Burrito Express is possessed by a Latin household as well as their standard objective has actually constantly been to prepare their food things with procedures that are primarily utilized in the house. In addition to every little thing else, they likewise utilize genuine active ingredients as well as have actually belonged of the city for a very long time. If you are searching for the most recent Burrito Express food selection with costs, after that you have actually concerned the ideal location.

Burrito Express food selection includes numerous areas as well as each of them is full of remarkable choices. Their food selection area consists of Morning meal burritos, Lunch burritos, Popular Products, Plates, Drinks, Side Orders, and so on. Burrito Express food selection things come at a practical cost array.

This write-up will certainly offer all the accurate information concerning the dining establishment beginning with the most recent Burrito Express food selection as well as costs to a few other crucial information consisting of the background, opening up hrs, electrical outlets, as well as far more.

Burrito Express Food Selection With Prices

Burrito Express Menu And Prices everymenuprices
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Appetizers Menu

Nacho$ 7.50
Fajita Nacho$ 0.00
Beef & & Cheese Nachos$ 8.25
Nacho Special$ 0.00
Warm Wings$ 13.00
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Dips Menu

Small Cheese Dip ToGo$ 4.75
Guacamole Dip$ 3.99
Little Loco Dip$ 5.50
Little Cheese Dip$ 4.00
Bean Dip$ 4.00
Mi Casita Dip$ 5.50
Chorizo Dip$ 5.50
Huge Loco Dip$ 12.00
Huge Cheese Dip$ 10.25
Bonus Chips$ 2.00
Cheese Sauce on top$ 1.50
Bonus Salsa$ 2.00

Salads Menu

Fajita Salad$ 12.25
Taco Salad$ 10.00
Guacamole Salad$ 5.75
Fried Poultry Salad$ 10.75
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Lunch Specials Menu

Enchilada & & Taco$ 8.25
Steak Burrito$ 8.50
Enchilada, Burrito & & Taco$ 7.75
Taquitos Mi Casita$ 9.25
Beef Burrito$ 7.75
Steak Tacos Lunch$ 8.50
Quesadilla Express 1 Meat$ 12.00
Quesadilla Express 2 Meat$ 13.75
Quesadilla Express 3 Meat$ 15.75
Cinco De Mayo Lunch$ 9.75
Chile Relleno Lunch$ 9.75
Enchi, Taco, Burrito, Tamal$ 8.75
Monarca Lunch$ 11.75
Fajita Burrito$ 10.00
Quesadilla Regular$ 8.50
Quesadilla Fajita$ 10.25
Fajita Salad Lunch$ 10.50
Taco Salad Lunch$ 8.75
Chimichanga$ 9.00
Burrito, Enchi, Chalup, Taco$ 8.75
Quesadilla, Taquito, Taco$ 8.25
Fajitas Lunch$ 11.99
Mixed Fajitas Lunch$ 12.99
Quesadilla Supreme Lunch$ 9.01
Lunch Chino 1 Meat$ 11.75
Lunch Chino 2 Meat$ 12.75
Lunch Chino 3 Meat$ 14.75
Burrito Mi Casita Lunch$ 8.00
Lunch Chusma 1 Meat$ 11.75
Lunch Chusma 2 Meat$ 12.75
Lunch Chusma 3 Meat$ 14.75
Burrito DL Lunch$ 11.50
Chico Unique Asada$ 11.75
Baked Potato Lunch$ 12.50
Burrito Express 1 Meat$ 10.75
Burrito Express 2 Meat$ 12.75
Burrito Express 3 Meat$ 13.75
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Combos Mi Casita Menu

A. Combo$ 9.25
B. Combo$ 9.25
C. Combo$ 9.75
D. Combo$ 9.25
E. Combo$ 10.00
F. Combo$ 9.50
G. Combo$ 9.25
H.Combo Regular$ 9.75
H.Combo Fajita$ 10.99
I. Combo$ 10.25
J. Combo$ 9.50
K. Combo$ 9.75
L. Combo$ 9.75

Vegetarian Plates Menu

Vegetables Burrito$ 9.75
Veggie Fajitas$ 12.00
Mushroom Quesadilla$ 9.25
Cheese Enchiladas$ 9.25
Enchilada & & Chalupa$ 9.25
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Chicken Layers Menu

Chicken Enchiladas$ 10.00
Poultry Tacos$ 0.00
Poultry Milanesa$ 11.75
Flautas Mexicanas$ 9.50

Plallos Mexicanos Menu

Torta Mexicana$ 10.50
Caldo Y Filete$ 13.50
Tacos De Carnitas$ 11.75
Tacos Al Pastor$ 11.75
Tacos Chorizo Y Pollo$ 11.75
Tacos De Asada$ 11.75
Milanesa De Pollo$ 11.75
Cocktel De Camaron$ 13.25
Camaron A La Diabla$ 12.75
Tacos De Pescado$ 11.75
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Combos & & Steaks Menu

