At, RME means dependability upkeep design. RME is the group billed with keeping, fixing and also fixing robotics, product handling tools (such as conveyors) and also their control systems.

RME teams

Amazon RME groups can be third-party professional staff members or internal staff members. The firm has actually been gradually lowering its dependence on third-party service providers in recent times, however.

In-house employees

Amazon might straight employ RME employees from within or outside Internal RME are full time staff members (i.e., blue badge).

Third-party employees

These are used by third-party realty administration companies and also operate in centers while remaining in the utilize of these service providers. They are likewise called yellow badge.

Instances of these firms consist of:

  • CBRE
  • JLL
  • C&& W Services
  • Daifuku
  • Avature

These firms are granted agreements on a local basis. For instance, CBRE might obtain an agreement for all satisfaction facilities in a specific city.

In-house (blue badge) RME staff members are typically paid even more and also have extra advantages (e.g. RSUs) than their third-party equivalents functioning the exact same work.

Locations of specialization

There are numerous locations of field of expertise that RME staff members can enter depending upon their choices and also accessibility.

Base Structure Technician

Base structure specialists are accountable for keeping the structure itself and also all non-MHE possessions, e.g. lawn sprinklers, alarm systems, photovoltaic panels, A/cs, and so on

Control Solution (CSx) Technician

CSx specialists keep PLCs (programmable reasoning controllers) that take care of product handling tools in the storehouse.

What a CSx does will certainly differ based upon a couple of variables:

  • 3 rd celebration professional involved
  • type of FC (e.g. whether it’s an Robotics (AR) website or a standard non-sort (TNS) center)
  • equipment offered on the site
  • management at the site

Higher placements in this division are control systems lead (CSL) and also control systems designer (CSE) , which are per hour and also income placements specifically.

Various other placements are:

  • Product Handling Devices (MHE) technician
  • Amazon Robotics (AR) technician

Most websites have actually combined the AR and also MHE divisions.

RME interview

Interview concerns are primarily behavior based. You are anticipated to address concerns utilizing the STAR format.

If you are talking to with and also not a 3P, have a couple of stories ready for the Amazon principles.

Here is a useful resource if you wish to discover exactly how to address behavior meeting concerns easily.

Make certain to point out safety and security methods in all your responses as it is an extremely essential facet of RME. Additionally, highlighting team effort and also interest assists.

The setting of speaking with for the RME work differs based upon a couple of variables, one of the most essential being whether you’ll be talking to with 3Ps (each has their very own setting of speaking with) or

For instance JLL may do phone meetings that vary anywhere from 20 mins to a hr.

Examinations for RME positions


You could be needed to take a capacity examination prior to being spoken with for an RME setting.

The majority of these examinations are in fact fairly very easy and also are indicated to establish your thinking and also reasoning instead of mechanical ability.

2 really typical ability examinations utilized by are:

Ramsay Mechanical Capacity Test

This examination is performed by the Ramsay Corporation.

It has 4 parts i.e., mechanical, maths, analysis and also dimensions.

It is indicated to examine your understanding of fundamental math (e.g. reproduction of portions and also decimals).

Various other concerns might consist of transforming systems, fundamental schematics and also checking out a leader and/or scale.

Blue badge affiliates that make an application for the MRA program and also obtain inclined might be needed to take this examination.

If you pass the examination you’ll after that be arranged for a meeting with either the human resources or upkeep supervisor at your center, or both.

Various other Ramsay examinations consist of MT-2A19 and also MT-2B19 for Technology II placements.

Wiesen Examination of Mechanical Capacity (WTMA)

This test is indicated for those meaning to obtain RME placements that are non-apprentice such as controls technology and also CSE.

It is performed by Criteria Corp. and also checks a person’s capability to set up, run, keep and also fix tools.

Where to apply

How to make an application for the RME setting depends upon whether you’ll be helping or any one of the 3P service providers.

In some places, you are more probable to be worked with by 3Ps as opposed to, and also the other way around.

You can put on utilizing the on the internet job application portal for RME technicians.

For a few of the significant RME service providers, make use of these web links:

Occupation development/ RME levels

RME staff members will certainly have various degrees of ranking depending upon years of experience along with education and learning.

Mechatronics and also robotics pupil (MRA)

Amazon classroom

Whether you help a 3P or are a blue badge, you’ll more than likely begin your RME occupation as an MRA (mechatronics and also robotics pupil) as it’s the most convenient method to obtain your means of access.

MRA is a substitute of what utilized to be “Technology I” at Upkeep pupils generally darkness and also help Technology IIs and also Technology IIIs.

It is made for individuals with little to no understanding of upkeep job.

With this program, staff members obtain 12 weeks of paid training. Next off, they obtain on-the-job training (where they watch Technology II and also Technology III links) after which they obtain accredited and also obtain on-site positioning if they prosper.

The disadvantage of MRA is that you may require to take a trip for training considering that it’s not used online. If you are not willing/able to take a trip, your second-rate choice would certainly be to obtain a Design Modern technology qualification via the Amazon Career Choice program and afterwards make an application for RME as a Technology II at your website.

Professional (Technology) II

This is the following setting over MRA. Associates that full 2000 hrs of training in MRA obtain advertised to Technology 2 which bumps up their pay.

While you can make an application for a Technology 2 setting straight (e.g. after finishing a mechatronics training course), you have a greater opportunity of obtaining the work via the MRA program.

You will certainly still need to pass the Technology II abilities analysis examination, nevertheless.

Professional (Technology) III

Tech III are Degree 4 per hour staff members that obtain yearly benefits and also supply choices.

They have a little bit extra duty than Technology IIs (they lead groups when doing repair work) and also can stand in for the Location Upkeep Supervisor (AMM).

Location Upkeep Supervisor (AMM)

AMMs’ obligations are generally management e.g. organizing and also purchasing.

Like with the various other RME placements, they can be blue badge or 3P staff members.

Their pay differs depending upon experience, area, degree of education and learning and also whether they’re blue or yellow badge.

Change schedules

Like in a lot of Amazon warehouse departments, RME has changes that cover all the time.

Timetables are typically:

  • Sunday to Tuesday, 10 hr shift
  • Monday to Wednesday, 10 hr shift
  • Wednesday to Saturday, 10 hr shift

Start times are typically 4AM, 5AM, 7AM, 5PM, 12PM, 10PM or 9PM.

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