In order to promote your services or products, many marketers create marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. YouTube is also a popular option for small businesses that want to promote their products and services to a wider audience.

It’s no secret that YouTube is the second most popular site in the world, which clearly shows that the audience is frequently opening YouTube to fulfill their queries.

According to recent statistics, approximately 1.3 billion people use YouTube and there are more than 2 billion monthly active users. Is it really possible to communicate the true message of your brand and to promote your business to a wider audience by harnessing the power of video?

Making use of YouTube for small business.

Small businesses often have a low budget for marketing. So it is very hard to run result-driven marketing campaigns. Thanks to this video hosting platform, small businesses can now easily establish a brand and gain the attention of their customers. A study conducted by SmallBizTrends suggests that 70% of marketers believe that videos are an effective tool for generating more conversions.

There are many ways that marketers can use to promote their products and services on YouTube. Many of you are considering using YouTube to market your products and services. Here are some very effective ways of taking advantage of YouTube.

6 The Best Ways to Promote Your Small Business on YouTube.

This is an interesting look at 6 powerful techniques small businesses can use to promote their products and services on YouTube.

  1. Build some youtube shorts.
  2. Collaborate with influential people.
  3. Go and watch it live on Youtube.
  4. You should harness the power of YouTube ads.
  5. Create a video series.
  6. Use the best keywords to get better visibility.

1. Build some youtube shorts.

People today want to find engaging and interesting content in a short amount of time. Because of the advent of YouTube shorts, it is now possible for marketers to provide their audience with bit-size content. YouTube Shorts is a new feature that is getting 6.5 billion daily views. Youtube shorts are a very useful tool to give a short and engaging video experience to your viewers.

The best part is that you can take out your smartphone and shoot some cute videos. Using smartphones, marketers can create and publish high-quality videos whenever and wherever they want. With YouTube Shorts, you can create 60 seconds video with a multi-segment camera.

You can add music to the recordings, and you can set a timer, countdown, and speed controls to control the performance. There is no need for you to create an image thumbnail for YouTube shorts. Simply use the hashtag #shorts in the title and description of your video.

2. Collaborate with people who influence others.

It is possible to partner with industry influencers and other famous YouTube creators in order to promote your business on YouTube. Influencers and YouTube creators can help you gain a significant boost. Many brands are using this awesome trick to increase their visibility. And, by using a trusted and well-known influencer, they are encouraging their viewers to subscribe to your channel.

  • Do your research on micro-influencers.

It is important that you find the right partner for your collaboration. That is the key to making your YouTube channel successful. Many small business owners cannot afford to partner with influential industry people. If that is the case, you may want to look for micro-influencers with a highly engaged niche following. They do not charge thousands of dollars for conducting a review. Request them to make a video of your unboxing. Or, simply ask them to share the good things they have experienced with your products or services.

Here you can see how this beauty brand worked with Andréa Matillanoto to unbox some of their beauty products. In the video, the influencer shared interesting information about the brand, so that people can get maximum engagement and brand advocacy.

You can also partner with vloggers that share similar content that you have to promote your brand, in order to make your video content more authentic and engaging. It is possible for you to create a community that is engaged with your brand and trusted by that brand.

  • Increase the visibility of your brand.

One of the best strategies for collaborating with industry influencers or micro-influencers is to engage with your users and increase their brand visibility. Send them your products for free or give them a free premium account so that they can get real feedback.

When people are honest with you, it will bring a large number of people to your landing page so they can learn more about your brand. This strategy will surely help your video get ranked in YouTube search. By doing that, you will get more exposure and traffic to your website.

3. Go and watch this live on Youtube.

Live streaming has become very popular as a social media trend which has grown immensely in the past years. Facebook and Instagram allow people to live and share important messages. YouTube has also launched an option of live streaming allowing brands to communicate their brand message via this effective channel.

Youtube live streaming is a powerful tool for digital marketers to use in order to increase brand awareness and user engagement.

  • I am sharing some educational and interesting content with you.
  • Conducting live Q&A sessions.
  • Answering all the questions that customers ask you.
  • Simply explain the benefits of your products and services.
  • It is important that you provide live tutorials to help your audience learn how to use your product.
  • Conducting webinars is more efficient than doing it manually.
  • You can share product demos.
  • You should describe your company culture.
  • Covering events in order to engage viewers.
  • I am introducing new products.

The famous cosmetics brand Mac held a live masterclass with Shuga Cain and Bradley Miller. The purpose of the masterclass was to educate the viewers about how to create a glam look.

You should experiment with YouTube live streaming. Because of this, your audience will surely enjoy seeing the natural and human sides of your brand. This will help you to attract more people to your brand and make it more interesting for your audience.

