It’s no secret that the crypto and NFT projects will be the new dot com (hopefully x30 bigger), and this trend is also correlated with the creation of new communities and the need for that.

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👾 Why Reddit?

If you are in the crypto/nft community, you understand that the online community is the most important thing. That’s why Reddit is the biggest aggregator of all the online communities.
The crypto revolution started on reddit, the wall street bets started on reddit, the dogecoin was launched on reddit, and the community trend started on reddit.
A few million crypto and NFT enthusiasts, nicely separated in a huge number of communities, is why Reddit is the most suitable area to advertise and grow your crypto projects.

📢 Ways to advertise your crypto project on Reddit

There are many ways to promote your crypto and NFT projects on Reddit.
1. Reddit Ads is a great place to place ads.
2. Posting and commenting (with the exception of the cryptomoonshots)
3. [NEW] Personalized direct outreach on Reddit + Community building

Reddit ads are the official way for you to advertise on reddit.
Everything seems great, if we ignore the fact that most of the redditors have their AdBlockers turned on, and nearly all of them HATE ads.

I think that engaging with users by posting and commenting is a good idea. And sometimes it works.
There are disadvantages that come with this approach:
• If you are posting something to advertise something, you will be banned from almost all of those subreddits. All the subreddits that allow people to post such things will be very crowded with those kinds of posts (see: cryptomoonshots). So your post will be lost.
A lot of the subreddits have a ‘no self-promotion’ policy, so posting anything there will probably get you banned 100%.
• Commenting is a very important step, and the exposure is nothing compared to the effort that you put into it. Most of the time, only a very small number of people read it.

So, let’s look at the third way to advertise your cryptocurrency project on Reddit.
Imagine that you are able to reach out to all active members of the subreddits that you are interested in, and move them to your own Reddit, Discord, and Telegram community, and directly communicate with them.

Cuboid marketing is now possible. It is very automated.
With Cuboid Marketing, you can get all active members of a given subreddit, and do personalized direct outreach through Reddit DMs and chat.
Because of this, the average reply rate is between 40-45%, and the conversion rate is decent.

Cuboid Marketing is the perfect tool for you to advertise and grow your crypto projects on Reddit.

📈 How to advertise your crypto projects using Cuboid Marketing

There are 3 ways to advertise your business with our in-house tool:
1. The most direct selling is the one that is written in the first message.
2. Through conversations, make the most of your experience.
3. Be sure to take those people to your own community.

Direct selling, the first approach, is reaching out to the customer directly, by sending the link to your website/community in your first message.
This practice is usually used when you are interested in mass outreach in a short time, and you are directly targeting someone who clearly expressed that he’s in a need of something or clearly expressed that he’s interested into something.
If you do not do this right, it may result in users being spammed by them and being reported by them.

– A creator on Onlyfans posted a message where she is asking for NFTs for creators.
I would agree to send the link directly to the first message.

The second approach, “convert through conversation”, is the natural way of cold outreach, and the key for successful Reddit outreach campaigns.
It is usually used when you have a potential lead. That person is someone who could possibly be interested in your cryptocurrency project, and you are trying to convert him, or just to start interacting with him.
It takes some time to reply and talk to leads, but it certainly will result in much greater success than direct selling.

– You are trying to harass creators on Reddit. You should also write a message that starts by asking them, Would you be interested in delivering some of your own content to your audience? Or, ask them if they would consider earning money from selling their own digital content?

The third approach, “migrate them to your own community”, results in huge number of conversions with pretty low effort.
By forming your own group that is centered around your cryptocurrency or NFT projects, and by targeting all the active members from similar-content subreddits, you can grow your group as quickly as light.
We’ve had cases with entrepreneurs growing their crypto subreddits by 300 users per day, which is something totally unseen till now.
Also, this approach resulted in 21% CONVERSION rate in one of the similar cases.

That subreddit is growing by 300 members each day, using our in-house tools.

🏆 Why Cuboid Marketing?

Cuboid marketing allows you to successfully use Reddit as a marketing channel. By doing this, you can find and target quality leads, and carry out customized direct outreach at scale.

That kind of outreach has not been used on Reddit yet, so the people are more than happy to reply to that type of message. That’s also why there are so many high numbers of responses.

In-house, our in-house tool is the best and easiest way to reach out to over 500 million+ monthly active users on Reddit and over 150k+ niche communities, so that you can become the king of your niche as soon as possible.

On Reddit, there are many crypto/NFT enthusiasts and communities.
Reddit is one of the biggest aggregators of communities.
We are the best way for you to reach those people.

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