Georgio’s is a preferred American dining establishment developed in San Jose, The Golden State, USA. The dining establishment concentrates on using premium pizza and also various other dining establishments. Likewise, Georgio’s food selection and also costs are relatively valued and also appropriate for all.

Georgio’s food selection consists of pizza, pasta, hamburger, sandwiches, soup, beverages, sides, and also treats. It is a family-owned dining establishment that uses savory dining establishments all under a practical Georgio’s food selection rate. Georgio’s fresh stove pizza food selection brings in a great deal of consumers to the dining establishment day-to-day.

Georgio’s pizza and also pasta are extensively popular among regulars. This post is everything about the genuine Georgio’s food selection and also costs. So without losing much time, allow’s have a look at the food selection costs very first.

Georgio’s Food selection And also Prices

Georgios Menu And Prices
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Salads Food selection Prices

Garden Salad$ 5.50
Caesar Salad$ 6.50
Greek Salad$ 7.00
Antipasto Salad$ 7.50
Cook Salad$ 9.00
Caesar w/Grilled Chicken$ 10.00
Grilled Hen Salad$ 9.00
Buffalo Hen Salad$ 9.75
Grilled Shirmp Salad$ 10.00
Teriyaki Steak Salad$ 10.50
Turkey Salad$ 7.50
Tuna Salad Mix$ 7.50
Hen Salad Mix$ 7.50
Fish And Shellfish Salad Mix$ 8.00
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Soup Food Selection Prices

Italian Wedding$ 3.95
Hen Vegetable$ 3.95
Beef Barley$ 3.95
Tomato Florentine$ 3.45
Lotion of Mushroom$ 3.95
Fire Baked Vegetable$ 3.45
Clam Chowder$ 4.95
Lotion of Broccoli$ 3.75

Pasta Food Selection Prices

Marinara Sauce$ 6.25
Alfredo Sauce$ 8.25
Broccoli & & Garlic$ 8.50
Linguica$ 8.50
Eggplant$ 8.50
Meatballs$ 8.50
Sausage$ 8.50
Veal Cutlet$ 9.00
Meatballs & & Sausage$ 9.00
Hen Cutlet$ 9.00
Grilled Hen Breast$ 9.00
Hen, Broccoli & & Alfredo$ 12.00
Barbecued Shrimp$ 12.00
Grilled Shrimp & & Alfredo$ 14.00
Cheese Manicotti$ 7.50
Cheese Ravioli$ 7.50
Packed Shells$ 7.50
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Pizza– Exquisite Design Food Selection Prices

Bruschetta$ 8.50– $18.00
Hen Alfredo$ 10.50– $21.00
Hen Parm$ 10.50– $21.00
White$ 8.50– $18.00
Hawaiian$ 7.50– $15.50
Greek$ 10.50– $21.50
Italian$ 10.50– $21.50
Southern$ 10.50– $21.50
Mexican$ 10.50– $21.50
Vegetarian$ 10.50– $21.50
Residence Special$ 10.50– $21.50

Produce Your Own Pizza Food Selection Prices

Plain with Cheese$ 5.50– $12.00
1 Topping$ 6.50– $15.25
2 Toppings$ 7.50– $18.50
3 Toppings$ 8.50– $21.75
4 or Even more Toppings$ 10.50– $26.00
Vegan Heaven$ 7.80
Zesty Linguica$ 8.60
Grilled Hen Delight$ 8.60
Italian$ 8.60
Steak Bomb$ 8.90
Marinated Grilled Chicken$ 8.90
Hen Cutlet$ 8.90
Residence Special$ 8.60
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Calzone– Produce your Own Food Selection Prices

Plain with Cheese$ 5.50
1 Topping$ 6.25
2 Topping$ 7.50
3 Topping$ 8.75

Fish And Shellfish Food Selection Prices

Baked Haddock$ 10.95
Fish & & Chips$ 10.95
Cooked Scallops$ 13.95
Fried Scallops$ 13.95
Cooked Shrimp$ 12.95
Fried Shrimp$ 12.95
Fish And Shellfish Combination Platter$ 17.95
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Meat Plates Menu Prices

Cheeseburger Platter$ 8.95
Gyro Sandwich$ 5.45
Gyro Platter$ 8.95
Marinated Steak Tips$ 12.45
Teriyaki Steak Tips$ 12.45
Barbeque Steak Tips$ 12.45
Roasted Pork Strips
BBQ Boneless Ribs
Grilled Hamburger

