributes as well as differentiators. Do not bother with usual material advertising and marketing misconceptions regarding not marketing your item.
  4. Technical SEO: Repair as well as check for technological search engine optimization mistakes.
  5. External Link Building: Create back links to improve domain name authority as well as key words positions.

Interested regarding having us do search engine optimization for your service? You can learn more here. Or, if you want to discover the SaaS search engine optimization strategy that we share below, we likewise educate our content advertising and marketing strategy as well as procedure in our course and community.

Table of Contents

Just how The Majority Of Organizations as well as Agencies Method SaaS search engine optimization Strategy

As we stated above, we have actually talked with several SaaS business regarding their previous experiences doing search engine optimization. As well as via those discussions, in addition to what we see in our daily operate at the firm, we have actually observed that the common SaaS search engine optimization method contains 2 crucial components:

  1. Optimizing Core Site Pages: Optimizing the core web pages of their advertising and marketing internet site (i.e. house, attribute, services, web pages) for high-intent, software program group keyword phrases (e.g. “audit software program”).
  2. Making Blog Content: Creating as well as releasing some kind of blog site material on a recurring basis freely led by search engine optimization keyword phrases or that make use of the “spray” technique of asking authors to spray particular keyword phrases throughout the messages.

There might likewise be some web link structure or technological search engine optimization strategies that occur. However these are truly the 2 crucial components to the strategy.

Let’s take a more detailed check out each, and after that listed below we’ll review the imperfections of just how this method is usually implemented in technique.

1. Enhance House, Attribute, as well as Solutions Pages for High-Intent Keywords

Most SEO agencies as well as SaaS companies concentrate most of their search engine optimization initiatives right into maximizing their core websites– homepage, attribute web pages, as well as services web pages– for a handful of target keyword phrases.

The common procedure for this entails:

  • Picking key target keywords for each and every web page. These are typically one of the most evident, high-value keyword phrases that define precisely what your item is (or what we call “software program group keyword phrases”) like “audit software program” or “venture CRM”.
  • Picking sustaining keyword phrases for each and every web page. These are typically drawn from a listing of keyword phrases that keyword research study devices recommend consisting of in your web page in order to place for the key target key words.
  • Optimizing each web page for their target keyword. Adding the target key words or keyword phrases right into the title tag, web page headings, as well as web page subheadings throughout each web page. And afterwards spraying the sustaining keyword phrases throughout the body duplicate. This is called “on-page search engine optimization.”

SaaS SEO Strategy example: Whatagraph

For attribute web pages, they’ll typically enhance for software program group keyword phrases (e.g. list building software program, advertising and marketing coverage software program, and so on).

For services web pages, they’ll typically enhance for a certain sector or upright they offer (e.g. advertising and marketing firm procedures software program, venture CRM software program, and so on).

Homepages will certainly typically be enhanced for either a brand name key words, a software program group key words, or a mix of both (e.g. QuickBooks audit software program).

This is the base-level method that SaaS business as well as search engine optimization firms execute. As soon as these web pages are enhanced, they construct web links to them in an initiative to improve their positions. However typically they do not wind up ranking, for factors we’ll describe listed below.

2. Develop as well as Release Some Kind of search engine optimization Blog site Content

The 2nd core component of the common SaaS search engine optimization method is to release some routine tempo of blog site material. As well as there are a couple of usual manner ins which business approach this:

We have actually created thoroughly regarding the mistakes included with each of these, which you can check out here as well as here.

Outsourcing material is extra usual for SaaS start-ups, while bigger as well as extra well established SaaS business typically decide to employ internal. However despite which choice you select, generally among the complying with 2 material techniques is utilized:

  1. The “Sprinkle” Approach: Create post carelessly as well as “spray” keyword phrases throughout the posts, wishing they’ll place for something. (Note: We have actually gained from talking with customers that a great deal of search engine optimization firms do this. This is not an efficient method to do material.)
  2. The “Top of the Funnel” Volume-Driven Approach: Intentionally select as well as focus on keyword phrases based upon those that have the greatest search quantity, as well as create posts to place for those keyword phrases. These keyword phrases are usually freely pertaining to business’s target market, yet have no acquiring intent (as well as do not suggest individuals browsing are wanting to purchase).

The 2nd technique is the extra calculated of both methods. Nonetheless, in our experience, neither of these approaches work at producing test or demonstration signups (as we’ll describe listed below).

Let’s check out why.

3 Problems with the Normal Method to SaaS Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Flaw # 1: It’s Challenging to Ranking House, Attribute, as well as Solutions Pages for High-Value Software Program Classification Keywords

As we stated above, search engine optimization firms as well as SaaS business often tend to concentrate most of their search engine optimization initiatives right into maximizing the core web pages of their advertising and marketing internet site for high-intent, software program group keyword phrases.

