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There are a lot of alternatives when it involves acquiring commode seats that you may wish to simply purchase the initial one you see as well as leave there. However, I assume I can conserve you time as well as trouble. The initial point you truly require to understand, is the response to this concern: are commode seats global dimensions?

There are 2 conventional dimensions of commode seats in the USA. They are lengthened as well as round. Lengthened commode seats are 18.5 inches lengthy as well as rounded commode seats are 16.5 inches long. To figure out what type of commode seat you require, determine from completion of the bowl to the center of the seat blog post holes

If this all seem like lingo, do not fret. In the following number of areas, I’ll reveal you the distinctions in between both, as well as exactly how you can effectively determine the dimension you require for your commode seat.

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Are Bathroom Seats Universal?

elongate v round toilet seat

Before we study both major conventional dimensions of commode seats, there’s a number of general commode requirements that you must understand.

First, the range in between both screws that hold your commode seat to your commode dish is conventional throughout almost all commodes, no matter what type of form it has. These are called seat blog post openings as well as they must have to do with 5.5 inches aside from the facility of one opening to the various other.

Second, the size of the commode dish is normally the very same no matter form also. If the size does differ, it’s normally just by much less than half an inch.

Now that we have actually obtained those points covered, allow’s explore the various kinds of commode seats.

Elongated Bathroom Seat

Elongated commode seats determine concerning 18.5 inches long as well as around 14 inches vast.

Elongated commode seats are chosen by lots of, particularly males, due to their prolonged dimension. As a result of its appeal, this is the seat that is conventional in the majority of huge services such as resorts, filling station, as well as airport terminals.

Although they’re extra typical in huge services, you can additionally discover them in residences as well as homes.

Round Bathroom Seat

First off, the dimensions. Round commode seats determine concerning 16.5 inches long as well as around 14 inches vast.

As a whole, rounded commode seats are extra typical in houses as well as residences. They are additionally utilized more frequently in smaller sized restrooms since they occupy much less area than their lengthened equivalents.

Likewise, since rounded commode seats are a number of inches smaller sized than lengthened seats, they have a tendency to be on the less expensive side, yet not by a lot.

How to Gauge Your Bathroom Seat

how do i measure my toilet seat

Now that you learn about the conventional dimensions, you possibly wish to know exactly how to determine what dimension of commode seat you have.

To make certain you obtain all the dimensions you require prior to you most likely to the equipment shop, determine these 3 points:

  1. Length
  2. Width
  3. Seat blog post openings

Let’s reach it.

1. Length

This is without a doubt one of the most essential dimension. The various other 2 are normally conventional so if you do not wish to trouble with bearing in mind 3 various numbers, simply obtain this one.

But, I would certainly recommend you to determine the various other 2 simply to make certain you have a standard-sized seat.

To obtain this dimension, procedure from in between the seat blog post openings throughout of your dish. Make certain you determine to the outdoors side of your commode dish, or else you’ll wind up obtaining a much shorter dimension than you require.

Here’s a photo for all you aesthetic students available.

Measuring toilet seat length

This will certainly establish if you have actually an extended dish or round dish. Simply to evaluate, lengthened bowls will certainly be around 18.5 inches, like the one I’m gauging in the image over, as well as round bowls will certainly have to do with 16.5 inches.

2. Width

Like I claimed previously, the size is normally conventional, yet simply to make certain you do not have an actually strange sized commode, take this dimension anyways.

To obtain this dimension, simply determine throughout the largest component of your commode dish. Once more, make certain you’re gauging from outdoors side to outdoors side. Below’s one more photo to show.

Measuring toilet seat width

If you do obtain a dimension that’s various than the common 14 inches, after that you might have a non-standard commode seat which I speak about in the following area.

3. Seat Message Holes

Lastly, you’ll wish to determine your seat blog post openings to guarantee your commode is a basic dimension.

For this dimension, procedure from the facility of one seat blog post opening to the facility of the various other.

