I’m a growth marketer and never in my entire career have I seen a 24% response rate in a single day from social media outreach! — Using our in-house program

Reddit is untouched gold mine, an Entrepreneurs’ “Garden of Eden” 🍏. There is a subreddit for nearly every niche, and there are 130,000+ subreddits out there.
Many people on Reddit can be very tough when it comes to advertising and customer outreach.

If you post or comment on things that you claim are self-promoting on subreddits, you will be banned within a few minutes.

Familiar? That was the biggest battle that we faced.

That’s what happened: Reddit was not used as a marketing and customer acquisition channel.
From now on…

With our in-house program — we managed to solve this problem, and for the first time we utilized Reddit as a marketing channel.

The people come to Reddit to share and get value.
Every day, they are talking about their problems, their pain point, their interests out there on Reddit, ask for product recommendations, resources, courses, fun and NSFW materials — basically they seek value.
We found out, that if you manage to provide them with a value, with a solution to their problem, with a resource, with a painkiller to their pain points — they are definitely open to receiving marketing messages. It has worked extremely well when there is 1-on-1 direct communication, and we have managed to get a 40–45% average response rate.

Redditors are always looking for new and valuable things to share with the world.
There are people out there that are asking you for business, but they just do not know that you exist yet.

🔎 How to find and target potential customers on Reddit using Cuboid Marketing

The key point, is getting to know your target audience.
If they are on the internet, find out where they are hanging out, and look at what keywords and ‘jargon’ they use in their everyday talk.

The ‘targeting users’ process is often a trial and error process from the very beginning, until you get to the point. As you begin to understand your target audience, it may be that fewer or more relevant results appear. But as you start to know your audience better, you will see that the results will become better and better.

We’re working on a Keywords Suggestion and Subreddits Suggestion features, that will help you out with easily targeting your audience, even if you are not everyday Reddit user.
The keywords suggestion feature will suggest similar keywords based on the first keyword that you enter.
💬 Example:
If you entered ‘reddit marketing tool’, we’ll generate ‘reddit marketing’, ‘reddit automation’, ‘marketing tools for reddit’, etc.
So, you will be able to combine all those keywords with ‘contains at least one [or search]’ in our tool. As a result, you will see more results with ‘reddit marketing tool’.

The same thing applies to the subreddit suggestion feature. For each subreddit that we find, we find another subreddit, similar to the first one:

We have included this feature on the roadmap, so feel free to go there and check it out, alongside the other features that we are planning to add.

We highly suggest using the Sentiment Analysis feature if you are building a competitor app, for example.
There are many people out there who are extremely critical of your competitors. Imagine if you were able to access all of them and provide a solution to them.

There are 55K+ people on Reddit, who have made negative comments about Robinhood in the last 6 months.

📨 How to successfully message people on Reddit

When you find out what kind of customers you have, then you must contact them.
As for the ‘message automation’ feature, you just write your message, set up your campaign, and it all gets handled by an in-house tool on autopilot.

A picture of a message.

While writing the messages, you need to focus on actually providing a value for the customers, instead of just getting something out of them.
And here comes the hardest part.

If someone you are messaging sees that the message is spam, they are permitted to report it to your reddit account. If very few people report to your Reddit account, it is possible that the account will be suspended by Reddit, and we are not able to do anything about it. You must target the right people, and you should not send spammy messages to them. Spam is not supported by Cuboid Marketing and Reddit, and if you use it, you may end up having your account in trouble.

You can use Reddit accounts to engage in customer outreach. These are easier to set up than linkedin accounts, and I use them in our in-house program for customer outreach.
If you do not have Reddit accounts, or if you don’t want to risk your main accounts, reach out to us, and we will set you up fast.

📝Best practices for Message Automation

  1. Try not to put a link in your first message.
    I know that it can be tempting to send a link in the first message and measure the conversions and responses, but it is much better to initiate a conversation with the users and get to know their pain points and opinions first.
    In some instances, it’s much easier to attach a link to a website, or to mention the name of the website in the first message, because doing that helps the message stay grounded in context.
    My first way of advertising our software was to include a link in the first message. I was targeting people who wanted to learn more about our solution. I also wanted to demonstrate the use of our solution in the first message.
  2. Make use of personalization variables.
    When using ‘personalization variables’, you can expect to increase the response rate by 60%.
    So that the users you are messaging do not suspect that they are part of a process that is automated, and it will be much easier for you to get a quick intro to them.
    [username] i noticed that you were discussing the issue [mentioned_keyword] in the subreddit r/[subreddit]…
  3. Make sure to use catchy subject matter.
    That is like email. Be sure to use catchy, but relevant, subjects in order to attract better open rates.
    Cuboid marketing allows marketers to personalize the messages within the subject of each message, which leads to far better results.
  4. If you use links, do not use link shorteners (i.e. bit.ly).
    Sending shortened links, such as bit.ly, can indicate that some of your messages are being malicious, and may cause you to worry and raise red flags among the people to whom you are messaging.
  5. Messages that have questions receive more responses.
    If you ask a question in the message, it will lead to more replies and more interested leads.
  6. Converting information to something else through conversation is important.
    It is much easier to convert through conversations. People on Reddit are much more willing to discuss things than you think.
  7. Make sure the goals that you are targeting are good.
    Similarly, if you are targeting people that are irrelevant, your messaging results will not be good. So, you should be certain that you are targeting only potential customers.

Here’s an amazing example from one of the best growth hackers out there, and international bestselling author – Rohan Chaubey’s marketing strategy:

Rohan is an excellent example.

In this case, as you can see, he is referring to a quick question. People are naturally curious, so that is why I am sure that people will click on this message.
We are using a personalization variable to name the user, and for the keyword he’s mentioned.
In the first message, he is not directly selling something. When he is engaged with those who are leading the conversation, he brings the conversation to them.

After he gets a reply, he’ll continue to give more input to the thread, and at the end he will also provide a link to his subreddit. A good seller sells someone only after he concludes that a person is a good lead.

In the end, Ron does more than just convert people to use his subreddit. So far, he has even been able to get a follower.
That’s the magic of using your in-house program correctly.

Here is another example of a best practices summary by Raj Chaubey, where he responds to one of our customers, in a Facebook conversation.

‘Best Practices’ summarization by Rohan Chaubey