In the past few years, Twitter has become the home of the cryptocurrency industry. Definitely the top social media platform that influential defi, nft, and crypto influencers use. Users who are searching for their crypto fix, certainly should not miss out on these top crypto influencers on Twitter.

Anthony Pompeyno was the man who was the chief.


If you’ve spent even a minute on crypto twitter, you probably came across pomp’s account.

One of the earliest and most prominent voices in Bitcoin evangelism, pomp has made a name for himself. He is often seen speaking at cryptocurrency conferences and on shows like CNBC.

Erik Voorhees is an author.


I’ve been a “crypto-preneur” for many years, before you heard about Bitcoin. So Vorhees is a true crypto-og in the truest sense of the word. Erik has been involved in countless crypto organizations, most famously as the CEO of ShapeShift.

Tone Vays is a man.


Tone, who is extremely popular on Twitter, has become the Twitter epicenter for crypto trading. Vays also has a popular YouTube Channel.



You, Cryptocobain, are specialized in memes and shitposting. You claim that you are the founder of crypto twitter. Heal the King!

Tyler Winklevoss, Jr.

Tyler Winklevoss, Jr. Crypto Account on Twitter

Gemini is famously known as the owner of cryptocurrency exchange. Tyler Winklevoss is the most followed cryptocurrency account on Twitter. He provides great insight into the very top echelon of the crypto world.


Vitalik Buterin was the first one to visit Bulgaria.


Vitalik Buterin is definitely not a person who influences people. He just creates content and that is his primary focus. However, this man always speaks, and people listen to him.

The famous crypto pioneer was most famous for developing ethereum, which is now the world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency, just after bitcoin. If you are able to keep pace with him, you will be able to understand why this man is one of the most visionary minds in the cryptocurrency world.



The CryptoWendyO community has existed for a very long time, and the content that she creates reflects that level of experience. She is an avid source of high quality crypto trading content. Every day, she posts her take on the latest TA movements. She is also one of the top Crypto Tik Tok Influencers.



Stackingusd is one of the most engaging trading accounts that people use.

Girl that is now crypto.


It is absolutely amazing how this girl manages to constantly send out such amazing Twitter content. If there’s one crypto twitter influencer that you should follow, it’s gotta be girl gone crypto.

Euclid and oak trees.

@EuclidAndOaks + @CryptoEuclid + @Mysticaloaks

No one ever said that crypto Twitter must be serious, and these guys certainly do not think that. No one should miss out on the adventures of Euclid and Oaks.

David Gochshtein


It seems that the old saying “jack of all trades, master of none” doesn’t apply to David. Between his well-researched digital magazine,, involvement in politics, and a Twitter feed that puts most to shame, it’s no wonder the Gokhshtein is becoming a top crypto influencers Twitter.

Hailey Lennon is a young woman from Canada.

Hailey is the best source for current crypto laws. She is arguably the most prominent legal member of Crypto Twitter.


Justin Sun is a famous and influential rapper.


It seems that there was a bit of controversy about this one.

It seems that following Justin on Twitter is more like joining a list that receives e-mails several times each day than anything else. But whatever, Justin holds important weight in the Tron community.

Ivan and the technical matter.


While Ivan Liljeqvist is better known as one of cryptocurrency’s top YouTubers, he maintains a super informative and educational Twitter account as well.

His YouTube channel also features videos and content that is focused on the technology of blockchain and digital currencies.

Kenn-Bosak is the leader of the organization.


My favourite fun loving Twitter and podcast personality is very active on Twitter and engaging.

He has a sizeable account is one of the best NFT Influencers around.



Bitcoin. Twitter is ruled by CryptoBreckkie. The Bitcoin artist has built a name for himself by creating intricate, experimental, and innovative pieces of art powered by cryptocurrency.

Scott Melker is the director of the YMCA.


Scott Melker is an important person in the crypto community. He trades things and produces music, giving him unique insight into two very different worlds. On some popular mainstream media sources, he has also made his content available. He regularly hosts Twitter spaces, and is an excellent source of crypto insight.



The dog that is a crypto is one of the most followed accounts in the crypto community. He has 287k+ followers.

Bitboy’s crypto.


Bitboy crypto is definitely one of the most well-known crypto influencers in the space. This is an account that you should follow. Like his huge crypto YouTube channel, his Twitter account has a sizeable following as well.

In the meantime, Dan held back.


Dan is the head of growth and business development at Kraken, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Before that, he worked at Uber. He is experienced in working for some of the biggest tech and crypto companies. On Twitter, you will find out what he thinks about Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain use cases for the future.



Peter McCormack is a man from the UK. He has his own cryptocurrency podcast, What Does Bitcoin Do? His Twitter content is largely focused on bitcoin and he frequently interviews important people.



Layah Heilpern is one of the most famous crypto influencers, and he also writes books in the UK. Then, in partnership with Altcoin Buzz, she interviews many startups in the crypto world. On her feed, you can find out what she thinks about the stock market, politics, and other crypto-related topics.