Are you talking on Kik with a good friend and also a picture isn’t offered? This can be annoying if you’re having a discussion or possibly you’re making use of the Kik application for job.

If a picture will not pack on Kik, it’s most likely due to the fact that the individual that sent out the picture has actually removed it, or there’s a problem with your web link. To repair this, attempt resetting your web link. Failing this, you’ll require to ask your pal to resend you the picture.

Maintain checking out to figure out reasons a picture might be revealing as not available on Kik, and also exactly how to repair this issue.

Various other Individual in Conversation Has Deleted Image

It’s most likely that if a picture on Kik is revealing as ‘not offered’ it’s due to the fact that the various other individual has actually removed this picture.

Maybe that they sent out the picture at fault, or they have actually determined that they no more desire you to have accessibility to this picture.

In order to see the picture your pal sent out, you’ll require to inquire to resend the picture to ensure that you can recognize for certain.

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Ensure Your Web Link is Stable

An picture might be revealing as not available if your web link is having a hard time. For photos to pack efficiently, a solid web link is called for, so this can be where your issue exists. This can likewise discuss you can’t send images or videos on Kik either.

We suggest running a speed test to establish whether you’re experiencing a slow-moving web link. You might require to decrease several of the programs you’re running in order to boost your link, or reset your web router if your link is still poor.

Conversation Has actually Been Deleted By Various other User

Images might reveal as ‘not offered’ on Kik if the conversation you’re making use of has actually been removed by the various other individual. Erasing a conversation can eliminate accessibility to all photos and also data from the various other individual, so this can discuss why you’re not able to watch a picture on Kik.

We suggest calling your pal to see verify whether they have actually removed the conversation. If they have not, proceed checking out to discover one more service.

You have actually Been Obstructed By Various other User

You might not have the ability to watch formerly sent out images/files from one more individual if they have actually obstructed you on Kik. This is due to the fact that the conversation will certainly no more be totally readable by the obstructed celebration, so this might discuss why a picture is revealing as ‘not offered’.

If you have one more method of calling your pal you can attempt messaging them. Nevertheless if you recognize you have actually been obstructed we do not suggest proceeding any kind of efforts to call them.

Your Buddy’s Web Link Dropped

You might discover it challenging to watch a picture on Kik if your pal’s web link went down while sending you the picture.

If your pal’s web link went down, this would certainly have stopped the data from totally packing. The picture might for that reason reveal as ‘not offered’.

Attempt messaging your pal asking if the picture is still attempting to send out. Inevitably they might require to resend it to you.

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Application Requirements Updating

If you’re still having issues seeing photos on Kik, it might be that you require to upgrade the application. Developers frequently problem application updates when bugs/glitches show up. It might be that individuals experienced the issue you have actually dealt with and also the problem has actually been repaired with an upgrade.

Follow the listed below directions to figure out if the Kik application schedules an upgrade:


  1. Open the App Store on your phone
  2. Type Kik right into the search bar and also pick it from the dropdown list
  3. Check if it claims Update on the right-hand side
  4. If it does, click Update


  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Click the Profile Icon on top right of the page
  3. Click Manage Applications and also Device
  4. Find Kik on the listing and also see if it claims Update Available
  5. If so, faucet Update

If you released an upgrade on Kik, refill the application and also see if the picture is still revealing as ‘not offered’. If the picture lots after that the upgrade has actually fixed the problem.

The Image is Corrupted

It might be that the image you’re attempting to watch is damaged. This would certainly discuss why you’re not able to watch the image in Kik.

This can take place for a number of factors, such as the link being shed part-way via the picture sending out, or there might be a problem with your phone and also conserving photos.

In this situation you would certainly require to ask your pal to resend you the picture, and also call your phone carrier if this is an usual event for photos on your phone.

Try Restarting/Reinstalling App

The last action we suggest is to initially refill the application, and after that uninstall/reinstall it.

You need to compel close the application initially making certain that it’s totally shut prior to refilling it. When you refill the application, examine the chat discussion in which the photos would not pack and also see if they have actually currently filled.

If they have not filled, you’ll require to uninstall the Kik application and also re-install it. We’re recommending this as a last hope as this can cause you shedding data/saved details on the Kik application.

When you have actually uninstalled the application, re-install it. You need to discover when you refill the conversations that your photos need to re-emerge.


We hope after reviewing this overview that you have actually handled to solve any kind of concerns you have actually been experiencing with a picture revealing as ‘not offered’ on Kik.

If you’re still having issues with this, we suggest calling Kik through their support centre. There need to be services right here concerning your problem that will certainly help you in repairing it.

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