Mellow Mushroom is among one of the most prominent pizza dining establishment chains understood for offering scrumptious pizzas, calzones, hoagies, salads, appetisers, cracker attacks, and also a vast beer option. If you wonder to understand about the current Mellow Mushroom food selection with rates, after that this write-up will certainly be of fantastic aid to you. So allow us straight delve into the write-up for more information concerning Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers.

Some food products like Pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, and so on are ended up being really usual for the existing generation. Specifically, when it pertains to pizza, we hardly can refute having that. As well as to have scrumptious pizzas we need to discover some great areas. Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers are the most effective alternative if you are locating great pizzas. 2 prominent products of the dining establishment are Home Unique and also Buffalo Poultry.

The Mellow Mushroom food selection includes numerous alternatives consisting of Munchies, Greens, Stoned-Baked Pizzas, Build Your Own Pizza, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Calzones, Desserts, and also extra exist. Smooth Mushroom food selection with rates begins with $2.74.

The write-up will certainly supply you with all the valid information concerning the dining establishment chain beginning with the Mellow Mushroom food selection rates to the general public reaction in the direction of Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers. So without throwing away much time, allow’s have a look at the current Mellow Mushroom catalog listed below.

Mellow Mushroom Menu With Prices
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Munchies Food selection Prices

Thai Chili Stove Roasted Wings5 Wings$ 6.49
Thai Chili Stove Roasted Wings10 Wings$ 10.49
Magic Mushroom Soup Bowl$ 5.75
Meatball Trio$ 6.99
Bruschetta$ 6.99
Hummus$ 6.99
Spinach Artichoke Dip$ 7.99
Cracker Bites$ 7.99
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Pretzels Food Selection Prices

Whole Parmesan$ 7.99
Fifty percent Parmesan$ 4.89
Entire Salted$ 7.99
Fifty percent Salted$ 4.89

Garlic Cheesebread Food Selection Prices

Cheese$ 4.59
Pesto Garlic$ 4.99
Pepperoni$ 4.99
Stove Roasted Wings (Mild, Hot, Thai Chili, Jerk, BARBEQUE, Nude) 5 ct.$ 6.49
Stove Roasted Wings (Mild, Hot, Thai Chili, Jerk, BARBEQUE, Nude) 10 ct.$ 10.49
Split Wings$ 10.49
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Salads Food Selection Prices

New Bangkok Salad with Chicken$ 10.99
New Bangkok Salad with Tofu$ 10.99
Greek SaladRegular$ 8.99
Greek SaladLil’$ 5.99
Caesar SaladRegular$ 8.99
Caesar SaladLil’$ 5.99
Informed Spinach SaladRegular$ 9.39
Informed Spinach SaladLil’$ 6.29
Home SaladRegular$ 6.99
Home SaladLil’$ 4.50
Cook SaladRegular$ 8.99
Cook SaladLil’$ 5.99

Specialized Pies Food Selection Prices

Thai Dye Specialized PieLarge$ 25.19
Thai Dye Specialized PieMedium$ 19.99
Thai Dye Specialized PieSmall$ 12.49
Home SpecialLarge$ 25.19
Home SpecialMedium$ 20.99
Home SpecialSmall$ 12.99
Kosmic KarmaLarge$ 25.19
Kosmic KarmaMedium$ 19.99
Kosmic KarmaSmall$ 12.49
Mighty MeatyLarge$ 25.99
Mighty MeatyMedium$ 20.99
Mighty MeatySmall$ 12.99
Funky Q ChickenLarge$ 25.99
Funky Q ChickenMedium$ 20.99
Funky Q ChickenSmall$ 12.99
Divine ShiitakeLarge$ 25.99
Divine ShiitakeMedium$ 20.99
Divine ShiitakeSmall$ 12.99
Buffalo ChickenLarge$ 25.99
Buffalo ChickenMedium$ 20.49
Buffalo ChickenSmall$ 12.29
Great WhiteLarge$ 25.19
Great WhiteMedium$ 19.99
Great WhiteSmall$ 12.49
Pacific RimLarge$ 25.19
Pacific RimMedium$ 19.99
Pacific RimSmall$ 12.49
Veg OutLarge$ 23.49
Veg OutMedium$ 17.49
Veg OutSmall$ 10.99
PepperoniLarge$ 19.75
PepperoniMedium$ 15.00
PepperoniSmall$ 9.80
Cheese PizzaLarge$ 17.00
Cheese PizzaMedium$ 13.00
Cheese PizzaSmall$ 8.50
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Half & & Fifty Percent Pie Food Selection Prices

