How To Use Twitter Business Marketing

How can I use Twitter to promote my business?

Web presence, social media, and word-of-mouth are the prime marketing factors that will never change, no matter what year it is.

It only revolves around how customers perceive your business and how you showcase your brand identity.

While Facebook and Google are the most-used platforms for business marketing, it is undeniable that Twitter can also help your rank in searches.

While more than 3 billion searches are conducted by Google, other social media platforms like Twitter have joined the league.

The more critical your business, the better the marketing platforms, and the more diverse the audience that you will reach.

However, how can you increase your business?

How can you use Twitter to increase conversions?

A very important question to ponder upon!

In this article on how to use Twitter for business marketing, we will provide all essential tips to take your business to another level this year.

However, before that, we should quickly look at Twitter and see that it is a triumph.

So, what is Twitter?

In the gigantic world of social media, if Facebook is your room, the blog is your database storage, and Linkdln is your workplace, Twitter is your main door.

It is also an opportunity for you to reach out to new friends and invite them into your room through other social connections.

Twitter is more like a bucket that is filled with all kinds of information, and it is a platform that keeps you updated.

You are able to juice it for almost anything.

Now that you understand the true value of Twitter, let’s dive into some tips on how to make Twitter become your marketplace for business.


1 Promote your brand.

Your Twitter profile represents your brand.

It is more like a banner for you to represent the brand’s story to the Twitter Community.

So it is imperative that your website looks impressive.

If possible, make sure that your account name and image are similar to your other social media platforms.

Make it more brand-centric, i.e., don’t add any personal touch under your brand name.

Make sure that your username will be the brand name that appears in all your tweets.

Like Facebook, you are permitted to have two images on Twitter. So use your two images wisely and tell your story.

You can customise cover image or can use gifs as per your company logo design.

After you have finished doing the image work, give a clear description of your business in at least 160 characters.

Make it simple but effective.

2 – find people who also share the same interests that you do.

You must make a list of influential people. These include potential clients, bloggers, journalists, leaders in your area, and other influential people.

Add the people to your personal Twitter list, and start building a healthy relationship with them. Grab any opportunity to interact with them.

You can take help from online marketing agencies or can use tools like Followerwonk and Topsy.

You can also use Twitter searches to accomplish this task.


3 Tweet often.

By tweeting regularly, you will be active and always ready to communicate.

As a result, your business profile will appear healthy, and you will develop real public relations very quickly.

However, if you tweet once in a month or a week, your followers will forget you and your brand image will suffer.

By posting one tweet every day, you will have your brand in the mind of your followers. Maybe they will read, retweet or click on the tweet.

4 – you should keep your ears open and your fingers away.

Being a good listener always help, no matter what mode of communication you are using.

Same goes for business marketing.

Listen to what they have to say, and then tweet it to everyone.

When you tweet inappropriate things, you are slandering your image and making your business and brand a villain.

If your tweet is one of the most popular ones, then you must retweet it or hashtag it with other favourite tweets.

Using Twitter’s advanced tools, you can see who has used your brand in a tweet.

5 Communicate with your followers via tweets.

If someone inquires about your business on the tweet, give them a quick reply.

By doing that, you will generate leads that you can then convert.

As per analytics, your audience seeks for a prompt reply, so try to give a quick response.

If there is any positive feedback on your tweet, make sure that you either like it or retweet it immediately.

Admire those people who praise your tweet and make sure that you ignore the critical and slamming ones.

If you haven’t done the thanking task this year, do not worry! Start now and see your business grow.


6 – Make use of Advanced Search Options.

The advantage of using advanced search will allow you to squeeze out more opportunities from this bluebird.

You can also insert targeted keywords in your posts to help people find your brand quickly.

I was searching for the person who tweeted for the “me too” campaign. And in the search results I found tons of tweets.

This means that when you know the right keywords to use, you should reach out to the person who first tweeted it. Then you should offer them a message to talk with you.

7 You can increase your reach through mobile messaging.

People use mobile phones to stay connected to your followers on any platform. That is the best way to stay in the inbox of your followers every time.

Twitter enables push notifications, so that all your subscribers and followers receive all your tweets in their mobile inboxes.

By using this push notification system, you will save time and money.

Simply make sure that you do not regularly tweet and cause your followers to become annoyed.

Start making a new account and go ahead!

8 Use different headlines for each tweet.

To increase traffic to your blog post, change link headline every time you post a new tweet.

By doing this, you can increase traffic to your blog by 10 to 20 times and you will have a live audience instantly.

Change headlines, and it will help you get more people and get you more followers.

It is also beneficial in targeting a certain group of people in order to draw web traffic.


9 Upload some pictures.

People find that pictures are very appealing, so don’t forget to include those pictures in your tweet.

No! Do not purchase a DSLR or hire a professional photographer, but just a few pictures from your smartphone will do the job.

The power of visuals can help you attract 3-4 clicks on the post automatically.

They are also pointing out that when you click on your email, you may receive more of the message than you would get from a Google search.

10 Follow hashtags and keep up with the latest trends.

Look for the items that are trending and use them to describe your tweet along with hashtags.

By integrating your brand into the most trending topics, other people will notice your business.

You should also consider using few hashtags, because over-using them will cause your tweet to appear spammy and therefore, irrelevant.

11 Make use of promoted tweets to reach out to people.

Promoted tweets help in building trust and credibility toward the brand.

So, use promotional tweets to target your followers.

However, it is important that you promote original tweets, and not the ones that spam.

12 – Always have a plan.

If you do that, you will be able to keep everything sorted out, and you will not miss any tweets.

You can schedule your tweets and create a calendar for each day of your posts.

For example,

Monday can be your day to post promotional Tweets.

Tuesday could be the day to share tips and how to’s.

Wednesday could be your business and brand day.

You can use Thursdays for highlighting your favourites, as well as trending topics.

Friday’s could become the time to interact and communicate.

13 – my favourite tweets.

Twitter used to have an option called ‘favourite tweet’, but it is now called ‘like’ and it has a heart symbol.

So I urge you to use that kind of inner being and allow that tweet to shine in the light!

It would be more beneficial if someone comments on your tweets or your product.


14 Stay informed about the latest metrics and stats.

It is important that you keep an eye on your business stats.

It will help you to manage everything from one place.

To do that, you must consider the following:

Number of Followers: keep an eye on how many new followers are coming to your tweet. It will give you a list of the people that you follow every day, every week, and every month.

Reach: you can see the reach of your post from the number of likes and retweets of your post.

Traffic: Twitter traffic will give you an idea of the number of visitors your site has.

Follower’s Engagement: Number of followers that interact with your tweets is what engagement on Twitter is all about.

Conversion: While everything is in place, it is essential to keep an eye on the number of conversions your post has.

15 Know when to post a message.

The social media business is very global, so establishing a timeline that is independent can help your posts.

The highest click-through rates that we can measure are between the beginning of the week and the mid of the week.

On weekends, the worst time for you to post something is.

Do you know how to use Twitter effectively?

In a nutshell, if you do not want to repeat the same mistakes you had done with your business marketing in the past, then follow tips mentioned above to clinch success this year.

You should keep ignoring the mantra: Write good tweets, schedule them correctly, set a time limit, watch your post for its performance, and finally, make adjustments to your posts as per your stats.

Because of it, you will have maximum exposure, sales, and conversions on your tweets.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any new tips on how to use Twitter to promote your business.