Aloha Quesadilla$ 12.75
Fajita Baked Potato$ 15.75
Fajitas$ 13.75
Burrito Supreme$ 9.25
Poultry Quesadillas$ 11.01
La Chusma 1 Meat$ 13.25
Garlic Shrimp$ 13.25
Burrito Express 1 Meat$ 12.75
Chino Unique 1 Meat$ 13.25
4 Enchiladas$ 9.75
Poultry Breast$ 11.25
Chico Special$ 13.75
Steak Quesadillas$ 12.00
Carnita Skillet$ 14.25
2 Chile Relleno$ 8.75
Steak Tacos$ 11.75
Burrito Express 2 Meat$ 14.75
Chino Unique 3 Meat$ 15.25
Cinco De Mayo Plate$ 11.75
Fajita Quesadillas$ 13.75
T-Bone Steak$ 21.99
Steak Burritos$ 12.25
Burrito Don Luiz$ 12.75
Mi Casita Plate$ 12.95
Taylor Tacos$ 21.99
Carne Asada Plates$ 17.75
Javiers Potato Spe 1 Meat$ 14.75
Javiers Potato Spe 3 Meat$ 16.75
Burrito Deluxe$ 10.99
Shrimp Cocktail$ 13.25
Shrimp Fajitas$ 15.75
Poultry Tenders$ 10.50
La Chusma 3 Meat$ 15.25
Chino Unique 2 Meat$ 14.25
Tilapia & & Shrimp$ 13.25
Steak A La Mexicana$ 13.25
La Chusma 2 Meat$ 14.25
Chimichanga Dinner$ 11.25
Cowboy T-Bone$ 21.99
Texan Fajitas$ 15.75
Shrimp Delight$ 13.75
Burrito Mi Casita$ 10.25
Ribeye Steak & & Shrimp$ 21.99
Beef Tacos$ 0.00
Javiers Potato Spe 2 Meat$ 15.75
Enchilada Burrito Dinner$ 10.25
Monarca Dinner$ 13.25
Shrimp Tacos$ 12.75
Burrito Express 3 Meat$ 15.75
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Kids Layers Menu

N.Kids- Burrito$ 6.50
O.Kids- Enchilada$ 6.50
Q.Kids- Poultry Tenders$ 6.50
M.Kids- Taco$ 6.50
R.Kids- Chusma$ 8.00
P.Kids- Quesadilla$ 6.50

Side Orders Menu

Side- Enchilada$ 2.50
Side- Chile Disadvantage Carne$ 5.95
Side- Burrito$ 3.99
Side- Grilled Burrito$ 5.50
Side- Fajita Burrito$ 6.50
Side- Beef Tostada$ 3.75
Side- Chimichanga$ 5.50
Side- Chile Relleno$ 3.95
Side- Soft Taco$ 2.59
Side- Tough Taco$ 2.25
Side- Guacamole Taco$ 3.25
Side- Warm Tamale$ 2.00
Side- Vegetables$ 5.00
Side- Quesadilla$ 3.99
Side- Fajita Quesadilla$ 6.50
Side- Beans$ 2.75
Side- Rice$ 2.75
Side- Tortillas$ 1.00
Chiles Toreados$ 2.00
Sour Cream$ 1.25
Tomato$ 1.50
Grilled Tomato$ 2.50
Pico De Gallo$ 1.75
Limes$ 1.00
Grilled Onions$ 2.00
French Fries$ 3.25
Chico Chips$ 6.25
Fried Mushroom as well as Jalapeno$ 4.50
Avocado$ 2.85
Chusma Express 1 Meat$ 13.75
Chusma Express 2 Meat$ 15.75
Chusma Express 3 Meat$ 16.75
Chusma Express 1 Meat$ 15.25
Chusma Express 2 Meat$ 16.25
Chusma Express 3 Meat$ 17.25
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To Go Order Menu

Small Chips & & Salsa$ 4.00
Huge Chips & & Salsa$ 7.75

Soft Drinks Menu

Coffee$ 2.75
Tea$ 2.75
Milk$ 2.75

Sodas Menu

Jarritos$ 2.75
Mr. Pibb$ 2.75
Lemonade$ 2.75
Manzanita$ 2.75
Origin Beer$ 2.75
Sangria$ 2.75
Sprite$ 2.75
Coke$ 2.75
Mexican Soda$ 2.75
Diet Plan Coke$ 2.75
Mexican Coke$ 2.75
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Ashley Unique Menu

Ashley Unique Lunch$ 11.75
Ashley Unique Dinner$ 13.25

Charolas Menu

Charola de Frijoles$ 29.99
Charola de Carne Molida$ 40.00
Charola de Arroz$ 29.99
Charola de Pollo Decebrado$ 40.00

Combos Mi Casita|Sabado Menu

A. Combo$ 9.25
B. Combo$ 9.25
C. Combo$ 9.75
D. Combo$ 9.25
E. Combo$ 10.00
F. Combo$ 9.50
G. Combo$ 9.25
H. Combo$ 0.00
I. Combo$ 10.25
J. Combo$ 9.50
K. Combo$ 9.75
L. Combo$ 9.75

Background of Burrito Express

Burrito Express Inside everymenuprices
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It was the year 1995 when Burrito Express was created. It acquired acknowledgment for supplying genuine as well as regional Mexican food. As time passed, the proprietors began to present even more centers like residence shipment, dine-in places, take-out from the counter, as well as providing solutions.