House PizzaLarge$ 25.99
Kosmic KarmaLarge$ 25.19
Mighty MeatyLarge$ 25.99
Funky Q ChickenLarge$ 25.99
Divine ShiitakeLarge$ 25.99
Buffalo ChickenLarge$ 25.99
Great WhiteLarge$ 25.19
Pacific RimLarge$ 25.19
Veg OutLarge$ 23.49
Cheese PizzaLarge$ 16.99
Home PizzaMedium$ 20.99
Kosmic KarmaMedium$ 19.49
Mighty MeatyMedium$ 20.99
Funky Q ChickenMedium$ 20.99
Funky Q ChickenMedium$ 20.99
Divine ShiitakeMedium$ 20.99
Buffalo ChickenMedium$ 20.99
Great WhiteMedium$ 19.99
Pacific RimMedium$ 19.99
Veg OutMedium$ 17.49
Cheese PizzaMedium$ 12.89
Home Pizza$ 12.99
Kosmic Karma$ 12.49
Mighty Meaty$ 12.99
Funky Q Chicken$ 12.99
Divine Shiitake$ 12.99
Buffalo Chicken$ 12.99
Great White$ 12.49
Pacific Rim$ 12.49
Veg Out$ 10.99
Cheese Pizza$ 8.29

Gluten-Free Pies Food Selection Prices

House Unique GF$ 14.99
Kosmic Fate GF$ 14.99
Mighty Meaty GF$ 14.99
Veg Out GF$ 11.99
BYO Gluten-Free Pie$ 10.50
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Build Your Own Pie Food Selection Prices

BYO PieLarge$ 17.00
BYO PieMedium$ 13.00
BYO PieSmall$ 8.50
Cheese PizzaLarge$ 17.00
Cheese PizzaMedium$ 13.00
Cheese PizzaSmall$ 8.50
Pepperoni PizzaLarge$ 19.75
Pepperoni PizzaMedium$ 15.00
Pepperoni PizzaSmall$ 9.80

Calzones Food Selection Prices

Cheese Calzone$ 8.99
Vegetable Calzone$ 10.99
The Sausagefest Calzone$ 12.49
Steak Calzone$ 12.49
Poultry Calzone$ 12.49
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Sandwiches Food Selection Prices

California Club$ 8.50
Poultry Caesar Wrap$ 7.49
Nation Club$ 8.50
Mellow Poultry Salad$ 6.99

Hoagies Food Selection Prices

Steak & & Cheese HoagieHalf$ 7.49
Steak & & Cheese HoagieWhole$ 11.49
Poultry & & Cheese HoagieHalf$ 6.99
Poultry & & Cheese HoagieWhole$ 10.49
Meatball HoagieHalf$ 6.49
Meatball HoagieWhole$ 9.99
Italian HoagieHalf$ 6.99
Italian HoagieWhole$ 10.49
Tempeh HoagieHalf$ 6.99
Tempeh HoagieWhole$ 10.49
Tofu HoagieHalf$ 6.99
Tofu HoagieWhole$ 10.49
Mushroom ClubHalf$ 6.99
Mushroom ClubWhole$ 10.49
Avocado HoagieHalf$ 6.49
Avocado HoagieWhole$ 9.99
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Burgers Food Selection Prices

Ritz Burger$ 9.99
BYO Burger$ 11.99

Desserts Food selection Prices

Mary Jane’s Dual Delicious chocolate Brownie$ 3.00
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookie$ 2.49
Three-way Delicious Chocolate Piece Cookie$ 2.49
Oat Meal Raisin Cookie$ 2.49

Children Food Selection Prices

Kids Cheese Bread Pizza$ 5.50
Children Pepperoni Cheese Bread$ 5.50
Children Meatball$ 5.50
Children Mac & & Cheese$ 5.50
Children Pretzel$ 5.50
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Beverages Food Selection Prices

Coke$ 2.49
Diet Regimen Coke$ 2.49
Coke Zero$ 2.49
Sprite$ 2.49
Wonderful Tea$ 2.49
Unsweet Tea$ 2.49
Beer Cheese$ 2.49
Routine Chips$ 1.69
BARBEQUE Chips$ 1.69
Jalapeno Chips$ 1.69
Salt & & Vinegar Chips$ 1.69

Background of Smooth Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom Menu And Prices
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Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers first started the journey in 1974 when 3 trainees from the College of Georgia collaborates and also developed a company that showed their eccentric approaches. The really initial dining establishment was opened up on Springtime Road in Atlanta.

