Michel’s Patisserie is a prominent Australian bakery-style dining establishment chain in Australia. They are recognized for their scrumptious specialized cakes, breads, deals with, coffee, and also savors. They use a variety of things on their food selection that includes sandwiches, hamburgers, thaws, pies, morning meal, lunch, breads, cakes, savories, warm beverages, chilly beverages, and also a lot more things. In this post, i will certainly inform you regarding Michel’s Patisserie food selection with costs and also far more.

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Michel’s Patisserie Food selection With Prices

Michel's Patisserie Menu And Prices everymenuprices.com
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Here is the Michel’s Patisserie food selection and also catalog which you can examine and afterwards buy your food appropriately:

Sandwiches, Thaws and also Burgers Food Selection Prices

Steak Sandwich Meal$ 14.50
Exquisite Angus Beef Hamburger Meal$ 14.50
Hen Schnitzel Hamburger Meal$ 14.50
Grilled Hen Hamburger Meal$ 14.50
BLT Meal$ 13.90
Yard Vegetable Hamburger Meal$ 14.50
Hen, Avocado and also Cheese Open Malt$ 8.50
Hawaiian Open Malt$ 8.50
Exquisite Angus Beef Burger$ 9.90
Grilled Hen Burger$ 9.90
Hen and also Brie Baguette$ 8.90
Pork Cheese and also Tomato Sandwich$ 6.90
Pork and also Cheese Sandwich$ 6.90
Egg and also Bacon Sandwich$ 7.90
Hen, Avocado and also Cheese on Turkish Bread$ 9.90
Hen Schnitzel Burger$ 9.90
Yard Vegetable Burger$ 9.90
Egg and also Lettuce Sandwich$ 5.90
Steak Sandwich$ 9.90
Drawn Pork Burger$ 9.90
BLT$ 9.90
Propel Toast$ 8.90
Hen, Lettuce and also Mayo$ 7.90

Morning Meal Food Selection Prices

Vienna Sourdough Toast$ 3.50
Raisin Toast$ 4.50
Banana Bread$ 4.50
Pork and also Cheese Croissant$ 6.90
Crepes with Lemon$ 8.90
Crepes with Nutella$ 8.90
Bacon and also Egg Muffin$ 6.90
Morning Meal Sandwich$ 8.90
Breakfast$ 8.50
Eggs with Vienna Sourdough Toast$ 7.90
Wrecked Avocado$ 9.90
Bacon and also Eggs with Vienna Sourdough Toast$ 9.90
Vegetarian Big Breakfast$ 14.90
Eggs Benedict$ 14.90
Eggs Benedict Smoked Salmon$ 15.90
Crepes with Pork, Cheese, Spinach covered with Hollandaise Sauce$ 9.90
Cheese, Egg and also Bacon Croissant$ 7.90
French Toast$ 9.90
Big Breakfast$ 16.90

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Lunch Food Selection Prices

Chicken Schnitzel Meal$ 14.50
Hen Parmigiana Meal$ 15.50
Pasta Meal$ 15.90
Vegetarian Pasta Meal$ 15.90
Quiche Meal$ 12.90
Fish and also Chips$ 15.90
Warm Chips$ 4.90
Dessert Potato Wedges$ 5.90
Yard Salad$ 9.90
Caesar Salad$ 11.90

Children Food Selection Food Selection Prices

Sandwich$ 5.90
Nuggets and also Chips$ 9.50
Fish and also Chips$ 9.50
Tiny Nachos$ 9.50
Tiny Macaroni and also Cheese$ 9.50

Savoury Pastries Food Selection Prices

Spinach Roll$ 5.00
Sausage Roll$ 5.00
Level Beef Pie$ 5.00
Beef and also Mushroom Pie$ 4.90
Cheese and also Bacon Pie$ 4.90
Potato Pie$ 4.80
Beef Pastie$ 5.20
Veggie Pastie$ 5.20
Hen and also Veg Pie$ 5.00
Beef Curry Pie$ 5.00
Spinach Roll Cocktail$ 2.80
Sausage Roll Cocktail$ 2.80
Level Beef Pie Cocktail$ 2.80

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Sweet Pastries Food Selection Prices

