Have you transformed the CapCut media data to one more layout, yet it is stuck on transcoding at 99%, as well as currently you can not export it?

If CapCut is stuck on transcoding, the gadget running the application could be glitching, or the video clip framework price is too expensive. To finish the transcoding procedure on CapCput, reactivate your gadget as well as reduced the framework price of the certain video clip. If this falls short, remove unneeded data from your gadget to liberate storage space as well as upgrade the CapCut application later.

In this post, we’ll describe why the CapCut application is stuck on transcoding at 99% as well as just how you can solve this problem with fast detailed techniques.

Why is CapCut stuck on transcoding?

Why is CapCut stuck on transcoding

If Transcoding falls short on the CapCut application, among the adhering to can be the factor for this problem:

  • The gadget running the CapCut application is glitching as well as requires a reboot.
  • You are attempting to transcode a video clip with a high framework price or resolution.
  • CapCut task data or the application cache is corrupt.
  • Obsolete CapCut application.
  • Reduced gadget storage space.

Just how do I repair CapCut stuck transcoding?

How do I fix CapCut stuck transcoding

To obtain the CapCut video clip out of the stuck transcoding state, attempt these 7 hacks to deal with the problem at the earliest.

Restart Device

If you are running CapCut on a smart phone or computer system, the software program commonly problems as well as make the video clip editing and enhancing application act oddly. Sometimes, you might commonly experience transcoding being stuck at 99%.

So, the initial as well as quickest means to obtain the transcoding to get to 100% is to reactivate the gadget as well as validate whatever is back in order.

Lower Framework Rate

It is feasible you are attempting to transcode a video clip with a greater framework price, creating it to be stuck at 99%. The repair right here is to reduce video clip FPS on CapCut with these guidelines:

  • Open up the CapCut application on your smart phone or computer system.
  • Faucet or click the task that is obtaining stuck.
  • Faucet or click the default resolution revealing ahead.
  • Under ” Framework Price,” explore various numbers as well as see which one fixes the problem.
CapCut Frame rate settings

KEEP IN MIND: You can additionally reduce the resolution of the video clip to repair the transcoding trouble.

Update CapCut

If you’re utilizing a dated variation of the CapCut application on your gadget, that could be why transcoding is stuck at 99%. To solve this, upgrade the CapCut application on your computer or smart phone by adhering to these straightforward guidelines:


  • Open ” Play Shop.”
  • Tap your Profile.
  • Scroll to ” Take Care Of Applications as well as Tools.”
  • Select ” Updates Available.”
  • Tap CapCut.”
  • Tap ” Update.”


  • Open ” Application Shop.”
  • Tap your Profile.
  • Head to ” Offered Updates.”
  • If offered, faucet ” Update” following to “CapCut.”

CapCut Desktop Computer:

  • Open ” CapCut Desktop Computer” app.
  • Click ” Setups” (Equipment icon).
  • Click ” Variation.”
  • Select ” Look For Updates.”
  • Click ” Set Up Currently.”

Some individuals additionally report that the transcoding started to fail after the CapCut was upgraded instantly. In this situation, you require to be patient till the programmers present a brand-new upgrade that can repair this problem.

Free Gadget Storage

If your gadget running the CapCut gadget is short on storage space, this might trigger recurring transcoding delaying as well as various other concerns. Your best choice in this situation is to liberate storage space by erasing unneeded applications as well as media data on your gadget in the list below means:


  • Faucet & & hold the application you intend to uninstall.
  • Select “Uninstall.”
  • Tap ” OK.”
  • Open the device “Gallery.”
  • Look as well as remove all unneeded images as well as video clip data in all cds.


  • Go to “Control board.”
  • Click ” Uninstall a Program.”
  • Right-click a program.
  • Select ” Uninstall.”
  • Select ” Yes.

If area is still running reduced on your drive, you can additionally remove unneeded tasks on the CapCut application as well as obtain transcoding to finish. Right here’s just how:


  • Open the “CapCut” app.
  • Pick a project and tap the three-dot symbol beside it.
  • Select ” Erase.”
  • Tap “Erase” again.
Deleting projects on CapCut

Computer System:

  • Open ” CapCut.”
  • Head to ” Food selection.”
  • Select ” Back to web page.”
  • Choose a job.
  • Click ” Erase.”
  • Click “OK.”

Clear CapCut Cache

CapCut cache commonly bulks with scrap information on your gadget, which can bring about transcoding stuck at 99%. A very easy means to avoid this from taking place is to remove the CapCut cache information on your gadget with these actions:

CapCut Application:

  • Open the ” CapCut” app.
  • Most likely to ” Setups.”
  • Tap ” Clear Cache.”
  • Tap ” OK.”

Android Setups Menu:

  • Open ” Setups.”
  • Tap “Application.”
  • Tap “All Applications.”
  • Select “CapCut.”
  • Go to ” Storage space.
  • Tap “Clear Cache.”
  • Tap “Clear Information.”

iOS Setups Menu:

  • Open ” Setups.”
  • Go to ” General.”
  • Tap “apple iphone Storage space”/ “iPad Storage space.”
  • Select ” CapCut.”
  • Tap ” Offload Application.”
  • Tap ” Offload Application” again.

CapCut Desktop Computer Application:

  • Open ” CapCut.”
  • Click the gear symbol.
  • Click “Setups.”
  • Click “Erase” beside ” Cache Dimension.”

Many individuals utilize CapCut on the BlueStacks emulator, as well as right here’s just how you can remove it’s cache:

  • Open ” BlueStacks.”
  • Go to ” My Gamings.”
  • Select ” System Application” > > “Android Setup.”
  • Click ” Applications.”
  • Click ” CapCut.”
  • Choose ” Storage space.”
  • Select “Clear Cache.”

After removing the CapCut application cache by any kind of among the above techniques, open it once more as well as see if transcoding can surpass 99% this moment.

TIP: If CapCut can’t adjust a current clip, removing the application cache can additionally repair this problem on your gadget.

Inspect Documents Corruption

Another factor for CapCut transcoding to obtain stuck at 99% is if the video clip data is corrupt. So initially, play the video clip on one more gadget, as well as if the media is undoubtedly corrupt, record a brand-new video clip or obtain a brand-new duplicate of the exact same video clip from the initial resource.

Contact CapCut Support

Most of the moment, the above remedies can repair the transcoding concerns on CapCut, yet if you are still captured up in the trouble, call the CapCut Support team via email to talk about the trouble with them for a conclusive repair.


In this post, we discovered why CapCut is stuck on transcoding at 99% as well as in what means you can repair this aggravating problem without much problem.

Hopefully, you currently have sufficient details to transcode your video clips efficiently, export them on your gadget, as well as share them to different social media sites systems for much better reach as well as admiration.

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