You’re anticipating a distribution from DPD and also have gotten a “Parcel Postponed Because Of Unforeseen Issue” monitoring upgrade.

What does this mean precisely? When will your bundle show up and also exists anything you require to do?

Let’s have a look …

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Summary: DPD Parcel Postponed Because Of Unforeseen Issue

The DPD “Parcel Postponed Because Of Unforeseen Problem” alert is a catch-all description that is made use of when a hold-up has actually accompanied a delivery. High bundle quantities, technological problems, poor weather condition, personnel scarcities– if it has created an issue in the shipment network in regards to the arrival time of your bundle, DPD will send this upgrade.

DPD Parcel Postponed Because Of Unforeseen Problem– Guide

DPD Parcel Delayed Due to Unexpected Issue

Essentially, when you see this upgrade DPD is informing you that your bundle will perhaps be postponed.

Often you may likewise obtain additional info to state that the bundle has been rerouted, or is currently offered at one more depot.

All-time low line is, something has occurred that has created your bundle to possibly be behind the shipment home window specified when the order was made.

What Are the Unforeseen Concerns?

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As specified in the recap over; if it can trigger an issue in the DPD shipment network, it can be classified as an “Unforeseen Problem” that has actually created your shipment to be late.

In the U.K. over Xmas 2022 and also the start of 2023, Royal Mail strikes positioned an actual concern on the nationwide shipment network that affected all service provider firms.

Consumers were utilizing alternative techniques to send their plans (instead of Parcel Pressure).

DPD was not the only one in experiencing a substantial uptick in bundle shipment quantities and also the web outcome was shipment hold-ups.

Many individuals were sent out the “DPD Parcel Postponed Because Of Unforeseen Problem” alert throughout the Royal Mail strike days.


More basic problems such as technological troubles in a particular center (implying a stockpile as parcels can not be properly arranged) can trigger hold-ups that will likewise cause the upgrade.

Team scarcities (Covid or Flue period), poor winter months weather condition protecting against accessibility to specific locations, also web traffic creating the DPD vehicle driver to fall short in making the complete shipment on a solitary day … every one of these hold-ups are factors you could be obtaining the “DPD Parcel Postponed Because Of Unforeseen Problem” upgrade.

What to do After Getting This DPD Alert?

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The major position to take after obtaining this alert is to be patient.

You have not gotten this upgrade since there is an issue with your details bundle (or the components).

You have actually gotten it due to a hold-up.

Significantly, DPD finds out about the hold-up and also will certainly (ought to) do all it can to alleviate it.

In an effort to figure out even more concerning the hold-up, you can head to this page (for UK clients).

This will certainly reveal you the solution disturbances being experienced in the DPD network.

If your postal code appears, you recognize why your bundle is postponed.

Nevertheless, this will certainly not constantly offer even more info.

dpd tracking page

Watching on your DPD tracking page is likewise an excellent suggestion as a brand-new shipment time will certainly be sent out to you eventually.

Just if greater than a number of company days pass without additional notification of the brand-new shipment day, would certainly I suggest that you contact DPD.

You can do this using the live chat feature.

As I state, as aggravating as it is, DPD finds out about the problem, and also with any type of good luck, your bundle will certainly be supplied with just very little hold-up.

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