Poultry Plates Food Selection Prices

3 Item Hen Dinner$ 8.95
Boneless Hen Tenders$ 8.95
Hen Wings$ 8.95
Boneless Buffalo Tenders$ 9.50
Buffalo Wings$ 9.50
Marinated Hen Breast$ 10.95
Teriyaki Hen Breast$ 11.95
Barbeque Hen Breast$ 11.95
Buffalo Hen Breast$ 11.95
Toasted Chicken
Roasted Turkey
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Omelete Subs Food Selection Prices

Pepper, Egg & & Cheese $5.20–$ 6.70
Pork, Egg & & Cheese $5.50–$ 6.90
Limguica, Egg & & Cheese $5.50–$ 6.90
Sausage &, Egg & Cheese $5.50–$ 6.90
Vegetarian$ 6.00– $7.90
Meat Lovers$ 6.50– $8.30

Omelete Subs– Produce your Own Food Selection Prices

Cheese Omelet$ 5.35– $6.95

Grinders Food Selection Prices

Meatless$ 4.75– $6.00
American Salami$ 5.60– $7.00
Genoa Salami$ 5.60– $7.00
Ham$ 5.60– $7.00
Hamburger$ 5.60– $7.00
Italian$ 5.60– $7.00
B.L.T$ 5.85– $7.50
Cheeseburger$ 5.85– $7.50
Hen Cutlet$ 6.00– $8.00
Hen Salad$ 5.60– $7.00
Pastrami$ 5.85– $7.50
Roast Beef$ 6.00– $8.00
Tuna$ 5.60– $7.00
Turkey$ 5.60– $7.00
Fish and shellfish Salad$ 6.00– $8.00
New England Special$ 6.50– $8.50
Meatball$ 5.60– $7.00
Sausage$ 5.60– $7.00
Eggplant$ 5.70– $7.20
Linguica$ 5.70– $7.20
Meatball & & Sausage $5.80–$ 7.40
Veal Cutlet$ 6.00– $8.00
Hen Cutlet$ 6.00– $8.00
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Shaved Steak Subs Food Selection Prices

Steak & & Cheese$ 5.50– $7.50
Steak & & Mushrooms$ 6.00–$ 7.90
Steak & & Onion$ 6.00– $7.90
Steak & & Peppers $6.00–$ 7.90
& Steak & Bomb$ 6.30– $8.20

Parmesan Design Subs Food Selection Prices

Chicken Cutlet$ 6.30– $8.20
Eggplant$ 6.30– $8.20
Linguica$ 6.00– $8.00
Grilled Hen Breast$ 6.30– $8.20
Meatball$ 6.00– $8.00
Sausage$ 6.00– $8.00
Meatball & & Sausage$ 6.30– $8.20
Pepperoni$ 6.00– $8.00
Veal Cutlet$ 6.30– $8.20
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Grilled Hen Food Selection Prices

Marinated Grilled Chicken$ 6.00– $7.90
BARBEQUE Chicken$ 6.00– $7.90
Buffalo Chicken$ 6.00– $7.90
Teriyaki Chicken$ 6.00– $7.90
Stir Fry Chicken$ 6.00– $7.90

Club Sandwiches Food Selection Prices

Ham Club$ 8.25
Hen Salad Club$ 8.95
Roast Beef Club$ 8.95
Tuna Club$ 8.95
Turkey Club$ 8.95
Pasta with Meatball Sausage or Grilled Chicken$ 4.67
Turkey, Pork or Roast Beef Sandwich$ 4.67
Cut of Pizza$ 4.67
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$ 4.67
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Sides Food Selection Prices

French Fries$ 3.50
Onion Rings$ 3.50
Garlic Bread$ 2.95
Flavored Curly Fries$ 3.75
Spinach Pie$ 3.75
Fried Zucchini$ 4.95
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$ 6.95
Gyro on Pita$ 5.45
Broccoli Cheees Balls$ 6.95
Hen Wings$ 7.25
Hen Tenders$ 7.25
Jalapeno Peppers$ 6.95
Buffalo Wings$ 7.75
Boneless Buffalo Tenders$ 7.75
Hen Teriyaki$ 7.95
Steak Teriyaki$ 9.25

Gelato Food Selection Prices

Assorted Ice Cream$ 1.09– $2.79
Pints$ 3.69
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Refreshments Food selection Prices

20 oz. Soft drink Bottles N/A
2 Lit. Soft drink Bottles N/A
Aquafina Water N/A
Iced Tea N/A
Gatorade N/A
Ocean Spray Juices N/A
Sobe Life Water N/A
Tropicana Juices N/A

History of Georgio’s

Georgio's History everymenuprices
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Georgio’s is a popular prize-winning dining establishment offering in some minimal places. Georgio’s dining establishment food selection is a joy for every person beginning with young to old. They have salads, belows, sandwiches, hamburgers, soups, pasta, pizza, calzone, fish and shellfish, and also lots of various other foodstuffs on their food selection.

