You need to be original and find new ideas for your videos that will stimulate your interest and connect with your audience.

How can you be sure that your next idea will not be a failure, and that it will not cause you to lose your followers? How can you get some good ideas when you are feeling very drained after a long day of filming and editing?

There is a way to encourage your creativity. When you are very strapped for ideas, you can turn to YouTube seo for a quick way to get started. Or you can patch together an entire content strategy.

We have assembled this guide to walk you through it step by step.

What exactly is YouTube Seo?

Before we jump into the fray, I think about some important things first. What is the meaning of YouTube Seo?

Seo is short for search engine optimization. And after Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world with over 3 billion monthly searches.

The idea behind Seo is to ensure that youtube knows what your content is all about. Because you understand that, your web page has a higher chance of being listed in search results.

Some of those practices are:

  • Picking a video title that is descriptive.
  • Write the right video description.
  • Setting tags and hashtags for your content is important.
  • Upload the captions.
  • When you add new chapters to your video, use timestamps to add them.

To learn more about YouTube SEO, you can check the full guide.

As for seo, it is also important to examine the content that YouTube has already indexed and that has become the most searched for on YouTube. You analyze what other people have done that is right — so you can do that better. And ideally, you will come up with some good ideas that other creators haven’t explored yet.

Assuming that we’ve understood the basics, here’s how you can use Youtube SEEO to generate some good video concepts for your own channels.

1. Use YouTube seo to help with content ideas.

Start by collecting some useful information from YouTube’s algorithm.

Our AI algorithm and machine learning have helped us match the millions of daily queries that our users search for on Youtube, to the huge number of videos on Youtube. It decides which of the most relevant content for each query is the most relevant. So you can take all that data and exploit it.


First, you can check out YouTube’s autocomplete feature. When you start typing in the search bar, it will automatically suggest something for you to ask for.

These are some of the suggestions that other people frequently search for.

So the number of comments that people post on the platforms is a good indicator of what kind of content they are trying to find on the platforms. If you come across something that sparks your interest, or something that hasn’t been done before by others in your niche, jot it down as a potential video content idea.

YouTube's autocomplete feature

Hashtags on landing pages and pages that are trending.

Next, visit hashtag landing pages that are relevant to your niche, and browse through pages that are trending.

Hashtags have existed on YouTube for a while, but hashtag landing pages were only introduced in early 2021. #Ishtags allow you to set categories for your videos, or you can relate it to a certain topic.

The new hashtag landing pages are full of the best videos from around the web. In order to access them, simply enter the phrase into your search bar and click on the first result.

What makes the pages interesting is that they show not only videos that are popular — those that top the regular search results. They also feature more recent and newer content that has been removed or that is seeing a lot of engagement from viewers. That, too, can be a very valuable source of inspiration.

Hashtag Landings and Trending Pages on YouTube

On the subject of trending pages, the same can be said. You can find the links for each of them under the “explore” tab of your YouTube homepage. Check out the latest content that has been going viral across the platform. It is a great way to understand how your audience is evolving.

YouTube Studio Analytics (OR, YouTube Studio Analytics)

A final SEO element to gather inspiration or insights from is YouTube Studio, specifically its analytics page.

It is possible to see what searches your videos are currently appearing in, and that way your audience will find you. You’ll get a glimpse of the keywords and phrases that viewers use to search for information on your site, and they will be able to find your content.

This is how your current audience learns how to get to your channel, and what topics are most important to them. This is a good basis for deciding in which direction to go next.

2. Google helps you cast a wider net, from your video results to your Google trends.

Next, we will expand our reach and harness Google for ideas.

Most of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) now prominently feature YouTube videos. You should really take advantage of this to promote your YouTube channel. It is really a very valuable source of traffic. It really is a great source of inspiration for you personally.

Like YouTube, Google has an autocomplete feature that gives you some insights into the very frequent searches that you make on topics that are important to you. Even better, at the bottom of Google search results, they have a section where users can check for similar searches that they can check out. There are usually questions, unexpected nuances, and other details that can be a very useful basis for new videos.

You may also use some of Google’s native tools to find out what people in your niche are doing and to find some good ideas in the process. First of all, Google Trends is the most important.

Google for content ideas: autosuggestion, related searches, video results

You are allowed to enter any keyword that you want. That is the information that Google will show you how many people have started searches for it, when they started and where they started. That can be handy for you too, because you can narrow down which platforms they are searching on — in your case, it would be YouTube.

At the bottom of the page, below the headlines, you’ll find a list of related topics and related queries. These lists include not only useful information for people who want to learn something creative, but they also allow you to rank them based on how much your users are interested in them. This allows you to focus on those subjects that offer huge potential for growing your audience and that have not been totally banned.

