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My dad always said, the most important things that you should invest in for your car are the tires. I used to walk down to the garage and ask for the cheapest tires, but my dad used to say, the rubber is the only thing between you and the road. He was correct, now I invested in those tires. They will get me safely to my destination.

There is another trap that search marketing and SEOs easily fall into. Many people underestimate the power of copywriting when they live their hectic and hectic lives. It’s like tires and roads, that makes copywriting the only thing that separates our businesses from our customers. If you do not invest in it, you will experience bad things.

To that end, I’ve used SEO Testing to trial different copy types in product page titles, and want to share the results of that test.

I believe this is the true hypothesis.

Customers are more likely to click organic search engine results featuring content that is commercially focused, using language like “free” or “best value”.

Every good test that you perform begins with a hypothesis. I am testing it and learning from it. If there is a result, what I really care about is the data. That is where SEO Testing comes into play.

It is a test.

The test itself consisted of simple steps. In this project, I worked to update the page titles for a range of mobile phone product pages in order that the headlines would appear to our customers. In order to measure the success of the effort, the primary kpi was CTR, which was reported in Google search console.

It is a test. would run across all phones on the Three website for six weeks. The data for controlling the page titles was collected during the six weeks prior to updating the page titles.

As far as I know, I decided to hedge my bets a little by adding some additional test parameters instead of just changing page titles to match the commercial content. What version of the copy we produced for commercial use did connect with our customers best?

The bucket contains the title commercial content. I also added two backup buckets to store functional and emotional copies.

After that I used the new Seo Testing Group Test to test three groups.

  • Titles of pages with commercial content.

  • Page titles are functional.

  • The titles of emotional content pages.

Commercial content is designed to appeal to the financial aspects of a purchasing decision. When you clicked on the links above, you were provided with functional copy that stuck to the facts and it said exactly what you would be finding on the page that you clicked on. Emotional chose to take a softer and flirtier approach.

The following are some of the content we used.

  • This commercial is called Buy Now Your Best Ever iPhone 12 Pro Max. I go to the hospital once every three months.

  • A02s | Samsung Galaxy phones.

  • Iphone eleven Get the Iphone that you have always wanted.

Samsung Google snippet result
The four pillars of the test: Control content, commercial focus, functional focus, and emotional focus.

I still believe Google is still Google.

Just as this test was ending, Google started to use their AI-power to rewrite page titles, steering away from using the provided page titles less and less. Luckily, this test was completed at the same time Google was rolling out this functionality. This test did not experience any issues with that update. I conducted the test in the Irish market, and I found that very few page titles rewrites existed there.

The most important aspect of this test is consumer psychology. Even if Google does not pull in any other page title that I wrote during the rest of my life, the reason why people clicked or didn’t click on content during the test matters. You just have another database example of how your potential customers react to the words that you write on your pages. It is important that you invest in them like you invest in your tires.

So, these are the results.

Do not create a test, and then check it every day. Is it true that you should hit the start button and try hard to forget about it?

I ignored my own advice and checked the information frequently.

The hysteria did hold up during the initial stages. However, after a few more days, a clear trend began to emerge. What did I learn during my university year? It is not necessary to start a test at the same time that all the page titles change. I think Google might take a little longer to digest all the new content.

After several more days, trends suddenly changed. The experiment ended in the sixth week, and the hypothesis failed. That is okay. That would be really exciting, especially because contingency plans have been baked into the test.

So, these are the results. of the test: commercial +1 percent, functional +9 percent, emotional -31 percent.

We find that people respond best to the simple functional copy group, with the result that a 98% increase in ctr for that group. Customers rejected copy that was less direct and more emotional. This is the biggest result of the test. A 31% reduction in the CTR (which I find most interesting).

I would have learned few things with my only 1% increase in ctr if I had just run the commercial group.

An important note to observe. This was done after a CMS migration that resulted in automated page titles being generated and pulled into Google. This was an unfortunate result of an otherwise successful migration and it took a while to resolve. The number of organic visitors to the monitored product pages decreased by 21% during the immediate aftermath of the migration, because the automatically generated page titles appeared to be spammy.

Google SERP snippet for iPhone.

That test wasn’t just a test. It was also a fix.

This meant that the control screen that was fed into Google was generated automatically and uniformly. However, those who were using emotional copy saw a further 31% drop in click through rates. I was shocked when I found out this information. This meant that the automatic page titles that had already been fixed or dropped performed better than the emotional page title content.

What is the key takeaway from this?

I learned a lot from this test, but I prefer to focus on the most transferable elements, rather than the vertically specific.

What matters is the content. Whether on your landing page, the title of your search ad, or your search engine ad, people will read them eventually and their decisions will be decided. We are very focused on sales conversion and forget about micro conversions along the way that turn searchers into customers.

You should test everything. I could have trusted my instincts and given the truth to me. I could have concentrated on the sales presentation and done that. I decided to test several things at once. That was in order to find out how they worked in reality. I didn’t just feel or think.

Take a look at how long the tires are in your tires. It is a friendly reminder that it is worth checking your tires and investing in some good tires.