Why is it important that you talk with your visitors using their favorite channels?

Do you have trouble finding customers? Are your leads and sales still as good as they used to be? Times are changing, and it is important that you know what your customers expect. So your marketing strategies should also be changing. Instead of forcing your customers to talk to you in the manner that’s most convenient for you, you might try to figure out how you can talk to your customers using their favorite communication methods. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of using multichannel communication and how you can use it to grow your company.

Reach customers faster in the new digital age.

Did you know that it can take customer service representatives more than 10 hours to respond to social media or 12 hours for email responses? We know that consumers expect brands to give them a quicker and personalized experience, wherever they choose to receive content every day.

It is essential that you find ways to communicate with your customers in a timely fashion in order to prosper. If you are unable to help your customers when they need it, when they are not doing it, they will choose alternatives to do the business. It is very unfortunate that you may miss out on potential customers and sales just because you could not make the connection with your customer.

If a customer only visits your website for a few minutes, but if they are on Instagram all day, they may prefer to talk directly with you through Instagram. That is because they have already checked on this application and read the notifications. By contacting your customers where they want to be contacted, you’re creating a personal connection with them, and you are generating leads for your company. And the more leads you have, the more likely they will receive your messages.

What are the reasons why online customer chat tools are essential?

Online chat tools are vital for agents, because they help them meet customer demands and increase revenue. A majority of customers want personal customer service. The people who are listening want people to be listened to; they do not want a robot answering all their questions. They want their customer service reps to be able to say hello and communicate with their customers using their preferred communication method.

The most recent Gladly Customer Expectations Report shows that adding personalization to online customer chat tools not only has a positive impact on the experience of your customers and the preparedness of your agents but also drives revenue and success to your business.

Live chat requires that you reply immediately to the message, otherwise, your customer will be gone forever. By making your users be able to talk on other platforms like whatsapp, twitter, facebook, and snapchat, you can continue talking with them. Instead of losing your customers when they leave your website!

Using an application like FREE Chat Widget allows support teams to efficiently and conveniently interact with potential customers, allowing them to choose the way they want to be contacted.

Offer fantastic support to your users and increase conversions.

It is hard to find the time to answer all of your customer service inquiries and to reply instantly to live chat at any time of the day. With so many communication channels available, it is a weakness of your customer acquisition strategy not to allow them to choose which channels they prefer. We’ll help cover some of the benefits of using our FREE Chat Widget, and how it can impact your company’s ability to grow.

First of all, checkout FREE Chat Widget!

1. So that you can increase conversions on your website.

There are a lot of main reasons why you should create your website and social media, which is about increasing the number of conversions that you receive. With our FREE Chat Widget, you can increase conversion rates by revamping your customer service and support methods.

When people start browsing through your content, they will have questions about your services and products. When you create an easy way to communicate with your customers, you will make it easier to answer their questions and to get feedback from them. As a result, you will be able to convert more potential customers into paying customers. Even if you can’t keep the conversation going right now, you are opening the door for future communication.

Our FREE Chat Widget supports various integrations, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Maps, Email, Skype, Direct Call, Instagram, Intercom Chat, Crisp Chat, Twitter DMs, Snapchat, Links, Line, Viber, Calendly, Twitter Page, Facebook, and more!

2. Build trust among your audience.

So many customers are concerned about buying products and services from companies that they do not have a close relationship with or that they do not know much about. A big hurdle that you’ll face in your business is establishing relationships with your customers. By doing that, you can help them feel comfortable with your business, products, and services.

Visitors can contact you through different channels (like Facebook Messenger) in order to get more personal advice about what you are selling. They have the opportunity to request information or set up appointments immediately.

Customers no longer need to find the contact information for your company, and then fill out another form to submit their information. With Boei, it’s all done in one place. With a few simple clicks, your visitors can set a time when they want to chat on the platform that is right for them.

3. Reduce the costs of supporting people.

You either are a big business that is trying to find a more efficient way to use human capital or you are a struggling business that is trying to make ends meet. Whatever you are doing, you need to try to reduce the cost of your support.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on different integration campaigns or widgets that take hours to set up, you can find everything you need in one application with Boei. It is also simple to set up, so you can save the amount of human capital required to get things going.

4. So, stand out from your competitors.

It is no secret that it can be difficult to get prospective customers to pay attention to your company. You are like many other companies trying to attract their attention. How can you make your company stand out from the rest?

In this way, one of the ways that you can assist your customers is to provide them with a unique experience. Customers today have been conditioned to expect instant gratification and want it as quickly as possible. By allowing people to chat on their favorite social media, and not just filling out a contact page, you are more likely to capture more of your traffic.

Our FREE Chat Widget works by triggering a call action next to your button to remind your visitors to reach out. It is just enough to grab their attention, without being bombarded by a lot of pop-ups or messaging. There is also the option to customize the app by adding your company colors and messaging to make it your own!

5. Track all your interactions with other people.

Our FREE Chat Widget is a great way to track the interactions you have with your website visitors. You’ll receive weekly reports about the exchanges you’ve made or the number of clicks you’ve received through your button. So why is this important? When you notice that certain days and timeframes are popular, you can adjust your staffing hours and availability in order to meet the customer demand and increase conversions.

6. YES, there is more…

There are various kinds of forms that you can work with to customize how your customers interact with your website. These are the top four.

  • Feedback Form: Ask your guests how they’re feeling about your products or their overall experience on your page, without even leaving the page they’re visiting. It is a quick way to see how your customers feel and what you can do to improve your company. These results will be shared with you on Slack, via webhook, or via email.
  • Contact Form: With a contact form, you can allow customers to send an email or subject field with the questions they have for your business. The text is completely customizable. You can send it to your email, slack channel, or webhook.
  • Newsletter Signup: When customers visit your page, they won’t be harassed by pop-ups that obstruct what they’re reading. If you do that, you’ll receive a gentle reminder to sign up for a newsletter. The newsletter format should be clean and easy to understand. All the results will be sent to your email, slack channel, or webhook.
  • Call Me Back Form: Make it easy for your customers to schedule a call with your team using this form. You are also able to customize the form to ask for whatever important information you need to know before a phone call is made. All the results will be sent to your email, slack channel, or webhook.

Get started with FREE Chat Widget today!

I’m here to help you get started with FREE Chat Widget. With FREE Chat Widget, you’ll be able to guarantee that your website visitors can contact you through their preferred channel and that the conversation continues even after they’ve left your site. When you have an autopilot, getting a lead doesn’t have to be hard.