Choosing the best keycap product is important for the longevity as well as feeling of your key-board. Both abdominal as well as PBT are 2 primary keycap products utilized in contemporary key-boards, each with its very own benefits and drawbacks. In this blog post, I’ll contrast as well as comparison abdominal vs PBT keycaps from my experience of making use of these on different standards to aid you make an educated choice prior to you obtain your brand-new keycap established.

The crucial distinction in between these 2 plastics abdominal as well as PBT Keycaps hinge on their longevity, appearance, as well as audio. PBT keycaps are thicker, making them much more long lasting than abdominal keycaps.

PBT Keycaps have a rougher appearance that gives much better hold, have greater warmth resistance as well as they generate a much deeper, much more responsive audio when clicked. Abdominal muscle keycaps, on the various other hand, have a smoother appearance, reduced warmth resistance, soft appearing as well as smooth really feel when clicked.

ABS vs PBT Keycaps

Let’s start!

ABS vs PBT Keycaps Contrast Table

ABS KeycapsPBT Keycaps
Full Call of MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyrenePolybutylene Terephthalate
Material TypeThermoplastic PolymerThermoplastic Polymer
Material DurabilityDurableMore Durable
Keycap PriceLess ExpensiveExpensive
Wear as well as TearMoreLess
Keycap ShineMore with product using outLess
Keycap SoundSofter soundTactile Audio (Louder as well as Much Deeper)
Keycap ThicknessThinner MaterialThicker Material

What are PBT Keycaps?

PBT keycaps are a kind of keycap that is made from a long lasting polycarbonate polymer product called polybutylene terephthalate( Source). The PBT plastic product has a semi crystalline framework to it that makes it much more immune to warmth.

They are frequently thought about much better top quality than abdominal plastic keycaps which are much more usual. PBT keycaps are much less most likely to beam or discolor gradually, as well as they are likewise much less most likely to establish bubbles or splits.

PBT keycaps

The Polybutylene Terephthalate( PBT) keycaps are utilized in better keycaps as well as are popular amongst players, as well as the key-board neighborhood as these continue to be undamaged without contortion despite extended usage.

Pros as well as Cons

1. Durable1. Expensive
2. Distinctive surface
3. Much fragile as well as helpful for hefty usage.
4. Surface area is matte that makes the tales simple to check out.

My Experience Making Use Of the PBT Product Keycaps

I presently have 5 key-boards out of which 3 have PBT keycaps. Remarkably, I make use of frequently these key-boards just. I like the responsive as well as deep audio they make when clicking. Nonetheless, on the market, if you browse key-boards in the spending plan section, you will certainly discover that a lot of key-boards make use of an abdominal muscle keycap established on them.

The only drawback of PBT plastic keycaps is their price. They are frequently much more costly than abdominal keycaps, so they may not be economical for every person.

This is why lots of key-board suppliers avoid making use of the PBT keycaps to reduce prices as well as abdominal stays their usual product for keycaps.

What are ABS Keycaps?

An ABS keycap is a kind of keycap constructed from ABS Plastics( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene( Source)), a kind of polycarbonate. They are the most usual sort of keycap to make use of due to the fact that they are offered at an extremely fairly low cost.

Thick ABS secrets can be found in different shades as well as can be distinctive or smooth.

ABS Keycaps

abdominal is a kind of copolymer plastic that is really generally utilized in keycaps on key-boards. The abdominal keycap is understood for its exceptional longevity as well as can stand up to keystrokes in millions.

The Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene( ABS) polycarbonate product sustains simple recycling as well as molding, which is exceptional.

The abdominal keycaps are used the Shot molding method to develop the form of the keycaps throughout the production procedure.

Afterwards, the tales are published by various printing innovations that differ relying on the maker of the keycaps. The printing utilized for top quality most ABS keycaps is pad printing as well as one more laser noting as well as inscribing method.

Though they are constructed from mainly less expensive product as well as are offered at an inexpensive, there are numerous costs abdominal keycaps established offered that have high-grade abdominal product in them.

Pros as well as Cons

1. Less costly price1. Breaks faster
2. Top quality taking into consideration the rate point2. Obtains oily sparkle quickly as well as legends discolor out
3. audios softer as well as silent

My Experience Making use of ABS Product Keycaps

I utilized 2 key-boards that had ABS keycaps on them.

The keycaps constructed from ABS Plastic are normally considered of lower top quality as contrasted to the PBT ones. Deterioration are anticipated when it comes to low-grade abdominal keycaps. This is due to the fact that the external layer of the keycaps transforms slim on extended use which suggests there is surface area damage occurs.

When it comes to the abdominal keycaps, the keycaps might obtain glossy on extended usage. This occurs with nearly all abdominals keycap established.

