Undoubtedly Fitbit is a remarkable rest tracker that offers detailed information on your rest. Most individuals utilize Fitbit to enhance their rest behaviors.

But often Fitbit quits tracking rest, which is painful for individuals severe regarding their rest regular.

There are numerous reasons that the Fitbit rest monitoring function quit working. However the majority of the moment, this typically takes place when water permeates the Fitbit’s optical or movement sensing unit.

In today’s overview, we will certainly share some fast services that will definitely take care of the Fitbit sleep tracking problems.

Why Fitbit Quit Monitoring Sleep

fitbit sleep tracking is stoped
Credit: Fitbit

If your Fitbit just reveals you the rest phases information however does not inform the period, conscious time, or resting heart price, your Fitbit costs membership has actually finished.

But if Fitbit does not also track the rest phases as well as rest top quality, after that it implies there is an issue with the optical heart price sensing unit.

The optical heart price sensing unit as well as activity sensing unit (accelerometer) at the same time gauge customers’ rest. Any type of mistake in this sensing unit will certainly make Fitbit quit tracking rest.

But you do not require to stress! Below are several of the repairs to leave this issue.

  • Examine The Heart Price Sensor
  • Dry Wetness From Your Fitbit
  • Reactivate The Fitbit
  • Reconnect Your Fitbit With Fitbit App
  • Update The Fitbit OS
  • Do Not Put On Fitbit To Loose
  • Reset Fitbit To Its Manufacturing Facility Settings

1- Make Certain That Heart Price Sensing Unit Is Operating Fine

As I discussed earlier optical heart rate sensor in Fitbit is the main aspect that tracks rest phases.

So if it functions great, whatever is great. That’s why you need to initially guarantee that the optical heart price sensing unit is functioning penalty.

You can perform a heart price examination to examine whether the Fitbit is tracking exact analyses. In instance you locate any kind of mistake in the heart price sensing unit, you require to reset it.

  • Open Fitbit’s Establishing app
  • Scroll to Heart Price
  • Faucet on Turn off, as well as await 30 secs.
  • Currently reboot your Fitbit, as well as once more switch on the Heart price.

Currently once more, examine whether the heart price sensing unit is functioning penalty or otherwise.

2- Dry Wetness From Your Fitbit

The heart price sensing unit likewise triggers malfunctioning if water permeates it.

Stop! And also believe for a minute: did you bring your Fitbit for swimming? Or Did you take a shower with your Fitbit? Possibly hair shampoo, conditioner or such chemicals become part of the Fitbit.

If such chemical or water permeates your Fitbit, you need to initially dry it out.

Area your Fitbit under sunshine for thirty minutes, and after that get the hair clothes dryer to clean more dampness.

3- Reactivate The Fitbit

If the optical heart price sensing unit is functioning penalty, however sill your Fitbit is not tracking rest, it implies there are some software program problems.

The faulty cache often triggers these problems as well as stops Fitbit from tracking your rest information.

In such a circumstance, you ought to reboot your Fitbit. This will certainly resolve all the software-related problems, syncing, as well as monitoring troubles.

The reboot procedure is various for each and every Fitbit design. You can float over this guide to see just how to reset your Fitbit tracker.

4- Reconnect Your Fitbit With Fitbit App

Sometimes syncing problems quit Fitbit from tracking rest. This may be as a result of the long term range in between your Fitbit as well as phone or the Fitbit application.

So initially, you require to unpair your Fitbit.

  • Grab your phone as well as open up the Fitbit application.
  • Now faucet on your account image from the leading left edge.
  • Tap on your Fitbit tracker that you intend to unpair.
  • From the leading right edge, faucet on the garbage symbol.

Now your Fitbit is separated from your phone. As soon as the watch is unpair, you require to reboot your watch prior to attaching it once more.

Below are the actions to couple Fitbit with your phone. 