However there are basic qualities of these web pages that make it tough for them to place for extremely affordable, purchase-intent software program keyword phrases.


  1. Core internet site web pages have actually restricted area to consist of pertinent search engine optimization keyword phrases. It typically takes consisting of 50+ sustaining keyword phrases (operated in naturally— not “packed” in) to place for an offered target key words. As well as common house, attribute, as well as services web pages do not supply sufficient area in the headings as well as body duplicate to naturally include this quantity of keyword phrases.
  2. Core internet site web pages are initial as well as primary suggested to describe your attributes as well as services (not satisfy the search intent of certain keyword phrases). The function of attribute as well as services web pages are to describe your attributes as well as services! There’s just a lot you can customize them to deal with search intent. As well as yet, pleasing search intent is the crucial ranking element utilized by Google as well as various other online search engine formulas. As a result, these web pages have problem taking on various other web page kinds, such as dedicated landing pages or in-depth blog posts, which can utilize much longer create material to deal with subjects extra deeply, as well as much better please search intent.
  3. Core internet site web pages do not usually discuss rivals, yet rating for software program group keyword phrases typically needs consisting of listings of software program alternatives. The intent of individuals looking for SaaS group keyword phrases is typically to see listings of SaaS services. As well as the majority of SaaS companies aren’t mosting likely to consist of listings of their rivals on their core internet site web pages (that would certainly make no feeling!). So their web pages aren’t mosting likely to out perform the SaaS testimonial websites as well as list-style post (typically from straight rivals) that much better satisfy search intent.

This is why, regardless of their initiatives, several business never ever see their core internet site web pages place for their desired keyword phrases.

Apart: We have actually talked with (or are proactively collaborating with!) numerous SaaS business that have actually had such disappointments collaborating with search engine optimization firms that they have actually ended they just “can not place” for their leading keyword phrases. They have actually actually wrapped up that “Google simply will not place us” on the initial web page. This is certainly not real as well as an embarassment.

Of course, business need to be calculated regarding maximizing these advertising and marketing website web pages. However they need to understand that, as we have actually described, they can be tough to place. As well as if these are the web pages you placed most of your search engine optimization initiatives right into, you’re not likely to see excellent arise from search engine optimization.

Furthermore, as we’ll show next, you’ll leave a lots of high-value key words chances on the table– even if you obtain those web pages rating for their desired target keywords.

Problem # 2: There Are Means Extra High-Intent Key Words Opportunities Than You Can Fairly Ranking for with Attribute as well as Solutions Pages

How several attribute as well as services web pages does a SaaS advertising and marketing website usually have? In our experience, with the exemption of “all-in-one” systems that supply incredibly big attribute collections, it’s much less than 10.

Of those, maybe 2 to 5 of them have sufficient pertinent material to be morphable right into something that can place for an useful, affordable target key words (per the concerns we went over over).

So, at ideal, most SaaS web sites can just place for a handful of “Base of the Funnel” SaaS group keyword phrases with their attribute as well as services web pages. As well as yet, as our job has actually revealed, there are typically lots upon lots of keyword phrases with excellent conversion capacity in your area!

Many of our SaaS customers have 50+ keywords that indicate people searching are potential customers looking to buy. As well as if you just utilize your attribute as well as services web pages to target high-intent keyword phrases, you’ll leave every one of those staying chances on the table.

This is where business can utilize blog site material to pursue these added high-intent chances (as we do at our firm), yet the majority of do not.

Problem # 3: Blog Site Web Content Isn’t Made Use Of Tactically to Ranking for Belongings Keywords as well as Drive SaaS Item Signups

Of both usual approaches to SaaS search engine optimization material that we stated above, the “Sprinkle” technique as well as the “Top of Funnel” technique, neither are appropriate (or perhaps planned) to place for high-intent keyword phrases (i.e. every one of the purchase-intent keyword phrases that your core internet site web pages do not wind up ranking for).

As we have actually described in our article on SEO content writing, rating for keyword phrases with blog site material needs a a lot more calculated method than just “spraying” in keyword phrases. So the “Sprinkle” technique is entirely inadequate when it concerns rating for keyword phrases that have real service worth.

The “Top of Funnel” (TOF) technique– which is the primary technique utilized by firms as well as business that are really attempting to be calculated regarding material– can function excellent for driving natural traffic. However as we have actually said in several posts such as those connected listed below, it typically does not wind up creating several leads.

Firms as well as firms making use of the TOF technique do not select keyword phrases based upon searchers’ intent to purchase. They select keyword phrases based upon just how much web traffic an offered search inquiry can drive to their website. And also consequently, most of web traffic they get isn’t from individuals that remain in the marketplace wanting to purchase the kind of software program they market, as well as conversion prices from their material often tend to be extremely reduced. We’ve had numerous discussions with business that state “We have all this blog site web traffic yet it hardly transforms”– this is why.