Likewise, you would certainly see the letters on the keycaps fading away.

Overall, abdominal keycaps are an exceptional economical yet long lasting keycap option.

Product for Keycaps Appearance as well as Finish

The abdominal keycaps have a smooth coating. On the various other hand, the PBT keycaps typically have a matte do with rough as well as a harsh appearance.

In practically every circumstance, making use of PBT really feels much more superior.


Both the PBT as well as the abdominal keycaps are long lasting as well as much less most likely to brake with normal crucial presses.

Nonetheless, if I contrast their longevity, after that the influence resistance of PBT keycaps is even more than that of abdominal keycaps. This holds true when it comes to inputting, video gaming, or any kind of normal job.

Direct exposure to UV Rays

Between the ABS ones as well as PBT, ABS keycaps have a tendency to obtain far more impacted by the UV light rays as well as they obtain yellow colorized swiftly.

In practically every key-board that utilizes abdominals keycaps, you will certainly discover numerous circumstances for staining as well as oily sparkle externally. PBT keycaps do not obtain beam as the abdominal does. So, you can make use of keycaps of PBT kind if you wish to prevent this as well as if your work space is revealed to UV rays of the sunlight.

Melting Point

The melting factor of the key-board’s keycaps assists guarantee regular as well as malleable keycaps. Reduced melting factors in plastics imply they are simple to mold and mildew.

The melting factor of abdominal as well as PBT polymer keycaps relies on the polymer’s product buildings.

abdominal is understood for its reduced melting factor of just 105 levels, while PBT is 225 levels. The PBT keycaps are far more warmth immune( also when revealed to high warmth) as contrasted to ABS.

Molding PBT is hence much more intricate along with it calls for much power to reach its melting factor which is likewise why it is much more costly than abdominal.

Although, the high melting factor makes PBT perfect for placing ink on plastic. If you like do it yourself keycap inking, after that PBT is much better for you.

Keypress Sound

For lots of people, the sound created by the keycaps is of fantastic relevance if it can sidetrack them.

So, normally, individuals favor keycaps that earn less sound.

PBT secrets are strong as well as audio deep, whereas abdominal is hollow on the within as well as hence creates a hollow audio, which appears softer with a vital press.

For that reason, PBT secrets, in spite of appearing stronger, perhaps a louder as well as crisper audio than abdominal ones yet do not click as loud as the ABS ones do on every click.

Several mechanical key-board proprietors might favor ABS keycaps to softer audio clicks.

Right here in this video clip, you will certainly discover the real distinctions in between PBT as well as ABS keycaps with keypress audio trademarks in the real world.

Cost Comparison

Cost can be a vital choosing consider picking in between among these sort of keycaps. In regards to expense, the PBT is far more costly than the abdominal plastic sort of keycaps.

Overall, abdominal keycaps are the even more affordable choice, as they are less complicated to make therefore set you back much less to make, making them more economical.

Nonetheless, as we have actually currently talked about, this frequently suggests that abdominal keycaps are of reduced top quality; you obtain what you spend for.

PBT keycaps are more expensive due to the fact that it is a tough job to make them. Nonetheless, the PBT keycaps are also much better in regards to longevity as well as use routinely.

The density of the abdominal as well as PBT Plastic Material

As stated formerly, the PBT keycaps are thicker than abdominal keycaps, providing a various feeling as well as audio, as well as added longevity.

Nonetheless, the density is about various sorts of key-boards. I such as the PBT keycaps as a result of their thicker plastic.

Which is much better in between PBT Keycaps as well as ABS Keycaps?

So, currently allow’s consider which is in between abdominal or PBT keycaps. If you’re seeking your key-board’s keycap established that is long lasting as well as has a distinct costs feeling, you ought to think about buying a premium PBT keycap established as the various other one has abdominal polymer product, which is inexpensive as well as very little long lasting.

PBT keycaps’ product provides a distinct appearance as well as really feel as well as would certainly raise your inputting experience. Nonetheless, for a smoother slide of your fingers, ABS caps would certainly be much better.

They likewise have a longer life expectancy than various other sorts of keycaps for key-boards, making them an exceptional option for those that are seeking something that will certainly last. For normal job, inputting, or video gaming, PBT caps have actually shown to be influence immune as contrasted to ABS caps.

Ultimately, it boils down to individual choice concerning which one you would certainly opt for, whether a cost-efficient one or a durable yet costly one.

Though PBT keycaps are undoubtedly much better as well as much more durable than also some top quality abdominal keycaps, still lots of people favor as well as acquire ABS as a result of its inexpensive rate.

