You’re anticipating an order from Wish and also you have obtained a “Departed From EPC Warehouse” condition upgrade.

What does this upgrade imply specifically? Where is your bundle when you obtain this sharp and also exists anything you require to do?

Let’s have a look …

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Summary: Left From EPC Warehouse

The “Left From EPC Storage facility” monitoring sharp ways that the bundle has actually left the Export Handling Facility in the native land, (Desire ships from China). The bundle has gotten rid of export custom-mades and also will quickly remain in transportation towards the location nation.

Left From EPC Storehouse– Guide

Departed From EPC Warehouse

Essentially, this is a great upgrade to obtain.

It implies that your Desire order has travelled through the pesky procedure of custom-mades clearance in the native land (EPC means Export Handling Facility), and also will quickly remain in transportation towards the location nation.

Keep in mind using words “towards” there.

Sometimes, the bundle may go through an intermediate transit country en route to the location nation, (i.e will not fly straight).

Similar as a traveler trip from China to the west, a plan will frequently quit and also transform airplanes at a specific factor en route to the location.

What Occurs After a “Left From EPC Storehouse” Update?

Airplane being loaded

Once the bundle has actually left the export handling facility it will certainly be handed over to the line haul carrier accountable of delivering the product overseas.

Desire usually utilized air cargo, so this line haul driver will certainly be the airline company in charge of moving the bundle.

If an ultra-budget service provider has actually been utilized, the line haul driver can be a solution gotten in touch with container delivery rather.

In either case, your bundle is basically inside a storage facility while it waits for to be filled on the setting of transportation that will certainly deliver it abroad.

Monitoring Stuck on “Left From EPC Storage facility”

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Let’s admit it, you have actually most likely reached this short article due to the fact that your Desire order monitoring is stuck on this upgrade.

It has actually been numerous days and also it appears as if your bundle isn’t relocating.

Taking the above areas right into account, it is essential that you analyze your assumptions and also make certain they remain in line with the shipment home window mentioned by Desire.

Relying on the delivery that has actually been utilized, Wish shipping times to the U.S.A. array from 5 to 21 days.

Your bundle is close to the start of the delivery trip when it leaves the EPC Storage facility.

departed from EPC warehouse

Basically, I would just advise contacting Wish if the shipment home window is waning, and also you have actually not obtained any type of brand-new updates or indicators of unavoidable shipment.

When you take into consideration that it currently needs to wait on a readily available aircraft, after that be delivered overseas prior to it may obtain an additional check, it is clear that a delay of 7 to 2 week for every one of this to happen is not uncommon.

Make call ahead of time, and also you will merely be informed that the bundle gets on its method which you ought to wait longer.

Desire will certainly not make enquires in your place if there are still several days left up until the approximated shipment days.

Utilizing a Global Tracking App


Although you can track your Desire order within your Desire client account, where no development is being revealed, it can occasionally aid to utilize the monitoring number you have in a global monitoring application.

A cost-free online solution such as 17Track or Parcelsapp will certainly check the data sources of numerous service providers.

If even more info is being revealed in other places, (because of your product having actually been turned over to a brand-new service provider after it left From the EPC Storehouse), these applications will certainly discover it for you.

It does not constantly function, yet it deserves a shot if you are not getting any type of brand-new updates.

Speaking to Wish

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Finally, you might get to a phase where there is no indicator of your bundle, no brand-new updates have actually been caused and also the approximated shipment day has actually passed.

Below you will certainly have no choice but to reach out to Wish.

To this end, Desire client service can be gotten to here.

All orders have a buyer’s guarantee and also you will certainly have the ability to assert your refund or obtain a substitute product ought to the initial never ever show up.

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