Although the Fitbit tracker supplies superb battery life, you have to still bill Fitbits to maintain them running.

But in some cases, when you remain in the workplace or on a trip as well as neglect to bring a battery charger, what will you do? I recognize it’s extremely irritating when you do not have a Fitbit battery charger as well as it lacks battery.

But you do not require to stress, as well as there are some manner ins which you can make use of battery charger Fitbit without a battery charger. Allow’s inspect them out.

Ways To Bill Fitbit Without A Battery charger?

1- Usage Power Bank

use power bank

If you’re a vacationer, you have to have a Power Financial institution, which you can make use of to bill your Fitbit. You just require a power financial institution as well as a billing cord to sustain your Fitbit design.

Make sure the power financial institution has sufficient juice to bill your Fitbit. Relying on the kind of power financial institution, it may bill your Fitbit swiftly or gradually.

Here are actions to bill your Fitbit with a power financial institution;

  • Connect the billing cord to a power financial institution.
  • Connect the various other end with your Fitbit.
  • Press the power switch on the power financial institution to transform it on.
  • Now, a billing icon shows up on the Fitbit display.

Leave the power financial institution as well as Fitbit on a table for a hr so the Fitbit obtains sufficient juice to track your tasks for a whole day.

2- Utilize a Laptop

charge fitbit without a charger

The laptop computer is additionally a resource of power. The majority of us have a laptop computer for everyday usage as well as workplace job, as well as you can additionally make use of a laptop computer to bill Fitbit trackers.

Even though it’s not advised to frequently bill Fitbit with a laptop computer, if you truly require Fitbit as well as do not intend to miss tracking your objectives, you can bill it with a laptop computer.

Before billing your Fitbit with a laptop computer, guarantee it’s billed sufficient to move juice right into your Fitbit. You additionally require a power cable ideal for your Fitbit.

Attach the USB end of the power cable with your laptop computer as well as the various other with your Fitbit. Maintain the laptop computer cover on avoid it from entering into rest setting. Your laptop computer will certainly not bill Fitbit if the cover is off or in rest setting.

3- Usage Smart TVs

Smart Televisions are not simply a resource of amusement; you can additionally benefit from their USB ports. If you’re remaining in a resort, there have to be a clever television, which you can make use of to bill Fitbit.

To fee your Fitbit with a clever television, transform it on. Plug in the billing cable in the USB port as well as attach the various other end with Fitbit. Currently you will certainly see a power icon on your Fitbit that suggests that Fitbit is being billed.

4- Utilize a Mobile or Wireless Battery Charger

use wireless charger

Like Apple as well as Galaxy watches, a couple of Fitbit trackers can bill with a cordless battery chargers. It is just one of my preferred approaches due to the fact that you do not require any kind of billing cord or cable to bill your tracker.

But not every Fitbit sustains cordless billing; just a few premium Fitbit tools like Versa 2/3/4, Feeling, as well as Fee 5 can be billed making use of cordless billing terminals.

These cordless battery chargers are offered at any kind of digital shop, or you can inspect them on Amazon.

Wireless battery chargers resemble power financial institutions, however unlike power financial institutions, they can bill your tools without a cable television. Prior to placing your Fitbit on a cordless billing dock, guarantee it is billed.

Place the rear end of the Fitbit on a cordless billing dock, as well as the Fitbit will immediately stick to the billing dock as a result of magnetic tourist attraction.

5- Usage Any type of USB Cable

You can additionally bill your Fitbit tool making use of any kind of USB cord. In this technique, you have to reduce the cord’s non-USB end. Just make use of a USB cord if you have an added one.

Once you have actually reduced the non-USB end of the cord, you will certainly obtain 4 various wires; right here, we just require cables with black as well as red shades.

Plug in the USB end of the cord in a wall surface install battery charger, laptop computer, or any kind of adapter, as well as attach the black as well as red cable with the billing plates on the back of Fitbit.

In by doing this, Fitbit will certainly take the juice, as well as you will certainly see a billing symbol on the Fitbit display that suggests that Fitbit is being billed.

You can make use of any kind of tape to hold the cables. Leave the Fitbit on the table for a hr; afterwards, it will certainly prepare to track your health and fitness.

Does All Fitbits Have Comparable Billing Wire?

Fitbit tools have various billing wires, however the majority of Fitbit battery chargers match others. Fitbit Versa 3 battery charger can be made use of to bill Versa 4, Feeling, as well as Feeling 2.

Similarly, Fitbit Fee 5 fee works with Inspire 3, Luxe, Ace 3, as well as Inspire 2.

If your Fitbit tool’s cord is harmed, you can purchase a brand-new one from the Fitbit shop or

Wrapped Up

There are a number of methods to bill Fitbit without a battery charger. We have actually discussed several of the simplest as well as most usual approaches to bill a Fitbit.

But all the approaches discussed above are not trustworthy in the future. However in instance of emergency situation, you can choose any kind of technique. I wish this post was valuable for you as well as addressed your issue.


Why Fitbit billing cord is so brief?

Shorter billing wires offer rapid billing as a result of much less electric resistance. Whereas huge charring wires have a higher electric resistance that they take longer to bill tools. This is the factor that the majority of Fitbit billing wires are brief.

Can I bill my Fitbit on a cordless battery charger?

Only a couple of Fitbit tools can be billed wirelessly. Any type of mobile cordless battery charger can bill Fitbit Versa 2/3/4, Sense/Sense 2, as well as Fee 5.

Can I bill Fitbit with an Apple Watch battery charger?

No, the Apple Watch battery charger is not suitable with Fitbit tools. Apple makes use of magnetic billing wires to power their tools, whereas Fitbit trackers feature various sorts of battery chargers.

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