Have you spent a great deal of effort and time in editing and enhancing a video clip on CapCut, however when you play it, you can not listen to the sound?

If you can not listen to sound on your modified video clip in CapCut, you may have silenced the quantity, or it’s established as well short on your gadget. To deal with CapCut audio concerns, choose the track in the CapCut timeline and also unmute it, or enhance the quantity on your gadget to enhance the application’s audio outcome degree.

In this thorough overview, we’ll describe why there is a concern in CapCut where you can not listen to any type of audio appearing and also talk about a couple of remedies to aid you return on the right track quickly.

Why can not I listen to the noise on a video clip in CapCut?

Why can't I hear the sound on a video in CapCut?

If you can not listen to sound on CapCut, among the complying with can be the factor for this discouraging problem:

  • Momentary pests in CapCut.
  • Sound is silenced in the CapCut sound setups.
  • Reduced gadget quantity.
  • Reduced storage area.
  • Out-of-date CapCut application.
  • The audio speaker is malfunctioning.
  • Corrupt sound documents, setup, or cache information.

Just how do I obtain my noise on CapCut?

How do I get my sound on CapCut?

If you are making use of CapCut and also can not listen to the sound in any type of video, right here are 6 detailed remedies that have actually repaired this problem for numerous individuals.

Force Quit CapCut

Force-stopping the CapCut application on your gadget will certainly enable it to reset its procedure and also deal with any type of pests creating the audio problem. Right here’s exactly how:


  • Open ” Setups.”
  • Go to ” Applications” > > “All Applications.”
  • Select “CapCut.”
  • Tap ” Pressure Quit.”
Force stopping CapCut


  • Swipe up on the residence display of your iphone gadget to open up the App Switcher.
  • Currently, swipe right to discover “CapCut.”
  • Swipe up on the CapCut preview card to compel stop the application.


  • Right-click on the taskbar or press “Win+ X” ( key-board).
  • Select ” Job Supervisor.”
  • Right-click “CapCut.”
  • Choose ” End Job.”

Afterward, re-launch CapCut, open your task, and also examine if you can listen to sound currently.

Maximize Some Area On The Gadget or Computer

CapCut needs ample storage area to use impacts or include sound to your video clips. Nonetheless, if your gadget is running reduced on storage space, the application will not do at its ideal capability, resulting in the audio playback or voice-over not working concerns.

To address this:

  • Delete unneeded data or media from your gadget to produce even more area.
  • Transfer huge data to an exterior storage space gadget or cloud storage space, like Google Drive or iCloud.
  • Uninstall all unneeded applications.

Once you do that, gain access to your task on CapCut and also play the sound to validate the repair.

Troubleshoot Audio speaker Sound

Many individuals report a trouble with their audio speaker or its audio setups as the resource of the problem. Although others can hear what the video is claiming, you might not have the ability to hear it on your gadget.

To validate this, merely connect in the earphones to your gadget, open up the CapCut application, and also play the video clip documents. If you can listen to whatever, fix the audio speaker quantity by complying with these guidelines detailed:

  • Reactivate your gadget.
  • Rise audio speaker quantity.
  • Reinstall noise card chauffeurs in instance you are making use of the CapCut Desktop computer application.
  • Diagnose equipment concerns and also take the gadget to a certified dealership to change the malfunctioning audio speaker.

Unmute Sound in CapCut

Since CapCut uses a choice to change the noise on your task, you may have inadvertently established it to silence. Consequently, when you play the video clip in the timeline, you can not hear its sound.

So, attempt unmuting your task in CapCut’s mobile or computer system application in this manner:

CapCut Mobile Application:

  • Open ” CapCut.”
  • Choose ” New Task.”
  • Import your video clip or picture aspect to CapCut.
  • Include sound and also choose it in the timeline.
  • Faucet ” Quantity.”
  • Drag the slider to enhance the quantity of your video clip task.

CapCut Desktop computer Application:

  • Open ” CapCut.”
  • Click ” New Task.”
  • Drag and also drop your video clip documents to import to the application.
  • Drag the video clip documents to the timeline.
  • Click the “Audio speaker” symbol beside the clip to unmute the track.

Currently, play the video clip in the CapCut timeline and also see if this fixes the audio issues.

NOTE: The sound documents you have actually imported to the application may be corrupt, so attempt making use of one more documents to deal with the problem.

Clear CapCut Cache

Like most video clip editing and enhancing applications, CapCut cache can fill out with scrap information, creating it to corrupt, which may be why you can not listen to sound on your clips.

The fast workaround right here is frequently getting rid of the CapCut cache to remove corrupt data with the actions provided listed below:

CapCut Mobile Application:

  • Open ” CapCut.”
  • Tap ” Setups.”
  • Select ” Clear Cache.”
  • Tap ” Ok.”

Android Setups:

  • Access “Setups.”
  • Go to ” Applications” > > “All Applications.”
  • Select ” CapCut.”
  • Tap ” Storage space.”
  • Tap ” Clear Cache.”
  • Select ” Clear Information.”
  • Tap ” OK.”


  • Open “Setups.”
  • Tap “General.”
  • Tap “iPhone/iPad Storage space.”
  • Select ” CapCut.”
  • Tap ” Offload Application.”
  • Tap ” Offload Application.”

CapCut Desktop Computer Application:

  • Open ” CapCut.”
  • Select the gear symbol.
  • Most likely to ” Setups.”
  • Select ” Task.”
  • Scroll to “Cache Dimension.”
  • Click ” Erase.”
  • Click ” OK.”

Update CapCut

An obsoleted CapCut application typically brings about compatibility concerns with your gadget, which can influence the audio playback, or sometimes, the text-to-speech feature stop working also.

To avoid this, upgrade the CapCut application on your gadget with these straightforward guidelines:


  • Open ” Play Shop.”
  • Tap the profile symbol.
  • Faucet ” Take Care Of Applications and also Gadget.”
  • Select ” Updates Available.”
  • Select ” CapCut.”
  • Tap ” Update” if readily available.


  • Go to ” Application Shop.”
  • Tap your profile symbol.
  • Head to ” Offered Updates.”
  • Select ” Update” beside the CapCut application if you see any type of pending one.

CapCut Desktop computer Application:

  • Open ” CapCut.”
  • Click the gear symbol.
  • Select ” Variation.”
  • Select ” Look For Updates.”
updating CapCut
  • Click ” Mount Currently” if readily available.

After upgrading the CapCut application to the most up to date variation, open up a video footage or video clip documents, and also ideally, you’ll listen to sound this moment.

NOTE: If upgrading does not aid, attempt re-installing the CapCut application on your gadget.


In this post, we have actually reviewed why numerous CapCut individuals can not listen to any type of noise while playing their video clip or sound documents. We have actually additionally discovered what actions you can require to fix this discouraging trouble with easy-to-follow remedies.

Hopefully, you can currently have a smoother editing and enhancing experience and also pay attention to the noise appearing of your tasks with no barriers preventing your creative thinking.

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