Cinnamon Swirl Pastry$ 4.20
Apple Danish Crown Pastry$ 4.20
Simple Croissant$ 4.00
Vanilla Cronut$ 6.90
Lemon Cronut$ 6.90

Hot Drinks Food Selection Prices

Cappuccino$ 4.00
Caffe Latte$ 4.00
Apartment White$ 4.00
Lengthy Black$ 4.00
Mocha$ 4.20
Warm Chocolate$ 4.00
Chai Latte$ 4.00
Vienna$ 4.20
Affogato$ 4.20
Espresso$ 3.00
Macchiato$ 3.80
Long Macchiato$ 3.80
Tea Blend Madame$ 4.20
Babyccino$ 1.50
Piccolo Latte$ 3.00

Cold Drinks Food Selection Prices

Iced Drink$ 5.00
Cold Tea$ 5.00
Smoothies$ 6.50
Frappes$ 5.00
Milkshakes$ 5.00

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Individual Sugary Foods Food Selection Prices

Carrot Cake$ 5.50
Shortbread Man$ 4.50
Vanilla Yoyo$ 4.00
Raspberry Heart Lamington$ 5.00
Neenish Tarte$ 3.00
Strawberry Cheesecake$ 5.50
Mango Cheesecake$ 5.50
Rocky Road$ 4.00
Delicious Chocolate Butterscotch Cheesecake$ 5.60
Lemon Meringue$ 6.90
Newyork Cheesecake$ 6.90
Delicious Chocolate Volcano$ 7.90
Apple Crumble Slice$ 6.90
Vanilla Slice$ 6.90
Sugar Slice$ 5.00
Citrus Tart$ 6.90
Sacher Slice$ 6.90
Salted Sugar Tart$ 6.90
Manhattan Cookies and also Lotion Cheesecake$ 5.90
American Brownie$ 6.50
Red Velour Cake$ 7.90
Michel's Patisserie Menu Prices everymenuprices.com
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Individual Cakes Food selection Prices

Orange and also Poppyseed Muffin$ 5.50
Apple and also Cinnamon Muffin$ 5.50
Blueberry Muffin$ 5.50
Dual Choc Chip Muffin$ 5.50
Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes$ 4.50
Vanilla Cupcakes$ 4.50
Rainbow Cupcake$ 5.00
Petit Xmas Chocolat Torte$ 4.00

Flourless Gluten-Free Food Selection Prices

Choc Rasp Cake (GF) Ind.$ 5.50
Orange and also Almond Cake (Flourless) (GF)$ 59.90
Delicious Chocolate Hazelnut Cake (Flourless) (GF)$ 59.90
Carrot Cake Flourless$ 6.90
New york city cheesecake GF$ 6.90
Sugar Cut (Gluten-Free)$ 6.90

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Large Cakes Food Selection Prices

Happy Birthday Celebration Sponge Vanilla$ 44.90
Standard Marble Mud$ 54.90
Delighted Birthday Celebration Sponge Choc$ 44.90
Rainbow Shock Cake Large$ 56.90
Choc Shimmer Shock Large$ 56.90
Rocky Roadway Shock Large$ 56.90
Trademark Delicious Chocolate Mud Large$ 54.90
Delicious Chocolate Malt Ball$ 56.90
Tiramisu Cake$ 69.90
Honeycomb Grind Cheesecake$ 69.90
Lemon Curd Tart$ 69.90
Delicious Chocolate Mousse & & Sugar Fudge$ 69.90
Raspberry White Delicious Chocolate Cheese Cake$ 69.90
Raspberry Lime Tart$ 69.90
Tam Tam Cheese Cake$ 69.90
Triad Mousse$ 69.90
Banana Mango Cake$ 69.90
Lemon Meringue Pie$ 69.90
Banana Sugar Pie$ 69.90
Cherry & & Choc Cake$ 69.90
Delicious Chocolate Coconut Truffle Cake$ 69.90
Delicious Chocolate Mud Cake$ 69.90
Big Glimmer Torte$ 50.00
Fruit Feeling Cake$ 59.90
Baked Newyork Cheesecake$ 69.90

