Business's or Businesses or Business’?

It is a business. What’s the difference?

Resources / By Conor

Businesses is the plural form of business and business means company.

The word business is a possessive form of the word business. 


In order to understand why we should use the word business instead of the plural, we must first consider how we use it.

There are two meanings to the word business.

The meaning of the first meaning is uncountable and it means you are trading things with others.

Let us work together.

I have gone to Japan many times for business purposes.

A business decision does not matter if it is singular or plural. It is uncountable, and we do not need to think about possessive form.

Business is also a noun that has the same meaning as companies or enterprises. 

I have a business online.

I am the owner of different businesses, and I live all around the world.

When you possess plurals of this word it is able to count the various business that a person can have.  

Sometimes, they can have a possession form, or businesses that own things.


The plural form of the word is ‘business’. It is used to describe a company.

Richard Branson is an entrepreneur. He founded many businesses in various fields. 


One method for writing the singular possessive form of business is to write that word from the company form.

Most style guides would use business’ as both the singular and plural possessive form of the word due to the one-syllable rule.  


This noun is the plural form of the word business. It is also a noun referring to a company.

We use the apostrophe after the s because the word “business” ends in s.

This kind of example would be when we discuss a business’s assets. 

If you find this difficult, know that you are not alone. If somebody says to you, ‘X belongs in the business,’ then you can always say that.

They are the chairs for businesses.

These chairs are for businesses.