LinkedIn is a social network designed for professionals. It has a lot of users.

Then I will teach you how to create content on linkedin that is more engaging through likes, shares, and comments.

Do you think that your linkin profile can go viral? Perhaps we can assist you.

Here are 8 tips for how to create content on LinkedIn that will get you more engagement and reach.

1. Know who your audience is.

It is very important that you know who you are writing for, before you start writing anything.

This tactic is very effective when creating great content or doing anything else that is information marketing related.

It is true for Social Media and it is true for Linkin.

You need to understand your target audience to ensure your content receives high engagement and visibility.

2. You should maintain a low-pitched tone of voice.

I know that many people on Linkin who read tons of blog posts about their industry every day. It is easy to get lost in a crowd when you are writing something in a monotonous voice.

You do not want that.

You want to be recognized as an expert. If you do that, someone is someone they can trust and ask for good advice. You should be something that they return to and read more about.

If you are a singer, keep your voice friendly and interesting. Make them like you 😃

3. You can use images in your content.

Linkedin has a large user base and is very visual.

I want to use visuals, so I am going to use charting and infographics.

It is in their best interest to keep the people on their site for as long as possible.

To accomplish that, they have a ton of visual content that is really easy to scroll through and to look at while you are reading.

4. Attempt to keep your blog headline interesting.

When you write a great linking post, make sure that the headline and title are interesting.

Many people like having something they click on, but they do not want something boring or mediocre.

What you write in your headline will attract more people. The headline is more compelling, so they are likely to read the articles you write for them.

You can also use emojis to get even more engagement! 📈

5. Ask questions about the content of your site.

This is good for linking to posts because it forces people to be involved and makes them even more interested in you. They might also share some of the content, which is a way of gaining some social media credibility for their own brand.

That is the perfect recipe for increasing your reach on linkedin and for increasing your engagement with people.

ask questions

6. Make it a long form.

Linkedin has many members. Nevertheless, if you would like your content to gain success, you must provide them with valuable resources.

A very effective way to engage people is to write engaging content that will provide them with tons of information. Not a few sentences or paragraphs, but hundreds of words of valuable content that they cannot find anywhere else.

Make the linkedin post into a Twitter thread.

You are able to repurpose long form content that you are posting to linkedin and automatically schedule that same content to post to your twitter account. That same content should go into a massive twitter thread. Twitter threads are highly engaging on Twitter and our Twitter thread scheduler makes it super simple to do!

7. Optimize your website using seo keywords.

You need to keep your keyword usage low if you want to get a lot of traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

When you use the same keywords for content on websites such as linkedin, it will help people find your content when searching for information similar to yours.

8. The best way to understand what you are doing is by using linkedin’s own analytics.

Finally, you should use linkedins own analytics to see how your posts are performing.

This site contains many useful statistics. On their site, you will find out what works best and what does not.

This is the ideal resource for learning how to create great content for linkedin so that it will receive high engagement and reach.