22-gauge cords are small. As a matter of fact, several service providers disregard dimensions smaller sized than 18AWG. Scales in the 20s as well as past do not offer a considerable objective in household or business setups. The ordinary 22AWG line has the adhering to features:

  • Size (Inches)– 0.0253 inches
  • Diameter (mm)– 0.644mm
  • Cross-section (mm2)– 0.326 mm2
  • Amps– 7 amps (75 levels C).


Even though 22AWG as well as 20AWG are within the exact same array, 22AWG would certainly make an inadequate substitute for 20AWG. 20AWG brings 11 amps at 75 levels C, which is 4 amps greater than 22AWG can send at the exact same temperature level array.

You can include 20AWG to an application needing 22AWG, however the opposite is dangerous unless you restrict the application’s electric draw to 7 amps or much less. However, 20AWG can only carry 5 amps at 60 degrees C, which places the scale within a 22-gauge cable’s ability.


24AWG is also thinner than 22AWG as well as can just send 3.5 amps at 75 levels C. That number is up to 2.1 amps at 60 levels C. In any case, you can change 24AWG with 22AWG if the demand develops.

Normally, you are far better off sticking to 22AWG, specifically if the application requires this cable dimension. The temperature level array provides you some flexibility since it transforms the cable’s ampacity. Some individuals will certainly be attracted in the direction of 24AWG since the scale is less expensive than 22AWG as well as 20AWG.

Pros & & Disadvantages Of Making Use Of 22 Scale Wire


Electricians disregard 22AWG since it is pestered with weak points, specifically when you contrast it with thicker cords. For example:

  • 22 AWG does not bring adequate existing to run standard household home appliances.
  • The cable is more probable to get too hot.
  • The dimension will certainly produce a larger voltage decline.


Many designers as well as electrical contractors utilize 22AWG in spite of its constraints since the dimension has benefits you will not see in thicker cords. For example:

  • The tiny cross-section makes the cable a lot easier to flex than thicker cords.
  • 22 AWG is among the least expensive dimensions on the marketplace.
  • The lines can suit tiny openings. You do not require to lose cash on huge channels (if you require them) to suit 22AWG. 22AWG can collaborate with tiny terminals.
  • 22 AWG is light, versatile, therefore a lot easier to flex. This streamlines setup.
  • A strong 22-gauge cable will certainly hold the forms you develop when you flex it.
  • Some 22AWG cables have abrasion resistance. You can draw them throughout harsh surface areas without creating irreversible damages. You can additionally acquire 22-gauge lines with coats that push back harsh chemicals.
  • They do not inhabit that much room.

Use 22 Scale Wire

Don’ t disregard 22AWG as a worthless scale. Yes, it can not run your cooking area or washing home appliances. Nevertheless, it has lots of usages, consisting of the adhering to:

1). According to Rolling Stone, 22AWG is a terrific alternative for LED lights. 20AWG is much better since it has a reduced resistance. Nevertheless, 22-gauge electrical wiring is a good option. LED strips are an enticing application since the modern technology is effective.

Firstly, they generate little or no warm. Second of all, their performance permits LEDs to produce brilliant lights while utilizing just a few watts. For that reason, LEDs are much less most likely to overload slim 22AWG cords.

2). 22AWG is a suitable electric motor winding cable. You discover it in numerous kinds of generators. Designers utilize it to develop magnetic coils.

3). You can discover 22AWG conductors in every little thing from automobiles as well as watercrafts to trailers as well as motorbikes. The cords are tiny adequate to fit tiny applications in relocating automobiles.

4). Like automobiles, you will certainly discover 22AWG in tiny gadgets as well as applications in robotics. Service providers call these small conductors mini M12 cables.

5). 22AWG can bring sound as well as video clip info in audio speakers, Televisions, house movie theater systems, and so on. Lots of coaxial as well as ethernet cables are 22-gauge since the dimension is tiny sufficient to fit those small terminals.

Individuals disregard 22-gauge electrical wiring without understanding that it shows up in a lot of the gadgets they utilize everyday.

Points That Influence 22 Scale Cord Amp Rating

Even though 22AWG is small, you need to use care while picking the dimension since the list below aspects have a tendency to affect the cable’s amp ranking:

1). Temperature level Rating

The most significant hazard to your house is a cord’s resistance. A high resistance raises the warm a cord produces. That warm can thaw the insulation as well as begin a fire if you’re not mindful. Lots of laypeople anticipate fires to begin since excess electrical power is streaming with a little line.

They do not totally value the crucial function temperature level plays in this formula. According to BBC, a heat will certainly raise the resistance by boosting the variety of accidents in between the ions as well as totally free electrons.

If you have actually ever before asked yourself why makers make cords with various temperature level rankings, this is the factor. A greater temperature level ranking permits a 22AWG cable television to hold up against even more existing without overheating. For that reason, a cord dimension graph will certainly connect the line with a greater ampacity.

A reduced temperature level ranking is the contrary. The cable has a reduced ampacity since it can not endure heats, specifically when you surpass its amperage. When it comes to 22AWG, the cable television can hold up against 3 amps at 60 levels C as well as 7 amps at 75 levels C.

As you can see from this ampacity chart, the amps fluctuate symphonious with the temperature level ranking.

2). Stuck VS Strong Wire

Solid cords have a greater current-carrying ability than stuck cords. Nevertheless, this hardly ever affects a specialist’s choice. They will certainly utilize strong cable since it has many advantages. For example, it is less expensive as well as flaunts anti-corrosive as well as weather-resistance residential or commercial properties.

On the various other hand, stranded cords are extra versatile. Furthermore, they have much less depletion. The amp ranking is not a considerable consider a discussion concerning these 2 alternatives.

3). Material

The amp ranking modifications with the product since copper is extra conductive than light weight aluminum. For that reason, it can send extra amps without overheating. Once more, a cord dimension graph shows this info.

A 22AWG copper cable has a greater amp ranking than its light weight aluminum equivalent. Suppose you favor light weight aluminum as a result of its pleasant cost? Raise the density by 2 cable dimensions. For example, if the application requires 22AWG copper, usage 20AWG light weight aluminum to make up for the distinction in the existing lugging ability.

4). Length

The resistance raises with the size. A longer cable is more probable to get too hot. This is why service providers that need longer lines to cover huge ranges increase the scale. A thicker conductor will certainly send considerable quantities of electrical power over a cross country without overheating.

Klipsch has actually released a table revealing the various assesses for an audio speaker cable. In the table, you can see the resistance boosting with the size. Furthermore, the thicker the cable, the bigger the range it can cover.

5). Voltage

Laypeople point out the voltage often. They wish to know whether a 22-gauge cable that operates in a 24V application can additionally run a 220V tool. Nevertheless, the voltage does not form the cable’s amp ranking. The voltage influences the insulation’s size. For that reason, it will not affect your choice to utilize 22-gauge electrical wiring.

22 Scale Cord Watt Rating

You increase the amps by the volts to obtain the watts. For example, 22AWG transfers 7 amps at 75 levels C. 7 amps x 120V provides you 840 watts.

However what happens if the system utilizes 240V? 7 amps x 240V provides you 1,680 watts. If you alter the temperature level ranking, the amps will certainly additionally alter. This implies changing the ‘7amps’ in the computations over to obtain the brand-new watt ranking.

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