You might believe, “Well, also if the conversion prices are reduced, does not the raised search web traffic offset that?”. It’s a great concern, yet in our experience, the concept that TOF web traffic ultimately causes conversions down the line (via e-mail advertising and marketing, pay per click remarketing advertisements, and so on) isn’t constantly real.

As a matter of fact, as we have actually described as well as shown in countless posts as well as B2B SaaS study– such as our foundational article on SaaS content marketing, our post on Pain Point SEO, as well as our Geekbot case studynot just do BOF, high-intent keyword phrases generate substantially greater conversion prices, they likewise often tend to generate a greater quantity of general conversions.

BOTF vs TOF Total Conversions

Chart revealing the variety of complete conversions from BOF material vs. TOF material, based upon the posts we have actually created for our customer Geekbot.

By deciding on as well as focusing on keyword phrases based upon purchase intent instead of search quantity, business can:

  1. Tactically pursue every one of the staying high-intent key words chances that their core internet site web pages do not place for.
  2. See substantially greater conversion prices as well as conversions from their blog site material.
  3. Drive significant boosts in test, demonstration, as well as item signups as an outcome of their search engine optimization initiatives.

In the following area, we’re mosting likely to go through just how you can implement this for your service as well as just how we approach this at our firm.

Our 5-Step SaaS Search Engine Optimization Technique: Usage Blog Site Web Content to Tackle Every One Of the High-Intent Key Phrases That Your Core Website Pages Will Not Ranking For

We have actually created in detail regarding every action of our SaaS search engine optimization method. So below we’re mosting likely to listing as well as define each action in our procedure, as well as web link bent on the private posts that dive deeper right into each action.

At Grow & & Convert, our SaaS search engine optimization method contains the complying with:

  • Action 1: Do keyword research study to determine high-intent keyword phrases.
  • Action 2: Develop a committed article for each and every key words that deeply pleases search intent.
  • Action 3: Market your item in each item of material.
  • Action 4: Repair as well as check for technological search engine optimization mistakes.
  • Action 5: Outside web link structure.

Let’s check out each.

Action 1: Do Key Words Study to Determine High-Intent Keywords

The most basic component of a SaaS search engine optimization method is keyword option. If you do not select the appropriate keyword phrases (ones that, if placed for, will certainly drive trials as well as tests), after that absolutely nothing else in your search engine optimization method issues:

  • Your technological search engine optimization does not matter. (No matter just how well your website is enhanced if it’s not rating for keyword phrases that generate consumers.)
  • Your web link structure does not issue (very same factor).
  • The variety of blog site posts you create does not matter.

Hence, keyword option is one of the most crucial point to solve.

We have actually blogged about just how you can approach this action properly in our post on SaaS content strategy.

In that item, we cover:

  • High-Converting SaaS Search phrases: The certain kinds of keyword phrases we select as well as material we develop to drive consumer purchase for our SaaS customers (classified by base of channel, center of the channel, as well as top of channel subjects).
  • Live Post Instances: For each material kind, we connect to instances of online posts we have actually created for customers that you can go as well as review, discover ranking in Google, as well as make use of as ideas to construct your very own comparable material (complying with the frameworks utilized in those posts).
  • Subjects We Focus On for Our SaaS Customers: The mix of material that we usually focus on for our SaaS customers in the initial 3 months of an involvement.

Check that article out here to start your keyword research.

Step 2: Develop a Solitary, Committed Article for each and every Key Words That Deeply Pleases Look Intent

As we stated previously, rating on the initial web page for a high-intent key words needs a really calculated method to material production. You can not simply spray in keyword phrases as well as wish that your article will certainly place, specifically for high-intent terms which are important as well as extremely affordable.

When it concerns Tip 2 of producing your material, there are 2 crucial elements to be effective:

  1. Develop a committed web page for each and every keyword
  2. Deeply suit search intent with each item of content

Create a Committed Web page for each and every Keyword

One of our crucial discoverings (as well as a differentiator of our firm’s method) is that the ideal method to obtain leading placements for high-intent keyword phrases is to develop a committed web page for each and every one— also when keyword phrases are virtually the same as well as have comparable significances.

As we went over in our conversation with Bernard Huang of Clearscope, you just obtain one search engine optimization title, one H1 heading, one meta summary, and so on– as well as these are crucial ranking elements for obtaining leading placements.

If you attempt to place for numerous target keyword phrases with one item of material, typically it will just wind up ranking for among them (or even worse, you will not match the intent of any type of private key words, as well as you will not wind up ranking for any one of them).