If you do not have your commode seat off, do not fret, simply attempt to align your gauging device to the facility as finest you can. Below’s a photo to reveal you what I imply, I really did not take my seat off.

How to measure seat post holes

Your seat blog post openings must determine 5.5 inches, as well as, if they do, all conventional commode seats will certainly fit your seat blog post openings no matter form.

Non-Standard Bathroom Seats

european toilet seats

So, you have actually experienced all the actions as well as determined your commode seat just to figure out that it’s not a basic dimension. Currently what?

Not to fret, you can still change your commode seat if you require to. It simply could be a little more difficult to discover the ideal seat. However initially, allow’s determine what a non-standard commode seat is as well as why you might have one.

What Is a Non-Standard Bathroom Seat?

A non-standard commode is anything aside from the conventional dimensions noted previously in this write-up. Unusual, I understand.

They might be a strange form, size, or have seat blog post openings that are further apart or more detailed with each other than the conventional 5.5 inches.

If you have actually various sized seat blog post openings, you can obtain substitute joints for a bathroom seat which will certainly match the various dimensions of the seat blog post openings. This additionally could be less expensive than acquiring an unique commode seat.

However, acquiring brand-new joints will not repair every scenario. Often, you’ll need to purchase a particularly made commode seat. The type of seat depends upon that the supplier is for your commode.

Exclusive or OEM Seats

You’re possibly questioning, ‘why exist commode seats that aren’t the conventional dimension?’

Manufacturers are regularly trying brand-new design and styles in order to remain affordable as well as cutting-edge. So, they market percentages of these brand-new designs as well as forms of commodes to see if they have possible out there.

These kinds of seats have 2 names. They are either called exclusive seats or Initial Tools Supplier (OEM) seats.

In either instance, substitutes for this kind of seat can typically be tough to discover as well as costly to change.

But, not all hope is shed, a great deal of specialized pipes shops as well as do it yourself shops market odd-shaped commode seats at a more affordable cost than acquiring it directly from the supplier.

How To Know What Kind Of Seat To Get

If you have actually a non-standard sized commode seat as well as you require a substitute, you initially require to determine that the supplier is of your commode.

The majority of commodes have a logo design or the name of the supplier in between the seat blog post openings. If your commode does not have that, remove your commode storage tank cover as well as look for a supplier’s tag. This will certainly be extra typical if you have an exclusive or OEM commode.

If all you can discover is the logo design in between the seat messages, that’s alright. Take dimensions of your commode as well as do a couple of points. You can browse online for locations that market your sized seat, or you can take it to your neighborhood equipment shop as well as see if they can assist you out.

If you discover a supplier’s tag under your commode storage tank cover, you must have the ability to browse the supplier’s internet site for substitute components.

If you desire the less expensive choice, examine the supplier’s internet site to obtain the name of your specialized commode. After that search specialized pipes shops to discover an option. Placing it right into an internet search engine must offer you great deals of alternatives.

European Bathroom Seat

Another opportunity if you have a non-standard seat is that you have a European commode seat.

European seats have 2 designs comparable to lengthened as well as rounded seats, yet they additionally have a D-shaped seat that is rather typical.

Luckily, you can rather conveniently purchase this D-shaped commode seat online as well as have it delivered to you. Make certain you determine extensively prior to you buy to guarantee you’re obtaining the dimension you require.

How do you understand what dimension commode to purchase?

To establish the commode dimension you require, you initially require the rough-in dimension. This is from the center of your commode drainpipe pipeline to your wall surface. If you have actually restricted area, make certain you additionally determine the size as well as size of the location that you desire your commode to suit.

How do you change a bathroom seat?

To change a bathroom seat, start by getting rid of the old seat by loosening the seat messages. You might need to utilize a wrench if the screws are rusted. Mounting the brand-new seat depends upon what kind of seat you have. You must examine the installment directions or the supplier’s internet site to guarantee you adhere to the appropriate actions.

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