4. You can Harness the Power of Paid YouTube Ads.

It is no easy task to get your videos to rank on YouTube in organic ways. The competition is fierce. As a result, it is advised that you use paid strategies to promote your YouTube channel. Running paid YouTube ads will work best when you are running a video marketing campaign, launching a new product, introducing new features, introducing new mobile app ideas, or any other similar effort.

It is possible with YouTube ads to create brand awareness and to inform the audience about your next product, mobile app, or advanced feature. It is important that you understand the different advertising formats before you start running your campaign. It is strongly recommended that you create a more engaging and targeted piece of content with a persuasive call to action to direct your viewers to your landing page or product page in order to perform the desired action.

Here are a few of the most common kinds of paid YouTube ads that marketers can use to promote their brands.

  • Search for ads.

When the people you are targeting search for a particular keyword, those ads will appear. In search ads, which are sometimes called discovery ads, there is a small advertisement in a box, similar to the Google search ads, to let users know that they are paying for the ads. On search ads, search ads must also contain a thumbnail image and text. The best part of using discovery or search ads is that they appear on the video watch page, search results page, and YouTube homepage that will strengthen your chances of increasing brand reach.

  • Show ads.

Ads that are only shown on the desktop version in the right-hand sidebar of videos. The ad is displayed with a picture, text, a cta, and a link to your landing page. It functions like a banner ad that appears when people watch a video. Display videos are charged per click on a cost-per-click basis.

Show ads. to promote small business on YouTube
YouTube is the source of the video.
  • Skippable ads are the most common.

Those ads appear before, during, and after each video. After watching for five seconds, viewers can skip an ad. The minimum length of an ad that is skippable is 12 seconds, but many marketers recommend that it is 3 minutes. One of the main reasons why you should choose to place a YouTube Ad is that you can pay only when people watch the first 30 seconds of your video.

  • Non-skippable ads are those that are impossible to ignore.

Before, during, and after videos, they also show their ads. The ads that are replayable cannot be skipped. They must be watched until the very end. Non-skippable ads are those that are impossible to ignore. work best when you want to build brand awareness and attract your audience’s attention. Marketers pay for each impression, which is generally per 1000 views (CPM).

  • That is a way of remarketing advertising.

As far as potential customers who have watched your videos in the past, but are unaware of your new products and latest offerings, then these ads are the best way for you to get their attention. It is possible to select a group based on the number of video views and show them relevant offers in order to get highly qualified leads.

By becoming familiar with different video ad formats, you can help you run paid ads, in order to launch a successful video campaign.

5. Create a video series.

The goal of creating a series is to promote your brand on YouTube. There are many brands that are achieving great success by using this technique and getting viewers’ attention.

If you create videos that have a series format, you can produce new and interesting content for your audience, and encourage them to keep returning to your site for more information.

You can choose a topic that is relevant and that your audience wants to learn more about. If you are the owner of a beauty salon, you should create beauty tutorials and share makeup tips with your audience. If you continually provide valuable and interesting content that people are interested in, people will definitely come to your channel every week, looking for more tips.

Video series to promote small business on YouTube
YouTube is the source of the video.

Do not forget that YouTube is the most visited search engine that people use in order to find various solutions to their problems and to learn new skills. Therefore, you must not be salesy by only creating videos about your products. Instead, provide them with valuable and informative content that will enable your potential customers and current customers to improve their lives.

By creating a video series, you will increase your chances of appearing in the videos that people are suggesting, and this will lead more viewers to your video.

6. Use the best keywords for your blog to become more visible.

If you select the right keywords, you can create SEO-friendly titles and descriptions that can increase visibility. It is a great idea to regularly check YouTube Analytics to identify what your audience is actually looking for. In the upcoming days, you will come up with some good keywords that you can use in your videos. When you decide to search for a keyword, it is necessary to use keywords that have low competition and sufficient search volume.

Choosing the right keywords to promote small business on YouTube
YouTube is the source of the video.

If you want people to see your videos via organic search, all you have to do is optimize the channel to make it appear on YouTube. Choose keywords that truly represent your brand, in order to help your audience understand what you are trying to accomplish.

When you incorporate the right keywords in your title and description, you will increase your chances of being high in the results of a YouTube search, and you will also improve your SEO efforts.

Moreover, by adding tags to your videos, you will increase the visibility of those videos and your watch time. When people stay on your videos for longer, it will eventually improve your videos’ ranking on search engines. There are some tools you can use to grow your YouTube channel:

  • TubeBuddy
  • vidIQ
  • Rank Tracker (OR, Rank Tracker)
  • It is possible to use Google Ads Keyword Planner to find out which keywords people are searching for.
  • Awario

So, you should optimize your videos and use the best keywords, find good tags and use effective tools for getting better visibility on YouTube search engines.

Include videos into your marketing strategy.

Here are a few ways that small business owners can successfully promote their YouTube channels on a small budget.

Start implementing any of these strategies and find out which YouTube marketing method works best for you and the best possible outcome for your recently launched brand.