Streaming has actually taken the globe by tornado, and also with it has actually come a press to leave DVDs behind. With many additional flicks, numerous ask themselves, ‘do pawn stores purchase DVDs?’.

If they purchase them, these stores could be a fast means to make money on your additional discs.

Will a pawn shop take DVDs? Right here’s the response to this concern and also anything else you require to understand on the subject.

Will pawn stores purchase DVDs?


In brief: of course and also no!

Due to the pawn shop business model, some shops will certainly purchase them and also others will not– all of it boils down to consumer need for DVDs.

This resembles any kind of various other collectible; if they have sufficient consumers acquiring DVDs in your location, your pawn shop will be more than willing to buy them from you (and also most likely promote this reality).

Follow these pointers on selling to a pawn shop for the greatest payment.

Strategy for Success

Check pawn store websites prior to you check out to see if they purchase DVDs. If they do not have this info on their websites, or they do not have a site, it’s normally an excellent concept to call prior to you see so you do not squander a journey.

What does it require to market a DVD to a pawnshop?

Before you obtain also much right into seeking out ‘market DVDs near me,’ you’ll require to understand there’s a lot more in this arrangement than trading cash for the DVD and also determining how much they pay.

Because many pawn stores function straight with the authorities, they’ll desire your individual info and also a government-issued image ID they can make a duplicate of.

Beyond collecting your individual info, they’ll additionally intend to guarantee your DVDs remain in functioning order.

Some stores will certainly look for scrapes, however others will certainly get a DVD gamer and also inspect to see to it the discs function. This can spend some time if you bring a big pile to inspect.

Not whatever regarding marketing a DVD to a pawn store misbehaves, though. Whether you’re pawning or selling, there are advantages and disadvantages to unloading your DVDs to a pawn store.


Fad on the Rise

Pawn store proprietors are seeing a 30% boost in fundings and also individuals marketing to them in the last 6 months. Pawn stores will be extra familiar with the price of items and also may be pickier regarding what they approve.

Just how much can you pawn DVDs for?

The ordinary pawn store will certainly market DVDs in between $2 to $20, with a typical price of $5. You might assume that appears great: however they pay much much less than this when they purchase them from individuals.

When asked on Reddit, numerous pawn store proprietors claimed they purchase DVDs for approximately fifty cents or a buck if it’s blue-ray. They might pay even more if you have box collections, collection agency versions, or uncommon older DVDs.

Any type of issue, also on the situation as opposed to the disc itself, can decrease the worth.

If you seem like you’re obtaining scammed or using insufficient, you can entrust to your discs at any moment as long as you have not authorized anything: however numerous pawn stores adhere to the exact same rates.

If you are seeking to make even more cash at pawn stores, these items can be pawned for $500 or even more.

Strategy for Success

Before you take it, please learn more about the worth of anything you’re taking into consideration marketing to a pawn store. Although you can anticipate to get no greater than 70% of its worth, some stores might attempt to go down the cost also lower, so you ought to know your product’s worth prior to bringing it in.

What DVDs Deserve the Most

Although most DVDs aren’t worth much: numerous can be worth a great deal! If you have a huge collection of flicks, maybe an excellent concept to quit and also undergo them to see what you contend hand.

Examine to see if any one of these remain in your collection!

Most Prized Possession DVDs:

  • WDT: The Sequential DonaldThis lately offered on for $210.
  • The Headache Prior to Xmas Enthusiast’s Edition— This lately offered on for $180.
  • The Twelve O’clock At Night Hr (Support Bay) — This lately offered on for $150.
  • Horror (Vinegar Disorder) — This lately offered on for $140.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (1999 )— This lately offered on for $132.

When experiencing your DVD collections, put in the time to seek out the existing asking price for every one of them, and also maintain track, so you understand their worth.

Recognizing the well worth of what you have is essential to making a reasonable sale.

Fad on the Rise

DVDs like Disney’s The Jungle Book sell for 700 times their original price. Be familiar with what’s collectible, and also you’ll make even more cash.

Where can I market DVDs rather?

If these pawn store rates frighten you off, you’re not the only one! Lots of people will certainly take these low cost directly or snap regarding just how they at first paid $20 for the DVD much less than 2 or 3 years ago.

You do not need to approve fifty cents for a DVD: these are a few other alternatives.


Various other Places to Offer DVDs:

  • Marketing on eBayThe leading location to market utilized and also brand-new DVDs for an earnings.
  • Marketing on Decluttr— Although this has a smaller sized client base, DVDs normally cost even more.
  • Marketing on Etsy— If you have collectible or old-fashioned motion picture DVDs, you’ll have the ability to market them on Etsy.
  • Marketing on Amazon— If you have a huge directory or run a service, might be your ideal option.

If you’re attempting to make additional money, these websites normally permit you to obtain approximately $5 to $10, however they use up to a week to market as opposed to just how instantaneously you can market to a pawn store.

Wrapping Up

Although lots of people stream to see flicks: DVDs aren’t totally ineffective! Examine if you have any kind of worth cash, and also take into consideration marketing them quickly.

Erin is a service instructor and also mom of 3. When she’s not in the class or meeting her commitments as an A+ hockey and also lacrosse mommy, she’s servicing her most recent short article.

Erin is a service instructor and also mom of 3. When she’s not in the class or meeting her commitments as an A+ hockey and also lacrosse mommy, she’s servicing her most recent short article.

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