If you’re a Python programmer, you might have experienced the “NameError: name ‘departure’ is not specified” mistake at some time. This mistake takes place when you attempt to utilize the exit() feature in your code, however Python does not acknowledge it.

how to fix nameerror name exit is not defined in python

In this tutorial, we’ll discover the sources of this mistake as well as give detailed directions on just how to repair it. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a much better understanding of just how to deal with the “NameError: name ‘departure’ is not specified” mistake as well as make certain that your Python code runs efficiently.

Why does the NameError: name 'departure' is not defined mistake take place?

This mistake takes place due to the fact that Python can not discover exit in its namespace. It is necessary to remember that exit() is not an integrated feature in Python. The exit() feature exists in the sys component as well as hence if you wish to utilize it, you have to import it from the sys component.

To deal with the above mistake, you require to properly import the departure() feature which you can do in the complying with means–

1) Just import the departure feature from the sys module

 # import the departure feature from the sys component from sys import departure
# utilize the departure feature when needed

2) Import the sys component and afterwards accessibility the exit() feature utilizing sys. departure()

 # import the sys component
import sys.
# utilize the departure feature when needed.


The NameError: name 'departure' is not defined mistake takes place when Python can not discover the exit() feature. This mistake can be taken care of by utilizing the sys. departure() feature, importing the exit() feature from the sys component, or correctly importing the manuscript which contains the exit() feature.

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