1. What past project or job did you do that was similar to this one? What was the reason you did what you did?

Ans: I have been working on projects like yours for the past so many years. If you would like to discover more about my services, you can simply access my portfolio. I would like you to see my profile which gives you an idea of the projects I have worked on.

  1. Have you had any suggestions to help this work run smoothly?

Ans: Yes, once you choose to go with me, I will share a detailed plan of action about how we must proceed with the project. I have experience in handling projects like the ones that you have. I can assure you that with time and effort we will be able to get the results that you desire.

  1. Which parts of this project would you anticipate taking the longest?

Ans: What I have analysed after a sneak peek at the project is that ________ part is going to consume most of the time. Because you are able to trust me, everything that we will spend, and every penny that you will invest in it will be worth it.

  1. Have you completed any assignments and scored well on them that you consider are relevant for this job?

Ans: Yes, of course. I took the Upwork tests to prove that I am skilled as a freelancer. You may see my full profile. Here you can see all the tests I have passed and the results that I received.

  1. How much time do you think it will take to complete the task of searching for results on Google?

Ans: Not more than a couple of months. It takes some time for your website to be ranked in Google. Yes, it is true. If you observe the competition, the work is worth your effort. Also, it should be noted that a majority of businesses are going online to be able to achieve better profits. So two months is definitely worth it. Once we complete the rest of the necessary work, we can set a time frame within which to achieve the desired results for you.

  1. What part of this project do you think is most appealing?

Ans: _________part of the project is really challenging and is going to consume most of the time. I can assure you, because I have lived with this organization for many years, that there will not be any problem with this project.

  1. What is making you believe that you are the right person for this project?

I have worked on projects similar to yours. That is the biggest reason why I feel that I am the best fit to do this project. I have passed all the tests necessary to be selected and the projects I have worked on in the past speak to my passion and determination.

  1. Are you unsure of the job description?

Ans: The job description is pretty clear in itself. After reading all of it I have mastered the requirements very clearly. I will make sure that we are on the same page. Thus, once you have hired me to work on your project, I will definitely contact you so that we can discuss all the details further.

  1. What skills, required in a job, are those you feel are strongest at?

Ans: the job requires a professional who has expertise in _________ and ___________ areas. As you can see from my profile, I have been able to work on similar projects in the past, and I delivered the results that were required. I believe this is useful in helping you decide what you should do.

  1. What type of SEO work have you done?

Ans: Take a look at my portfolio and you can view the list of all the projects that I have managed to successfully deliver in the past. In reality, you can discover that I have delivered several successful projects in the past such as those you are interested in.

  1. How much time must you devote to work on this project in order to receive results? What will you do while you work on this project?

Ans: Planning and execution are the two important parts of getting the results. I am going to plan the road map I am going to share with you. Once satisfied with the project map, you can start to implement the plan to get the desired results.

  1. Has anybody done high quality backlinking before? What social networks are you using?

Ans: Yes, I have. If you look at my portfolio you will see that I have obtained a total of two thousand dollars on a number of PR projects, and have been able to obtain the desired results for them as well.

  1. Why do you think I should choose you over the 100 other applicants for this position?

Ans: Thanks for asking the question. One of the first things I want to mention here is that I have worked on similar projects before. However, that isn’t the only aspect that affects us. So, I continue to learn and improve my knowledge, in accordance with the latest changes in the field. You can have confidence in me, because I will use my most up-to-date mythology to obtain the results you deserve.

  1. What aspect of our work are you most challenged by?

Ans: There’s not one to mention. In the past, I have been managing projects that had a varied array of requirements. You can see I delivered nearly all of them as per what the client had expected. I would still like to specify the one thing that I would like to say is ____________.

  1. Who are you using that produces fast results? Was it costing the client money to receive positive results?

Ans: If you look at my portfolio, you will discover that many references exist for clients whom I have worked with in the past.

  1. How do I increase my rank for my website?

Ans: Keyword research and then searching the keywords that fit within your website requirements would be the first thing I will do. Once that is complete, we can begin the SEO portion. We will get your website ranked in Google search results.

  1. Therefore, why are you applying for this job?

Ans: The project requirement that you have mentioned finds my interest because I have worked on similar projects in the past. I am confident that I will be able to do what is right for this project.

  1. What questions do you have concerning your work?

Ans: Frankly speaking, the requirement has been jotted down quite clearly. That is extremely interesting! Kudos to you. So, once we begin to build this project, if you have any doubts, I will talk with you about it.

  1. Is that why I need to hire you?

I am the right person for this job, because I know this niche well. I have worked on several projects similar to yours in the past. I am able to complete the work in a short timeframe, while still maintaining clear communication. I always provide quick feedback so that I and my clients are always on the same page. There is no chance of miscommunication of any kind.

  1. Can you read and understand English at a reasonable level?

Yes, I am able to learn and write English. I am able to read, write, and speak English to reasonable standards. I am not going to have a problem if you communicate with me.

  1. What can I do for them that someone else cannot?

It is vital that we have an open, clear communication channel, and that I provide the expertise that I bring with me. One of the biggest issues when you are working remotely is the communication gap. You can always get in touch with me whenever you would like. So you can check I am now sharing my communication details in my portfolio.

  1. Do you have any previous work experience? Do you have examples of that?

I have been working on a few similar projects in the past. You are also able to check out my detailed portfolio and you will see all of the projects that I have worked on and delivered successfully in the past.