The proprietors have actually done every little thing they can to bring genuine food things that have actually been produced by specialist cooks with no concession on the high quality. The genuine dishes as well as affordable costs are both significant reasons individuals have actually gone into the dining establishment several times for many years.

The guy behind this whole point was Angel Marin Sr. Angel has actually been included as soon as in a video clip that was shared by the main Facebook web page of the dining establishment. The video clip had the information of exactly how the designers were associated with making the preferred food things inside the dining establishment.

In addition to this video clip, Angel has actually potentially favored to keep away from the spotlight. He does not have a social networks visibility up until now other than his only LinkedIn web page where a couple of information have actually been pointed out.

His very early life as well as moms and dads’ identifications are yet to be disclosed however he completed his education and learning at the W.P. Carey Institution of Company– Arizona State College.

Marin Sr.’s LinkedIn account discusses that he is the co-owner of the whole franchise business. Yet there is no info on that is the primary proprietor of the location. Points have actually been going great for the location for many years.

Angel Marin has actually likewise been commended by the public for a while when he was really feeling poor after listening to the experience of a client whose food invoice had something that was not appropriate.

As pointed out previously, the Burrito Express food selection as well as costs are the only points that have actually been trending current headings as well as social media sites nowadays.

Evaluation of Burrito Express

Burrito Express Menu everymenuprices
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The Burrito Express includes every little thing that is liked by the regional individuals as well as this has actually likewise assisted the manufacturers in bringing the very best Mexican food to the consumers. This has actually likewise added to increasing the follower base of the location. In addition to every little thing else, consumers can likewise make a decision to choose anything from the Mexican food area.

Burrito Express area is renowned for including cozy friendliness. They use dishes for all 3 hrs of the day. Burrito Express as well as its staff members make certain that every client that goes into the location is pleased with the food things as well as their preference as well as goes on seeing time and again.

Burrito Express is presently readily available at 6 locations as well as they have a great deal of public, aiding to bring even more consumers inside. In instance you are intending to see any kind of one amongst the 6, after that you require to change a couple of points prior to going outdoors.

With the exception of both places of Gilbert as well as Mesa, the various other 4 places can be gone to in between 7 a.m. as well as 3 p.m. for the initial 5 days. On the weekend breaks, the locations open at 8 a.m. The closing time for Gilbert coincides besides the moment of opening up.

It opens up at 6 a.m. from Monday to Thursday as well as at 8 a.m. on Saturdays as well as Sundays. The opening time for the Mesa area is 6 a.m. on weekdays as well as 8 a.m. on weekend breaks however the dining establishment shuts each day at 8 p.m.

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How to Order Online From Burrito Express Food Selection?

Burrito Express Order Online everymenuprices
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If you wish to buy online from Burrito Express, you can do that with the assistance of Doordash. Listed below I will certainly reveal you some actions on exactly how you can conveniently buy online from Burrito Express with the assistance of Doordash.

Besides getting online, you can likewise inspect the most recent food selection costs of Burrito Express for various places as the costs might differ from area to area. Likewise, they might alter with no previous notification.

  1. First, head over to Doordash as well as choose your area from the listing of provided places.
  2. After choosing your area as well as keying your address, if they supply to your address, the most recent food selection costs of Burrito Express will certainly show up (below you can inspect the most recent Burrito Express food selection with costs for your favored area).
  3. Currently, choose the food things you wish to buy online from Burrito Express as well as include them independently to your cart.
  4. In the following action, most likely to check out as well as check in to your account on Doordash if you have one or can produce a brand-new account really rapidly.
  5. After effectively checking in, fill out some info, make the repayment, as well as your order will certainly be provided to your area.

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Mexican food has actually gathered a massive follower base for many years as well as if you are just one of them, you can conveniently select Burrito Express. Burritos are the primary thing on the food selection as well as it has gradually end up being a popular thing in the United States.

And also if you are not intending to have regular things on the event of morning meal, lunch, as well as supper, you can attempt burritos below.

So what did you like one of the most from the above provided Burrito Express food selection with costs? Do allow me understand in the remark area below

Frequently Asked Concerns Connected to Burrito Express (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the significant destination of the Burrito Express food selection?

Various Mexican meals are the significant destination of the Burrito Express food selection.

The number of electrical outlets are presently run by Burrito Express?

Burrito Express is presently readily available in 6 locations.

Where are the head office of Burrito Express situated?

The head office of Burrito Express lies at 3500 Menaul Blvd NE Ste 1, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87107, USA.

What are the opening hrs of the Burrito Express area?

Except for the places of Gilbert as well as Mesa, the remainder of the 4 places can be gone to in between 7 a.m. as well as 3 p.m.

Which food is readily available on the Burrito Express food selection?

Burrito Express food selection uses tasty meals that come under Mexican food.

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