One of the essential distinction in between the differential and also transmission is that the differential divides the power to both wheel fifty percent shafts as well as additionally assists to turn both wheels at various rates while the transmission assists to acquire various rate proportions in the automobile.


The differential in vehicles assists to divides the power from the last drive to both wheel’s fifty percent shafts in addition to it enables both the fifty percent shafts to turn at various rates.

As displayed in the below number, while relocating onto the contour roadway, both of the wheels need to cover various ranges. It indicates that the outdoors wheel needs to cover even more range in contrast with the internal wheel. For that reason without a differential, it will certainly end up being challenging to guide the automobile on bent roadways.

differential helps to turn a vehicle

The differential system assists to develop a rate distinction in between both wheels. To ensure that the automobile can conveniently activate the bent roadway.

The listed below number reveals the fundamental building and construction of the differential system. It typically contains a crown wheel, differential sunlight equipments, differential pinions, provider, drive pinion, and so on

Construction of differential unit


The transmission in the automobile assists to acquire various equipment proportions by hand or immediately.

The various equipment proportions can be chosen by hand with the assistance of a bar or they can be chosen immediately.

Transmission of two wheeler
Motorbike Transmission

The engine typically supplies reduced torque at reduced RPM and also greater torque at greater RPM. However the demand of the torque and also rate of the automobile differs based on the driving scenario.

It indicates that the automobile working on the freeway calls for greater rate and also much less torque and also while relocating uphill it calls for much more torque at much less rate.

However the only engine can not satisfy the various torque and also rate needs for the various driving scenarios. The transmission system contains numerous equipments fit together in a certain fashion, which assists to acquire various equipment proportions. It assists to acquire numerous torque and also rate mixes.

Distinction in between differential and also transmission:

Sr. No.DifferentialTransmission
1It assists to turn the wheels (right and also left) at various rates while carrying on a bent or rough roadway. It offers various mixes of rate and also torque at the outcome shaft.
2 It is linked in between the last drive and also wheel fifty percent shafts. It is linked in between the clutch and also propeller shaft (Drive shaft).
3 It supplies a solitary set decrease proportion. It assists to give various rate proportions.
4 It can not quit the more transmission. The transmission supplies neutral equipment which separates the engine from more elements.
5 It does not call for guidebook or automated operating. The equipments require to be changed by hand or immediately.
6 It is not needed in two-wheelers. It is additionally existing in two-wheelers.
7 It has 2 outcome shafts for both side wheel fifty percent shafts. It has a solitary outcome shaft.
8 The automobile might have one differential system (in two-wheel drive) or more differential devices (in 4×4). Usually, the automobile calls for a solitary transmission system.
9 It does not call for an oil pump for lubrication. A few of the transmissions call for an oil pump for lubrication.
10 The input and also outcome shafts are vertical per various other. The input and also outcome shafts are identical.
11 It primarily makes use of spiral bevel equipment or straight bevel equipment or hypoid equipment. It makes use of spur/helical equipments or global equipments.
Differential vs Transmission


  1. Are the differential and also the transmission the very same point?

    No, the transmission and also differential are various devices and also carry out various features while transferring power in a car.

  2. What connects the differential and also the transmission?

    In 2-wheel drive automobiles the differential and also transmission are linked by a prop shaft while in 4-wheel drive, they are gotten in touch with the assistance of a transfer situation and also prop shaft.

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