Alternating Keycap Product to Consider

Here are various other keycap products:

GMK vs PBT Keycaps

Like Abdominal as well as PBT, GMK is likewise a well-known keycap for mechanical key-boards. Nonetheless, the GMK keycaps are expensive. They are constructed from excellent quality abdominal plastic with a thick double-shot molding procedure, causing a resilient as well as high-grade coating as well as likewise have one-of-a-kind style alternatives. PBT, on the various other hand, is a polycarbonate polymer that is understood for its remarkable longevity, resistance to beam, as well as high warmth resistance.

PBT products are likewise much less vulnerable to creating a luster gradually contrasted to GMK ABS keycaps.

Overall, GMK keycaps are thick abdominal keycaps that use a premium coating as well as excellent longevity. Nonetheless, a lot of PBT caps are a much better option for durability as well as resistance to fading as well as damages. Also you will certainly discover much better responsive bumps on them. Have a look at our thorough evaluation of GMK vs PBT keycaps right here.

What are Dual Shot Keycaps?

Double Shot keycaps are a kind of keycap made by a complex production procedure from 2 various shades of plastic, as well as it is a popular printing approach for keycaps.

This develops a two-toned or “Dual Shot” search the keycap. Doubleshot keycaps are prominent amongst key-board fanatics due to the fact that they use a distinct look.

Double Shot Keycaps

They are likewise much more long lasting than common single-shot keycaps due to the fact that both shades make them much less vulnerable to fading or damaging.

Dual Shot Keycaps are made by infusing plastic right into 2 mold and mildews, one for each and every shade throughout the molding procedure. One of the most usual means to do this is by utilizing a two-colored plastic filament. This sort of keycap is typically much more costly than a single-colored keycap.

Dual Shot printing guarantees that your keycap tale will certainly continue to be undamaged as well as not ultimately diminish as well as making the keycap a shiny sparkle. You would generally discover Dual Shot PBT keycaps offered online.

Dual Shot keycaps have an exceptional backlit lighting result from their published tales.

So, if you make use of a key-board that sustains backlit, your tales on the key-board would certainly be brightened well as well as would certainly show up. You can have both PBT as well as abdominal Dual Shot keycaps made with this procedure.

An additional approach of printing keycap tales is Dye Sublimation( a.k.a Dye Below) which is likewise preferred.

What are Dessert Keycaps?

Pudding Keycaps

Pudding keycaps are a kind of keycap that has a clear lower style, unlike the various other nontransparent keycaps. This enables even more RGB lights to beam with the keycap’s sides, developing a result that is frequently called “dessert.” Dessert keycaps are an exceptional option for backlit keycaps of mechanical key-boards.

There are different dessert keycap layouts offered, as well as they can be utilized to include shade as well as individuality to any kind of key-board.

Dessert keycaps been available in different shade alternatives, as well as they can include a little bit of style to your key-board configuration. They are likewise reasonably economical, which is one more plus.

If you’re seeking something various as well as wish to experiment with some dessert keycaps, make sure to have a look at the offerings on or You will not be dissatisfied!

ABS vs PBT Keycaps FAQs

Is PBT much better than ABS Keycaps?

PBT is more powerful as well as much more long lasting than ABS Keycaps. Likewise, PBT keycaps have a much better appearance, density, as well as a much longer life expectancy that makes them much better than abdominal. Nonetheless, the PBT keycaps are much more costly than the ABS ones. You will still discover some inexpensive PBT keycaps offered.

Does PBT last longer than abdominal?

Yes, a lot of PBT keycaps last longer than abdominal. Keycaps constructed from PBT product are much less vulnerable to damage as contrasted to ABS keycaps.

Why do abdominal keycaps beam?

ABS keycaps wear swiftly, as well as their surface area obtains shinier much more swiftly than PBT keycaps.

Why does GMK make use of ABS rather than PBT?

GMK usage abdominal rather than Making use of PBT plastics to make their keycap audio softer. They are really thick as well as constructed from high-grade abdominal.


Let’s wrap up the blog post on abdominal vs PBT, both most prominent plastic products for keycaps!

Both are fantastic as well as are valuable for various functions. Right here is the suggestion to discover the very best keycap product. If you search for a cost-efficient choose choice, you can pick from inexpensive abdominal keycaps.

Nonetheless, if expense is not the main aspect to think about, after that PBT keycaps are normally greater end keycaps to abdominals as well as for this reason are fantastic for your mechanical key-board’s keycap collection. Simply ensure you examine the keycap profile prior to picking a keycap collection. If you have Cherry MX or Cherry Duplicate changes which are frequently utilized as well as usual with a lot of key-boards, obtain the Cherry Account keycaps.

Also, if you have actually selected one as well as wish to change the keycap with one more, it’s constantly feasible.

I wish you delighted in reviewing this blog post as well as wish you located your option of keycap collection for your brand-new key-board.

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