Deeply Please Look Intent with Each Item of Content

Satisfying search intent starts with evaluating the online search engine results web page (SERP) for your target key words to comprehend a) which subjects require to be covered in your post for it to place as well as b) just how you can set apart or enhance existing outcomes to obtain a leading ranking placement.

We have actually recorded the precise procedure we make use of when evaluating search engine rankings for target keywords in our article on search engine optimization material writing. Check that out here to check out instances as well as discover just how you can approach this.

Action 3: Market Your Item in Each Item of Content

In seo as well as material advertising and marketing, there has a tendency to be a hostility to marketing product or services via blog site material. Blog sites are taken into consideration to be mostly for producing web traffic as well as brand name understanding, as well as the majority of marketing experts believe that you should not be as well salesy in material.

However when you make your material method to pursue high-intent keyword phrases, where individuals go to the acquisition phase of the buyer’s journey, a vital component of conference search intent is reviewing your item! This is what individuals are actually looking for. They need to know regarding what your item does, just how it resolves their issues, as well as just how it’s various from various other product or services on the marketplace.

As a result, an added crucial action to creating your material is that you require to review the information of your item attributes as well as differentiators. As well as this has effects on just how your material is created– the individual creating the material requires to recognize these points.

This is why we urge companies not to fully outsource their content to freelance writers or agencies, unless those self-employed authors or firms have a procedure for establishing deep experience in your service or product as well as its differentiators (most do not).

At Grow & & Convert, we resolve this by talking to the specialists at our customers’ business for each and every item of material we develop. This enables us to reveal the firm’s experience on each subject to develop genuinely top quality material. This remains in comparison to doing what we call “Google Research study Documents”– learning more about subjects in Google as well as spewing what everybody else is claiming (what several electronic advertising and marketing firms as well as consultants do).

To much better comprehend just how you can come close to marketing your item via your material, check out our post on SaaS content writing which goes through an instance. Additionally, look into the SaaS content strategy article we shared above, which has web links to a number of posts we have actually created for our customers. (We review our customers’ items in every post we generate.)

Step 4: Repair as well as Screen for Technical Search Engine Optimization Errors

Technical search engine optimization– the procedure of settling any type of technological internet site concerns that could harm your natural search efficiency– is an essential component of SaaS SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

Nonetheless, while we sometimes encounter bigger website design concerns with our SaaS customers, the demand for continuous technological search engine optimization assistance is extra usual in eCommerce where websites can have thousands of item web pages that target lots of long-tail keyword phrases (extremely certain item questions).

For SaaS business with greatly fixed advertising and marketing websites, you need to consider technological search engine optimization as a standard housekeeping thing. If you observe abrupt decrease in positions (which can be kept track of in devices like Ahrefs or SEMrush, together with various other search engine optimization metrics), after that it deserves considering whether technological search engine optimization may be existing. However or else, technological search engine optimization for SaaS web sites can generally be looked after with a single search engine optimization audit as well as periodic comply with up.

Link structure– the procedure of producing back links to web pages on your website– is useful for sustaining your internet site’s domain name authority as well as key words positions.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to comprehend that web link structure is a supporting element of a great SaaS search engine optimization method. Often firms or business believe that web link structure is the thing that obtains material position. However in our experience, it’s not.

If you do not obtain the crucial actions of producing your material right (i.e. producing committed web pages for each and every key words, as well as deeply coordinating search intent), no quantity of outreach as well as web link structure will certainly obtain your material approximately the initial web page. So, web link structure is something to do as well as focus on, yet do not anticipate it to be a wonder drug for your search engine optimization project.

We have actually located that structure web links to private posts can typically provide an increase in positions, as well as aid sustain material in rising to the initial web page. Every month, we construct web links to various posts we have actually released as a recurring initiative.

To get more information regarding our method to link building, look into our post on content distribution strategy.

Measuring Website Traffic, Key Words Rankings, as well as Conversions

To step search engine optimization efficiency, see what’s functioning as well as not functioning, as well as area added key words chances, we track as well as report on a selection of metrics for our customers with the complying with devices:

  • Conversions: We track as well as record on conversions making use of the Design Contrast Device in Google Analytics.
  • Key Words Rankings: We usage Ahrefs place tracker to check positions advance for each and every post’s target key words. (You can likewise make use of Semrush, Google Look Console, and so on)
  • Overall Pageviews as well as Organic Traffic: We established web traffic control panels in Knockout Workshop (previously Google Information Workshop) that determine general pageviews as well as natural web traffic to our posts.

One of the most significant of these 3 is conversion monitoring. A lot of search engine optimization groups (internal or firms) do not hold themselves answerable to leads produced from material. As a matter of fact, the majority of do not also report on this. But without conversion information, you are basically acknowledging that your search engine optimization method is web traffic concentrated (since everybody tracks web traffic).

Check out our post on content marketing attribution to read more regarding just how to determine conversions from search engine optimization material.

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