The eSIM is a brand-new sort of SIM modern technology that removes the requirement for a physical SIM card. It’s ingrained in your gadget’s motherboard enabling you to link to the network of any type of service provider that offers eSIM solutions.

Does the preferred Chinese producer Xiaomi assistance eSIM in its mobile phones as well as smartwatches? Exactly how do you inspect if your Xiaomi phone sustains eSIM as well as exactly how to trigger it if sustained? Can you include eSIM assistance to those versions that do not sustain eSIM?

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Does Xiaomi assistance eSIM?

The Redmi Keep in mind 10T Japan design as well as the upcoming Xiaomi 12T Pro as well as Xiaomi 12 Lite NE mobile phones sustain eSIM. Amongst Xiaomi’s smartwatches, the Xiaomi Mi Watch (China design) sustains eSIM.

Xiaomi rankings 3rd in the leading 5 very successful mobile phone brand names as well as 4th in the leading 5 very successful smartwatch brand names on the planet. Nevertheless, just a handful of its gadgets, like mobile phones as well as smartwatches, assistance eSIM.

Xiaomi’s initial mobile phone with eSIM is the Redmi Note 10T design for the Japanese market that was presented previously 2022. 2 brand-new gadgets with eSIM, the Xiaomi 12 Lite NE as well as the Xiaomi 12T Pro, are anticipated later on this year.

Besides those 3 versions, various other Xiaomi mobile phones do not sustain eSIM.

What is eSIM?

eSIM (Installed Customer Identification Component or Installed SIM) is a chip that is developed right into a tool’s motherboard. Unlike a physical SIM card, it can not be gotten rid of or placed.

An eSIM is smaller sized than a nano-SIM card as well as does not need a port or tray. To utilize an eSIM, the phone requires to be suitable as well as the service provider needs to sustain it.

As the info on an eSIM is rewritable, you can alter providers or numbers conveniently without the requirement to eliminate it.

On a dual-SIM gadget, an eSIM can be made use of alone, in parallel with an additional eSIM, or along with a physical SIM card.

Pros of an eSIM

  • An eSIM enables you to utilize 2 numbers on one gadget. You can trade phone calls, text as well as utilize mobile information making use of both numbers.
  • An eSIM enables you to alter providers’ networks conveniently without requiring a physical SIM card.
  • An eSIM can not be bought from a shop, obtain shed, or harmed.
  • An eSIM has a smaller sized surface (0.05 square inches) as contrasted to a nano SIM (0.17 square inches). It inhabits much less area inside a tool enabling suppliers to include even more functions rather.

Disadvantages of an eSIM

  • Unlike a physical SIM card, an eSIM makes it challenging as well as time consuming to change gadgets; you require to gain access to as well as download your eSIM account from the cloud to move your account to the brand-new gadget
  • An eSIM is non-removable, which enables providers to conveniently as well as consistently map their customers.
  • eSIMs are not totally risk-free from being hacked. Cyberpunks have the abilities to conveniently burglarize the at risk systems of providers, as well as gain access to customer information, including their eSIMs.
  • eSIM isn’t sustained by all gadgets. Just more recent gadgets from Samsung, Google, Apple, as well as Motorola sustain eSIM.
  • eSIM isn’t sustained by all providers.

Exactly how to understand if my Xiaomi phone sustains eSIM?

How to know if my Xiaomi phone supports eSIM?

To understand if your Xioami phone sustains eSIM, utilize among the approaches listed below:

Method # 1– Dial * # 06 # on the phone dialer

If your Xiaomi phone is eSIM suitable, the EID (Installed Identification File), a 32-digit special identification number, will certainly be shown along with the gadget’s IMEI number on the gadget’s display:

  1. Open up the dialer (Phone application)
  2. Dial * # 06 #
  3. If your Xiaomi phone is eSIM suitable, you’ll see both the IMEI number as well as the EID number presented on the display. Or else, you’ll just see the gadget’s IMEI number.

Technique # 2– Make use of the Setups app

  1. Open the Setups app
  2. Enter “IMEI” in the search bar
  3. Tap on the initial outcome that takes you to the gadget’s IMEI condition page
  4. Alternatively, most likely to “Concerning Phone” > > “All Specifications” > > “Standing” on your Xiaomi phone
  5. If the “IMEI (eSIM)” or comparable is shown, your phone is eSIM suitable

Note that if your phone sustains both a physical SIM card as well as eSIM, there’s an IMEI number related to each. “IMEI (eSIM)” stands for the eSIM’s IMEI number.

As pointed out previously, an eSIM has both an IMEI as well as an EID number, whereas a physical SIM card has an IMEI number just.