The very first franchise business was introduced in the 80s and also even more of them proceeded. A lot of them were introduced by the staff members and also they are understood for their individuality due to the fact that they are possessed by residents.

The very first franchise business was introduced near the College of Georgia and also the majority of the electrical outlets have actually been energetic in Atlanta and also Georgia. The franchise business started to introduce in city places in 2000 and also presently, 200 areas in 20 states are being checked out by clients.

The electrical outlet situated in Sarasota, FL has actually been energetic considering that the moment the firm was introduced. Mellow Mushroom Pizza’s identification was validated when they introduced a franchise business in the beginning. Mel O. Mushroom is their mascot and also Pal Finethy was the primary mastermind behind it.

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers are presently operating different outlets in an overall of 170 areas and also greater than 4000 employees are presently dealing with the dining establishment chain. Mellow Mushroom Pizza rates have actually additionally drawn in a great deal of individuals as they are pocket pleasant.

Evaluation of Smooth Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom Menu With Pictures everymenuprices
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Although Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers are well-known for offering the most effective pizzas they additionally do not dissatisfy their clients when it pertains to calzones, hoagies, salads, appetisers, such as cracker attacks, and also others. The smooth Mushroom food selection has a different area for beverages. Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers include a huge option of beer, which match the indoor.

The dining establishment chain has numerous shops and also each of them is possessed and also run and also embellished in a different way and also occasionally there is a unifying motif to the art work. The branches are particularly created in Tie-dye and also vibrant mushrooms. Some electrical outlets include some certain centers periodically include online songs, facts competitors, karaoke, or bingo.

According to Mellow Mushroom Pizza reviews, clients have actually enjoyed the pleasant habits of the personnel. Some clients have actually commended the online songs having their scrumptious food. Several clients have actually uploaded that Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers offers among the most effective crust pizzas.

On the various other hand, some clients have actually uploaded that they have actually not had an excellent experience with Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers. Some clients have actually composed that they have actually not obtained their order promptly and also left without consuming. A few other clients really did not discover the food approximately the mark and also the very same has been verified in the Mellow Mushroom Pizza assesses.

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How to Order Online from Mellow Mushroom Food Selection in Couple Of Actions?

Mellow Mushroom Order Online everymenuprices
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If you intend to delight in Mellow Mushroom pizza at your residence without tipping outdoors after that you can purchase on the internet with the aid of Grubhub, Doordash, and so on. Listed below I will certainly reveal you some actions on exactly how you can purchase online from the Mellow Mushroom food selection with the aid of Doordash. You can comply with the very same actions if you intend to purchase from Grubhub.

Additionally, if you simply intend to examine the current Mellow Mushroom food selection rates and also do not intend to purchase anything, you can additionally comply with the very same actions listed below.

  1. First, head over to Doordash and also pick your area.
  2. After picking your area, the Mellow Mushroom food selection and also rates of that certain area will certainly be presented (below you can simply examine the food selection rates of your nearby area if you do not intend to purchase anything).
  3. Currently, pick all the food products that you intend to purchase from Mellow Mushroom and also include them to your cart.
  4. In the following action, most likely to check out and also check in to your account.
  5. If you do not have an account on Doordash, you can develop a brand-new one at the time of check out.
  6. After efficiently checking in, fill out your delivery information and also pick your settlement approach and also validate the order.

Mellow Mushroom Get In Touch With Details & & Important Links


Nowadays, there are numerous pizza chains offered yet a few of them have various appeal amongst the general public. Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers are additionally among them considering that their food selection supplies scrumptious pizzas with numerous alternatives.

Currently, Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers have actually increased their service to around 170 places and also still preparing to broaden in various nations. Smooth Mushroom is anticipated to turn into one of the most significant dining establishment chains in the future days. So what did you like one of the most from the above-given Mellow Mushroom food selection with rates? Do allow me recognize in the remark area listed below.

Often Asked Concerns Associated With Mellow Mushroom (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where did Mellow Mushroom begin?

The dining establishment chain began the trip in Atlanta, Georgia.

That has Mellow Mushroom?

Home Grown Industries, Inc. presently has the dining establishment chain.

What is the existing profits of Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers?

The yearly profits of Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers is approximated to be about $311 million.

Is Mellow Mushroom food selection rates pocket pleasant?

Yes, Mellow Mushroom food selection rates can be conveniently available to any person and also they will not drop hefty on your pocket.

The amount of Mellow Mushrooms exist?

As of the write-up writing, the dining establishment chain is presently running greater than 170 electrical outlets in various areas and also still preparing to broaden in various nations.

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