Even if bigger spenders are making the most noticeable impact, you can still get good results with Facebook ads on a budget. But, how does that happen?

You may have small budgets, but never do the same types of activities as advertisers with big budgets. It will not work.

We should talk about what you should do with a small budget. To be clear, I am talking about budgets that are under $50 a day, which is $1,500 and under per month.

Let us go.

1. Focus on the lowhanging fruits.

It is one of the most difficult challenges for low budget businesses to generate sales. Big budgets can push a lot of dollars through the system to optimize it for cold audiences in order to make sales, but small budgets are much more realistic.

Why? To exit the learning phase and get optimal results, you should get between 25-50 conversions each week. If you’re selling a $100 product, you might be able to accomplish that, but only if all of your budget is on a single campaign.

It seems as if people who are very likely to purchase something are buying things from those low hanging fruits. For example…

People who have previously bought things from you. This is especially the case if your product is something that may be bought on a schedule (it lasts 90 days before a refill is needed).

Isolate those people. You likely send reminder emails to this group. Be sure to follow them with advertisements.

People abandon their online shopping carts. Go after those people who were thinking about buying something, but did not do it. You will all know what happened to those who abandoned their shopping carts or those who simply visited a product page and did not purchase anything.

If you are able to do that, give them a discount or some other benefit to motivate them to finish the process.

You have a very small budget, but that is fine in this case. The most important will be small groups of repeat buyers and abandoned carts. Use Reach optimization to reach these people (or Landing Page Views or a conversions event further up the funnel if you get more volume).

Some groups can be considered low hanging fruit because they offer the most value for your buck.

2. Building your email list is a breeze.

Email remains very important in driving traffic and making purchases. The cost to acquire a buy in will be much lower than the cost to purchase a property. You have time to convince them they have to buy something.

Your funnel can be built using advertising to build your email list.

Offer something of value that inspires your potential customer to hand over their email address — because an email address (and their inbox) has value. What you offer will depend on the industry in which you are.

This is a very important message from Jon.

3. Set up lists for people to remarketing.

What you choose to do now, depends on your company’s creativity. What kind of content are you doing most well?

If you have strong writers who are creative and can answer the questions of customers, write articles. Then you should drive traffic to those articles through ads.

If you have an employee who is a videographer, hire someone to make entertaining and helpful videos for you. Advertisement is one way to engage with your brand and make them aware of it.

Whatever you create, make it with the intention of giving it some value. The higher the value, the easier it will be and less expensive to take people to these things.

It’s possible that the meaning of this content is not immediately apparent. When done correctly, people who consume your content are signaling that they are interested in your product, service, or industry. You can use this to target something later.

Through the traffic that you generate, you will be able to develop quality custom audiences for your websites. You should use the video engagement that you generate in order to increase your audience with video engagement and page engagement.

How do you divide your budget?

If you need to increase the activity in these three areas, there are three areas that you can promote inexpensively. In general, you should prioritize those fruits that have the lowest hanging fruit. The amount of money you spend will depend on the size of the audience that you are targeting. If your plots aren’t huge enough, then you can build them using the two other approaches.

If you do not have adequate budget, prioritize these tasks in this order. You absolutely can make a difference.