Exactly how do I turn on eSIM on my Xiaomi phone?

The activation procedure of an eSIM on your Xiaomi phone varies relying on the service provider.

Many providers ask you to check a QR code discovered in the eSIM coupon accumulated from the service provider’s shop or using e-mail, as well as mount your eSIM account to turn on the eSIM.

The eSIM account is software program made use of to sign up as well as access the service provider’s network. Right here’s exactly how to turn on an eSIM:

  1. See to it you have the QR code from the service provider’s coupon all set.
  2. Attach your eSIM-supported Xiaomi gadget to a WiFi network
  3. Navigate to “Setups” > > “SIM Cards As Well As Mobile Networks” > > “eSIM” > > “Include A Provider”
  4. Tap “Do You Intend to Download And Install A SIM Rather” (or comparable alternative) > > Next
  5. Scan the QR code making use of the electronic camera on your phone
  6. Follow the guidelines as your Xiaomi gadget will certainly download and install the eSIM account. Throughout this procedure, you might be asked to go into the 4-digit safety PIN or verification code that you got using SMS or when you registered with your carrier
  7. Wait as the eSIM account download is total. Do not detach your phone from the Wi-fi network throughout this process
  8. Your eSIM is currently active

For various other providers, the technique to turn on eSIM includes setting up the eSIM account instantly from the service provider’s application.

Does Redmi Keep in mind 11 Pro assistance eSIM?

None of the Xiaomi Redmi Keep in mind 11 Pro variations, consisting of Note 11 Pro 4G, Redmi Keep In Mind 11 Pro 5G, as well as Redmi Keep In Mind 11 Pro for China, assistance eSIM.

These Redmi Note 11 Pro variations either assistance Crossbreed Double SIM or Double SIM (both of which are twin Standby as well as nano SIM).

A Crossbreed SIM Card port can approve either 2 physical SIM cards or a SIM card as well as an SD card all at once.

Does Redmi Keep In Mind 10 Pro have Double SIM?

All variations of Redmi Keep in mind 10 Pro e.g. Redmi Note 10 Pro Worldwide, Redmi Keep In Mind 10 Pro Max, as well as Xiaomi Redmi Keep In Mind 10 Pro (China as well as India) assistance Double physical SIM (Double Standby as well as nano SIM).

They do not sustain eSIM, nevertheless.

Does MI 11 have eSIM?

The mobile phones in the Xiaomi Mi 11 collection (e.g. Mi 11 Ultra as well as Mi 11 Pro) do not sustain eSIM. Nevertheless, they do sustain Double SIM or Crossbreed Double SIM (Double Standby as well as nano SIM).

Does Xiaomi Smartwatch assistance eSIM?

Most Xiaomi smartwatches e.g. Xiaomi Enjoy S1 Energetic as well as Xiaomi Watch Shade 2 do not sustain eSIM. The only exemption is the Xiaomi Mi Watch (China design).

Some upcoming Xiaomi smartwatches like the Xiaomi Watch Shade 3 will not be sustaining eSIM performance either.

Can you include eSIM assistance on an older Xiaomi?

If you have an older Xiaomi mobile phone that does not sustain eSIM, it’s feasible to include eSIM assistance using the product., which can make your Xiaomi or any type of various other Android mobile phone eSIM suitable. makes use of a card that looks like a physical SIM card. It enters into the SIM card port on your phone. Nevertheless, it has the brand-new eSIM modern technology that makes your phone eSIM suitable with some functions that a typical SIM card can not do.

The item has actually the needed software and hardware with the ability of running its very own eSIM as well as satisfy the eSIM needs. It additionally offers the features as well as the capacity to save various network accounts with software program.

How does the item job?

To include eSIM assistance to your Xiaomi phone using, comply with these actions:

  1. Change your present SIM card with the card you have bought
  2. Install the complimentary app from the Google Play Shop on your device
  3. Contact your service provider to ask for a QR code to download their eSIM profile
  4. Once you have the QR code, open up the application, faucet “Include” > > choose your recommended technique to download and install as well as mount the eSIM account.

The business declares collaborate with any type of Android phone, in any type of nation, as well as with any type of service provider that offers eSIM assistance.

Users have actually blended evaluations on the Play Shop– with more than happy with it while others have actually experienced mistakes.

Compatibility as well as pricing

Before acquiring the item, see to it your gadget works by downloading and install as well as examining the app on the Play Shop.

Most likely to’s official website to find out more concerning the item as well as buy the card for your Xiaomi mobile phone.

Pricing depends upon the variety of eSIM accounts (e.g. 5, 10, as well as 15) that can be saved on the card as well as whether you intend to handle them on a solitary gadget or on several ones, no matter the brand name.

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