The very first Georgios turned up in 1947 in San Jose, The Golden State. The creator Frank and also Tina A’ Ambrosio began the dining establishment together with their ‘Paisans’ Mario and also Enza Volpe as ‘Georgio’s Pizza Residence’ calling it after among their old close friend. The initial Georgio’s area remained in the Foxworthy shopping mall in San Jose.

Business was only run by the household’s relatives Sash and also Lou for 8 continual years prior to Frank and also Tina’s 4 children bought the dining establishment. The tradition of this family-owned service is still decorating the wall surface of the fantastic Georgio’s dining establishment in San Jose.

As a component of the growth, Georgio took place to the community of Milpitas Community Facility in 1992 and also around thirty years later on in 2022 to Morgan Hillside. Georgio’s dining establishment is really popular among regulars for the Italian special they accommodate. Presently, the dining establishment is still among the 4 siblings as they wish to maintain it in the household.

Georgio’s pizza food selection costs are rather appealing as they have gourmet-style pizza on their food selection. Be it Georgio’s food selection specials or Georgio’s pizza and also pasta, every little thing at Georgio’s is fairly valued.

Evaluation of Georgio’s

Georgio's Menu With Pictures everymenuprices
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Georgio’s hrs of procedure differ from area to area, nevertheless, at many of Georgio’s places the dining establishment opens up at 11:30 am and also shuts at around 10 pm. Nonetheless, on weekend breaks and also vacations, Georgio’s hrs could differ. Georgio’s food selection consists of pasta, pizza, sides, belows, sandwiches, hamburgers, fish and shellfish, and also a lot more.

Georgio’s gourmet-style pizza consists of Vegetarian, Italian, Mexican, Southern, Greek, Hen Parm, Hen Alfredo, and also a lot more. At Georgio’s, you can likewise make your pizza by picking numerous garnishes. The Georgio’s Residence unique pizza is popular among regulars.

In Georgio’s restaurant food selection, they have vibrant linguica, smoked poultry joy, seasoned smoked poultry, and also a lot more. You can likewise appreciate Georgio’s fish and shellfish variety that has choices like deep-fried shrimp, fried scallops, baked scallops, fish and shellfish combination plate, and also lots of others.

Georgio’s meat plate consists of choices like teriyaki steak suggestions, barbeque Steak suggestions, BARBEQUE boneless ribs, gyro suggestions cheeseburger plate, and also a lot more. Georgio’s likewise has a chicken plate where you can attempt one from their broad variations like baked turkey, boneless buffalo tenders, buffalo wings, and so on.

Do not fail to remember to purchase from their mills vary that consists of choices like a cheeseburger, B.L.T, Pastrami, Roast Beef, Tuna, Burger, Genoa Salami Fish and shellfish salad, and so on. Georgio’s omelet belows are rather preferred among university student. Georgio’s parmesan-style below is likewise an excellent dish for a lunch day.

Each Georgio’s area has an ambiance of its very own and also you reach appreciate one of the most premium pizza. With a pleasant personnel and also an excellent setting, Georgio’s has everything. Throughout the years, Georgio’s food selection and also costs have actually advanced a whole lot according to the reviews of its customers.

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Since 1974, Georgio’s has actually been offering mouthwatering pizza and also pasta to the citizens and also site visitors. Their splendid tastes and also incredible client service make them among one of the most liked dining establishments in San Jose. The dining establishment likewise holds Georgio’s specials for VIPs. Georgio’s is likewise available to franchising.

So what did you like one of the most from the above offered Georgio’s food selection with costs? Do allow me recognize in the remark area listed below.

Often Asked Concerns Connected to Georgio’s (Frequently asked questions)

How much is a Georgio’s salad dish?

A Georgio’s salad dish is in between $5 to $10.

That is the proprietor of Georgio’s?

Currently, the 4 children of Frank and also Tina very own Georgio’s dining establishment.

Where did Georgio come from?

Georgio’s at first come from San Jose, The golden state.

What time does Georgio’s close?

Georgio’s closes at around 10 pm.

The amount of Georgios exist?

Currently, Georgio has 3 places.

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