  • Open the Fitbit application on your phone.
  • Tap on the account from the leading left edge.
  • Tap on Arrangement tool, as well as pick your Fitbit from the listing.
  • Now it will certainly ask you for authorization to sync information; faucet on Enable.
  • Next, the application will certainly ask you to go into the code on your Fitbit display.

Hopefully, this time around the Fitbit will flawlessly track your rest information.

5- Update The Fitbit OS

The dated Fitbit OS can create syncing or connection troubles which quits Fitbit from tracking rest.

Fitbit often introduces brand-new updates to remove insects as well as offer a smooth experience to customers. Not just that, however the brand-new Fitbit OS likewise brings brand-new attributes to encourage you.

By default, Fitbit OS immediately upgrade if your Fitbit is attached to the net. However you can likewise by hand upgrade the Fitbit firmware.

You can upgrade the Fitbit OS with the Fitbit application or tracker.

Here is a fast method to upgrade Fitbit firmware with the Fitbit application;

  • Open the Fitbit application on your smart device.
  • Tap on your account image.
  • Next, faucet on the Fitbit design you’re utilizing.
  • You will certainly see the pink “Update” switch if any kind of upgrade is readily available. Faucet on it to upgrade the OS.

6- Do Not Put On Fitbit To Loose

fitbit sleep tracking not working

Fitbit’s heart price sensing unit just functions ideal when it touches with your skin. Or else, it will not obtain the signals from your arteries as well as thus can not log the rest information.

So whether you have Fitbit Feeling, Versa, Fee, or Inspire, it’s compulsory to do not use it also loosened on your wrist.

Secondly, see to it there is 2 fingers distinction in between your Fitbit and wrist bone. Prior to bed, shed your Fitbit so it can relocate quickly on your wrist as well as not obstruct blood flow.

To obtain the very best outcomes, it’s advised to put on Fitbit on your non-dominant hand since the activity of this hand is somewhat greater than leading hand.

That’s why the accelerometer discovers your activity much better throughout the evening as well as offers much more accurate rest information.

Similarly, using Fitbit on your ankle or arm is not an excellent suggestion. Fitbit is just created your wrist as well as offers exact analyses on it.

7- Reset Fitbit To Its Manufacturing Facility Settings

If you are obtaining connected as well as none of the above techniques benefits you, after that it’s time to reset your Fitbit to its manufacturing facility setup.

The manufacturing facility reset will certainly clean up all the information from your Fitbit application. However definitely, this will certainly resolve all the software-related problems as well as problems.

Here are actions to relax the Fitbit;

  • Open the Establishing application on your Fitbit
  • Go to Gadget Info
  • Tap on Clear individual information.

Wrap Up

Sleep monitoring is an essential function in your Fitbit that aids you to enhance your rest behaviors as well as construct technique.

It’s really irritating when Fitbit quits tracking rest; during that time, it appears your Fitbit is pointless. However do not stress; you can quickly take care of the problem utilizing the above discussed techniques.


Is Fitbit rest monitoring exact?

Yes, Fitbits properly gauge your going to bed as well as conscious time. However the rest phases information is in some way exact. However contrasted to rivals like Garmin, Apple Watch as well as Samsung, Fitbit has dependable rest monitoring.

How Fitbit tracks rest information?

Fitbit tracks rest information utilizing the accelerometer sensing unit as well as optical heart price sensing unit.

With the aid of an accelerometer, Fitbit hunches your going to bed, conscious time as well as overall bedtime. Where optical heart price sensing unit informs the heart price patterns throughout rest, as well as Fitbit utilizes this information to gauge rest phases.

Why is my Fitbit not tracking my rest appropriately?

There are numerous reasons that Fitbit do not track rest appropriately. However the majority of the moment, the primary factor is an inaccurate location of Fitbit.

Wear Fitbit on your non-dominant hand, as well as do not use it also loosened or limited.

Similarly, if your Fitbit is damp or has dampness, you will certainly obtain imprecise rest data

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