how do you write a content writing sample

If you’re interested in a writing career, you’ve probably wondered how to write a content writing sample. There are several tools and resources you can use. For example, there are the Copyfolio and Hemingway apps. Clarity Council and HubSpot both have writing contests, and you can use your experience with those sites to develop a sample article. But which one should you use?


A well-presented copywriting portfolio should be easy to navigate. While hiring managers and potential clients will certainly browse the portfolios, they may not have the time to review every single piece. Your copyfolio should be designed to make it easy for the reader to quickly learn more about you and your work. Here are some tips for putting together the perfect copywriting portfolio. This article will focus on two of the most important factors.

Case studies: The best copywriting portfolio examples feature a case study. These case studies are typically divided into different categories, such as blog posts, infographics, or handouts. To make it easy to read, these copywriting examples usually include images and a lot of white space. For the purposes of this copywriting sample, Emma used a copywriting portfolio template. In this way, her readers will have a realistic idea of the finished copy.

Content writing samples are a vital part of an effective portfolio. Writers can create mockups of their work by choosing a website template. Once a mockup is ready, they can add screenshots and images. If the writing sample is for an online client, include details on the project and the author’s educational and professional background. If visitors are looking for more information, it’s easy to contact her. Olivia Craig’s website was created with Copyfolio’s Journal template.

Putting up multiple portfolios may be helpful. The samples can be organized in similar style and theme, or customized for the industry in which you plan to apply. By having several portfolios, you won’t miss any out-of-the-box pieces. You can send the portfolios to potential clients or employers. That way, they can decide which ones are worth seeing. So, make sure to choose the best copywriting sample for your needs.

Hemingway app

Hemingway is an app that highlights problematic sentences and suggests alternatives. This feature highlights complex sentences, overly-long or complex phrases, and passive voice. Simple, clear sentences are more persuasive than those with a lot of unnecessary details. To write a great text, avoid the pitfalls mentioned above. You can learn how to use Hemingway by using this app! To get started, download the free Hemingway app and follow its steps.

The Hemingway app can be helpful in writing content for mobile devices, such as blogs and articles. For example, it can highlight single words and suggest substitutes for them. Moreover, it can highlight common writing errors and provide suggestions for improving the text. Though Hemingway is an automated tool, it does not have the voice of a real writer, so you should not expect it to replicate it. However, it will give you the interpretation of perfect writing.

Hemingway can also help you improve your content’s readability. It can detect issues while writing and copy content to your word processor. The writing menu can be highlighted and hidden. Once you are ready, type your text in the writing mode and see the results in the editor. Hemingway uses multiple colors to classify different readability problems. If you’d like to use this app, you can follow the steps above.

Hemingway analyzes the content for readability and grade level. The app’s creators estimate that the average American has a tenth grade reading level, so you should aim for this level. Also, remember to write in a language that readers can understand. If you don’t know how to write well for this audience, you’re better off wasting your time. In addition to the Hemingway app, Hemingway has a useful learning environment that will help you understand the reading habits of your target audience.


A HubSpot content writing sample can help you improve your own content marketing strategy. HubSpot research shows how to organize content using topic clusters, linking related subtopics to the main keyword. This example creates a long-form pillar page that offers useful information about a specific topic and links to subtopics. A successful content marketing strategy will result in more targeted traffic and sales. Here are some examples of content writing samples to get you started.

Allana presents her content writing sample for Hilton Supply Management. The sample includes a summary of the project and large, easy-to-read images of the final piece. Halle uses the Copyfolio template to create her content sample page. This page is free to use, so you don’t have to pay anything. If you want to showcase your writing samples, create a Copyfolio page and use its content sample template.

Clarity Council

If you’re a content writer and you’re applying to the Clarity Council, you’ve probably wondered how to write a good content writing sample. In the content-saturated world we live in, clarity is a lost art. People want content that’s predictable. Think of McDonald’s. People go there because they know what they’re going to get every time. People like the consistency of McDonald’s and they keep coming back. The same thing can be said for clarity. Luckily, there are nine ways to become more clear.


How to write a content writing sample using the Canva platform is an excellent way to show your skills and expertise in visual content. While Canva is a great tool for creating attractive graphics, it is not always as straightforward as you might think. For example, you may not want to create a full cover with Canva if you are not comfortable designing such things. To avoid the problem, you can use one of the many professionally designed templates in Canva.

After choosing a template, you can begin adding graphics to your social media accounts. In this case, you can use a featured image to draw people into your blog. Adding text to an image makes it more appealing to the viewer. Featured images are also good ways to capture the attention of potential readers. To use the Canva platform for this purpose, you can create graphics that are optimized for each social media network.

Another great way to create a compelling cover image is to use a brand kit. With this tool, you can use a brand-specific font or upload your own. These templates have everything you need to create a professional-looking cover image. If your brand has specific colors, you can easily add them in Canva. A custom brand kit allows you to add in these colors and logos, as well as edit them based on your own personal preferences.

If you need a cover image for your ebook, try to use the front cover template. This template will help you create a front, back, and thumbnail cover. If you need a full cover, you can also create that using Canva. While this process is a little more complicated, it still works well. Unlike other similar tools, the Canva for Work version does not offer rulers, snap-grids, and file merger.