3. Harness the SEO Tools That You Have.

When you’ve scoured YouTube and Google for some video ideas, you can take your videos to the next level by using dedicated seo tools. Their goal is to find out what people are searching for on the internet. It is possible to create content that is optimized accordingly.

These tools can not only help you come up with some great content ideas, but they can also help you estimate how many viewers you can attract with each idea, and how much competition there is.

There are many SEO tools out there. All of them are different, and each one of them has different strengths. Here are three more concepts that may help you think of some ideas.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is a free tool.

Ahrefs has one of the largest keyword databases out there, just as big as Google’s own.

Its most powerful tool for finding video ideas is the company’s keyword explorer tool. You can select the search engine that you want to focus on. Among them is YouTube. So, you can learn more about what people search for and draw inspiration for your videos.

The only thing that can be said about it is that it has a downside. It is a paid tool, and it is a fairly expensive one. The cost of the tool starts at $82/month. However, if you’re just hunting for ideas once in a while, Ahrefs’ YouTube Keyword Tool offers a limited number of free searches, though with less background information.


Second, the word ‘semrush’ is commonly mentioned together with ahrefs. They also have some 17 billion keywords in their database.

In contrast to Ahrefs, Semrush doesn’t allow users to focus on one platform, like YouTube, but its overall capabilities are very powerful.

In particular, this goes for the platform’s Keyword Magic tool. Start with a keyword in your niche. Then you can expand it by exploring related keywords and frequently asked questions.

Semrush's Keyword Magic Tool for content ideas

Youtubers who are on the search for new ideas can use this tool to see if the Google result pages for a particular search have a video result already. If not, this is a very good target for you.

Semrush allows you to perform a maximum of 10 free searches each day. There is an annual subscription, which starts at $99.95/month. Depending on the level of your operation, semrush also provides some great features to allow you to generate some great ideas. All the Guru plans also include dedicated content marketing tools, starting at $191.62 per month.


While Ahrefs and SEMrush have many features, TubeBuddy is a tool that is focused only on YouTube. It actually even comes recommended by SEMrush.

Tubebuddy is a tool that helps you manage YouTube channels. It’s not concerned about seo for YouTube, and it comes with a lot of functions that allow you to manage your videos, thumbnails, titles, and other elements in bulk.

When it comes to keyword generation for youtube seo, there are two ways that you can use the keyword.

It gives you information on how well certain keywords are likely to perform on your website by using its keyword explorer tool.

And second, it lets you analyze anybody’s existing videos easily, including how they actually rank in YouTube searches, as opposed to just view/like stats. So, you can learn something from other people’s content strategies.

Tubebuddy provides a free service through its browser extension. Much of this functionality is free, like the tags that are used on other videos.

To unlock the full capabilities of the tool, you’ll need to subscribe to its service, which starts at $7.20 per month. You also get a 50% discount for those who have less than 1,000 subscribers to your channel.

4. Prioritize your content ideas with the help of seo metrics.

By this time, you should have a notebook filled with scribbled ideas, and a spreadsheet filled with directions to go.

First, you must first decide on which ideas are worth developing further. What factors decide which ones you should turn into videos immediately? What should I put on the back burner or discard after all?

At this stage, there are several seo metrics that can help you decide what to do. First and foremost among them are keyword difficulty (KD) and keyword volume.

  • Keyword difficulty is a measure of how much competition there is for a particular keyword. There will be more content that people have already uploaded to their niche. So, the harder it will be for you to appear in search results.
  • Keyword volume, in contrast, is the number of monthly searches about the topic you’re looking at. How many hundreds or thousands of people actually start searching for something that could lead them to your ideas?

If you haven’t done it already during your research, now is the time to start using the free SEO tools to look up all the metrics that you have collected. That way you can rank them.

When it comes to video ideas, it is best to choose ones that have high-volume and low-difficulty keywords. This is something that will also spur your own passion.

5. You must transform your ideas into a coherent content strategy.

A final point to consider when you decide which ideas to pursue further is your overall content strategy.

While it might be tempting to go with the first amazing idea you think of, it is wise to first take a small step back. Also consider the different kinds of video formats that you choose, and how they fit into the existing content on your channel. How is this different from what your viewers already know and love?

It is also important to know how you order content on your channel.

You may also find that if you have a lot of ideas, try to group them into a cluster of related topics. That way, the things that you promote to your audience will feel more natural than jumping around on various topics. It is better to quickly change from one topic to another after having covered several aspects of it.


Being a content creator is a lucrative job, but there are also countless challenges. It is not easy to find video ideas that are engaging and that leave your audience wanting more. That is one of the hardest boxes to tick regularly.

Making use of YouTube seo in different forms can help you find inspiration. By using the data from Youtube’s algorithm, Google’s features and native tools, and dedicated seo platforms, you’ll be able to gather a great set of ideas to help your channel grow.