In order to use a Facebook Ad Campaign you have unlimited options. You can use the default settings or make manual changes. Which placements do you choose when it comes to where your advertisements are placed?

When creating your ad set – An ad set is a Facebook ads grouping where settings like targeting, scheduling, optimization, and placement are determined.Click word to read full description, Facebook uses “automatic placements” by default. You have an option to manually select the locations.

Facebook Ad Placements

So, what should you do? Let us investigate.

This is an autonomous placement.

Use Facebook’s automatic placements so that you can maximize your budget and place your advertisements in placements that will lead to the most results. That does not necessarily mean that we should only use the most effective placements. Cost and competition will also affect things.

Selecting automatic placements removes your thinking from that step. If you trust that Facebook will optimize and show your ads, then you can leave it.

That is the problem.

We have discussed some of the potential pitfalls of Facebook ads optimization, and we are back again to discuss it.

As you’re optimizing your ads for Facebook, it seems that Facebook does not care about the quality of those campaigns. There are a few exceptions. Facebook offers you all of the actions that you request at the lowest possible cost.

You may experience some issues, especially if you are optimizing for actions such as clicks. The link click metric measures all clicks on links that direct users to properties on and off Facebook. Please click the link below to read the full description. You should use Facebook to get you to click on it. That is all. They do not care about what will happen in the future.

My experience with audience network placement is that it is known for accidental clicks, click fraud, and overall low quality clicks. As long as this is true, Facebook may allow more of your budget to be spent on your Facebook campaigns and ad sets on a daily or lifetime basis. Click to read full description to the audience network, in an effort to get more clicks. You certainly do not want that.

I received a message from Jon.

Manual placing selection issues.

Manual Facebook Ad Placements

It appears as though the easiest way to accomplish this would be to use the manual placement option. The answers to those questions are not always so clear.

As I stated before, there are times when Facebook optimizes for high quality events. The fraud factor is that clicks and accidental clicks will not influence Facebook to use that placement. If you don’t receive quality actions, Facebook may not allow that placement to continue in theory.

Advertisers are able to help advertisers at times. If this placement is best, then they would choose the news feed, assuming that the news feed is the most valuable.

Even if the position which was most valuable was the newsfeed, there are still reasons for other placements to be included.

Each location is different.

Copying and designing the materials for each placement is different. There is a different rate of action for each placement. The most important part is, it is the cost that is most important.

Your feed has the highest action rate. It is possible that the cost of reaching people in those countries will also be high.

Alternately, the right column is likely to have the lowest action rate. It is possible that the cost to reach people there is the lowest.

If you look at the news feed, you may note that the competition is high and that inventory is low. If you force Facebook to only use this placement, you may accidentally increase the cost of your campaign. In this manner, you may not be able to reach as many people as you would otherwise.

Each placement has a role. It is unclear whether Facebook will correctly distribute your budget by placement if you allow it to happen automatically.