Reddit is home to tons of communities that are focused on different aspects of crypto. Others are focused on trading, others are analyzing ICOs, and some are devoted only to one specific token. Isn’t that the beauty of this platform? You can easily browse through a variety of subreddits, and learn a lot by spending a bit of time on the ones that you are interested in. There are some of the best crypto subreddits on the platform where you can learn everything about crypto.

Best Subreddits for Crypto


Total of members: 1.6m.

This is the biggest subreddit on crypto. The content on this site spans from beginner advice to bitcoin memes. You’ll find news, analysis and discussions on everything that is relevant to the first cryptocurrency ever created, and it is definitely worth checking out.


Number of members: 1.1m.

There is only one other crypto sub that has over 1m members. This is a very active sub, with discussions about breaking news, markets and analysis. Free members can talk about any tokens or blockchain related projects, outside of Bitcoin.


Total number of members: 320k.

/r/btc is a smaller, less known sister of /r/bitcoin. Generally, the topics will all be virtually identical, with the emphasis on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and other variants of the very first cryptocurrency. Usually the discussions about these are a bit more technical.


Total number of members: 231k.

If you want to trade and make money, this is the place to go. You’ll also learn about exchanges and different apps. This will allow you to analyze the market better and ultimately make your first buck.


Total members: 113k.

Bitcoins for beginners is the name of the company. Subscriptions for people who are new to Bitcoin and to cryptocurrency in general. On this site you are able to ask us questions about the technology. We will tell you all the future uses and best ways to trade.


96k members.

Reddit is also being called ‘fiji water’, meaning that people are proud of being able to deliver unlimited news, education, and of course, memes. They also take care of vetting their members and their content, so that only high quality information and news are posted here.


Total number of members: 83.3k.

Anything that is not a Bitcoin is fair game. Some of the more popular altcoins are ethereum, ripple and stellar. Every year more tokens are created, and many gain traction in the marketplace. With that in mind, there should never be a shortage of content on the altcoin message board.


Total number of members: 72.3K.

This is a huge group that is extremely passionate about dealing with cryptocurrency, token sales and crowdsales for blockchain and data chain technologies. It is important that you know that there are quite a few active investors on the sub, and the sub is heavily supervised in order to prevent spammers and scammers.


There are now 62.7k members.

Another sub that is targeted at traders. This one is smaller so you’ll get a smaller group of traders. All the coins that you purchase here are fair game, so this is the perfect place to learn about trading strategies, digital exchanges and crypto wallets.


Total members: 18.7k.

This is a community where you can start discussing anything in crypto. Although the number of people is smaller, they still have good quality discussions.


Total members: 21.4k.

Are you looking to make money or find out about some ICO’s that are coming up? This sub is geared toward the analysis of initial coin offerings. You will find out about price, company history, and then you can decide whether you should buy or hold something.


Total of the members of CP: unknown.

Previously, this was the biggest community on Reddit, but now it is private and no longer accepts new members. Most of the articles on this list focus on blockchain technology, news, and future use cases.

Best subreddits for altcoins.


There are 483K members.

Ethereum is a technology that is used to build applications. It is the largest altcoin on the site, if that makes any sense. You’ll find all the latest breaking news and token updates here.


218k members.

Ripple is one of the first cryptocurrency outside of Bitcoin that became popular. The technology allows banks, payment providers and exchanges to connect, reducing costs.


Total of 215K members.

Litecoin is much faster and more efficient than Bitcoin. Because of that, he is now part of one of the largest altcoin communities on Reddit.


Number of members: 179K.

Monero is a secure, private and untraceable digital currency that everyone can exchange. If you want to learn more, jump into this sub and find out more.


Total members: 111k.

Stellar is a decentralized app that enables you to spend money anywhere in the world. In recent times, this technology has gained traction in the industry.

If you want even more altcoin subreddits, other popular ones are /r/NEO, /r/dogecoin and /r/IOTA.

Best cryptocurrencies for subreddits on exchanges, wallets, and other technologies.


Total members: 71.8k.

Binance is a blockchain and crypto infrastructure provider, and the largest digital exchange in the world. Be sure to hop into this sub to learn more.


55K members count.

Coinbase was one of the first exchanges for crypto, and it has a solid community that helps you to trade in and around the markets.


28k members:.

Ledger is one of the best hardware wallets. By using it, you can learn how other members store their crypto safely.


Total number of members: 6.6k.

Defi is now a completely dissolved entity in 2020, and we still have a small, but growing, dedicated community.

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