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Do you want to know how to get more likes on Facebook?

Are there any comments?

Whether it’s on your business Page or your Personal Profile, likes and comments will make the Facebook algorithm happy, so your post will be seen by more users in the Facebook news feed.

You simply desire them.

Do you know how to obtain them? How can I avoid being annoying or annoying by being slapped by the Facebook algorithm?

There are ways – and we’ll look at the most effective here.

So let’s start.

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Like and follow what you enjoy.

I will take a short break before I get into the tactics and ideas for getting more Facebook likes.

Facebook users can show that they have an interest in you.

One way to do this is to like your page.

The alternative option would be to follow the page.

They help with social proof, and there are two types of likes.

The vast majority of Facebook experts say that people should focus on likes. Followers will, well, follow after this!

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Why is it important that you write this post?

What people like on Facebook is important to social proof. By liking your page, more people have a better chance of seeing your posts.

So you also need to know the right metrics, because the most important metric of all is engagement.

We want people to take it with them and learn about it. Therefore, it is better to have only a few people who are interested in it than having a lot of random people who are not interested.

This is why you never should buy Page Likes!

When you become a Facebook Page admin, you also need Page Likes.

You also need post Likes and comments!

With every post that you publish on Facebook, there are three goals.

You should produce your best posts with these goals in mind, and you will naturally increase the amount of likes that you have on your page.

Facebook will begin showing other people your stuff when you do that.

People who later like your page or share it with their friends.

It will continue from there.

There are also some other ways that can help your friends get an uplifting boost.

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Easy ways to get more likes and comments on facebook posts.

If you post the right types of content, it is easy to get more comments and likes on your posts.

Some posts just get more engagement than others.

Knowing which posts get more Facebook engagement is crucial for Page success.

Posting photos on Facebook and quote graphics works well for getting shares, likes, and comments. It takes time to find and create those things.

Nothing is easier than copying and pasting one of these wall posts.

These are some examples of real winners, that are enough to help people like this.

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Ask them one question that is either true or not true.

Everyone wants to express their opinion. They can give you some time to answer a yes or no question. There are a few questions you could try.

  • Is it true you are looking forward to this weekend or not?
  • Do you feel confident that you are having a good day?
  • Do you watch the presidential race, or the playoffs, or other events happening at the moment?
  • Do you like your job? Do you agree with it?
  • Do you think we are sharing the right kind of content with you?
  • If so, have you ever been to somewhere?
  • You answered either yes or no to the question. We kindly invite you to visit our stores and websites.
  • Is it true that you have your own website or not?

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Fill in the blanks.

People cannot resist filling in the blanks with posts. Try some of these recipes.

  • That is the hardest part when it comes to eating healthy.
  • If I could ever be anywhere today, I would be _____________.
  • One of the things I really love about my life is ____________.
  • My last movie that I saw was _____.
  • The one thing I would like to tell you is ____________.
  • I really like ____________.
  • In my mind, my first word is ____________ when describing myself.
  • This is what I like about your niche.
  • I am human, and I need ____________ cups of coffee to function each morning.
  • The number one goal is ____________.
  • I’m a big fan of the song ____________ by ____________.

Ask some questions about your business. Encourage your fans to leave their answers in a comment so you will become a featured fan.

  • It is apparent that your company has _______ employees.
  • Your company is responsible for working with Fortune 500 companies.
  • You’ve been in business for a few years.

Thanks to Lujure for many of these Wall Post ideas.

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You should use polls and quizzes.

We enjoy filling in the blanks, and we enjoy expressing our opinions.

That is why polls and quizzes are very popular.

Facebook allows you to create a poll with its built-in functions.

You can add an optional field to the option, and this will encourage people to comment more. Add something to the comments about that, to entice them.

If you do that, you can use some off-platform dedicated tools to create quizzes. They are also good lead magnets that you can use to get email subscribers. As a result, they are very versatile.

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Do not do this.

I often recommend using Facebook to make a post with the tagline “click as if”

A great example would be Click on this if you love fridays.

This worked well (really well!) They continued posting to Facebook until they decided that it was clickbait.

So don’t tell people to like or share in your post caption, as Facebook will deep-six your post.

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Try out Facebook ads.

Having a little budget, boosting the comments and likes in your better performing posts will help you to have more Page likes and comments, and they will also help the success of your Pages overall.

When you think of Facebook ads, those are the ones that you run in order to get Facebook page likes, not post likes.

According to Kristen Hines, like ads are one of the best and most affordable ads that you can use on Facebook to grow your fanbase and your business.

Interested? Here’s where you’ll learn more about how to run the best Facebook ads.

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How can I obtain likes from my facebook profile?

The easiest way to increase page likes is to add your page to your own personal profile.

It will be visible to everyone not only to people who visit your profile, but also to people who hover over your name anywhere on Facebook.

People can click the link that is displayed in the hover card to proceed to your page.

The image below was taken by hovering over my name in the comment.

Consider this like you have your business cards on Facebook. As you can imagine, it is a good way for people to know more about you instantly.

Facebook hovercard with clickable link.

How do I add my Facebook fan page to my personal profile?

Start using your Facebook account. Click on one of the two places marked below. Both buttons will take you to the same destination, however, the About button is easier to access.

screenshot of step one to add fan page to facebook profile.

Now click the Add a workplace button under Work and Education.

Under Where have you worked, start typing your Fan Page name exactly as it’s spelled, and Facebook will suggest Pages in a dropdown menu. Select from the ones that you like.

screenshot showing how to add workplace on facebook.

Then, in the box where it says Position, you are able to add your job title. You can also include a call to action on your page that encourages people to click on it.

I put in: Click for fun & information on my Page. Facebook will add your page name to the list and place it above your page name.

Be sure I currently work here is checked, so this workplace rises to the top and shows in your hovercard.

When you’re done completing all the information you wish to share, click Save.

You can now have free exposure on your Fan Page.

If you do not use this feature, when hovering over your name, all that will be displayed is a few basic account information.

  • Where are you living?
  • Whoever you became friends with.
  • Where are you going to school?
  • We all have mutual friends.

That is interesting, but it is not really good for promoting your business or getting more people to like your page.

Do not waste the valuable opportunity to tell people about what you are doing and to encourage them to like your page.

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So, apply those Facebook basic principles.

In order to make it easier for your pages to get more likes on Facebook, you should remember the basic social media information.

Learn the best time to post to Facebook for your audience so you catch people when they are on the platform.

Use the best types of posts based on data from your Facebook Insights to cut down the work and get the best results.

Do not use the same click bait and engagement bait tactics Facebook hates.

In addition to the many other best practices that I will share here with you, these will help you gain more likes on Facebook, gain more social proof, and get more eyes on your content.

Have you tried other effective ways to get Facebook likes & comments? Please feel free to share this with us in the comment box below.

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