Tool Cakes Food Selection Prices

Orange & & Poppy Seed Cake$ 19.90
Sugar Cheesecake$ 32.90
Delighted Birthday Celebration Sponge Vanilla$ 39.90
Deluxe Delicious Chocolate Mousse$ 39.90
Deluxe Vanilla Mousse$ 39.90
Deadly Sin (Mousse delicious chocolate & & Cookies Lotion Cheese Cake)$ 39.90
Timeless Black Forest$ 44.90
Carrot Cake$ 19.90
Ombre Pink Rosette Cake$ 44.90
Blue Rosette Cake$ 44.90
Standard Marble Mud Med$ 42.90
Mango Cheesecake$ 32.90
Rocky Roadway Shock Cake$ 46.90
Trademark Delicious Chocolate Mud Med$ 39.90
Passionfruit Cheesecake$ 32.90
Delicious Chocolate Butter Scotch Cheese Cake$ 39.90
Delighted Birthday Celebration Sponge Choc$ 39.90
Vanilla Cheesecake-Med$ 32.90
Rainbow Shock Cake Med$ 46.90
Choc Shimmer Shock Med$ 46.90
Rocky Roadway Shock Med$ 46.90
Delicious Chocolate Malt Sphere Med$ 46.90
Carrot & & Orange$ 49.90
Tool Glimmer Torte$ 40.00
Celebration Cake Delicious Chocolate Sponge$ 34.90
Celebration Cake Vanilla Sponge$ 32.90
Fruit Feeling Cake$ 46.90

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Small Cakes Food Selection Prices

Rainbow Shock Cake Sml$ 24.90
Choc Shimmer Shock Sml$ 24.90
Timeless Black Woodland Log$ 26.90
Cookies & & Crème Celebration Cake$ 19.90
Rocky Roadway Shock Cake$ 26.90
Strawberry Gateaux Log$ 24.90
Delicious chocolate Malt Sphere sml$ 26.90
Tiny Golden Spot Torte$ 29.90
Bastille Blue Torte$ 29.90
Celebration Cake Delicious Chocolate Sponge$ 22.90
Celebration cake Vanilla Sponge$ 22.90

Coffee Unique Offers Menu Prices

Coffee & & Banana Bread$ 7.90
Coffee & & Muffin$ 7.90
Coffee & & Danish$ 7.90
Coffee & & Pork Cheese Toastie$ 7.90
Coffee & & Bacon and also Egg Muffin$ 7.90
Coffee & & Pork Cheese Croissant$ 7.90
Coffee & & Raisin Toast$ 7.90

Wedding Catering Food Selection Prices

Banana Bread Loaf$ 20.00
Celebration Pie (38 Computers)$ 96.00
Big Pie Box (24 Computers)$ 120.00
Celebration Sausage Roll (35 Computers)$ 96.00
Celebration Pie (25 Computers)$ 64.00
Vegetarian Savouries Box$ 96.00
Sweets & & Cakes Platters$ 110.00

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New Arrivals Food Selection Prices

Neapolitan Mousse Cake$ 32.90
Black Woodland Cake$ 32.90
Lemon Meringue Pie$ 32.90
Flourless Delicious Chocolate Hazelnut$ 59.90
Flourless Orange & & Almond Cake$ 59.90
Sugar Mud Cake$ 32.90
Dual Choc Sugar Fudge$ 32.90
Cookies & & Lotion Cheesecake$ 32.90
Salted Sugar Cheesecake$ 32.90
Delicious Chocolate Mud Cake$ 32.90

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About Michel’s Patisserie

Michel’s Patisserie additionally supplies child’s dishes and also gluten-free alternatives on their shop’s food selection. They have an outfit code of informal wear their shops and also are focused on offering decadent cakes, exquisite breads, and also savors to their clients. They have the center of both shipment in addition to takeaway solutions in their shops to ensure that you can buy online and also taste the incredible food at your residence.

Michel’s Patisserie was started by Noel Roberts and also Noel Carroll in the year 1988. They opened up the very first dining establishment area in Sydney, Australia in 1988. In the year 1990, they began franchising their dining establishments. At the here and now time, Retail Food Team is the moms and dad company of Michel’s Patisserie, and also the shop is had and also handled by Retail Food Team (RFG).

Michel’s Patisserie has more than 360 shop areas in Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, and also China. The head office of Michel’s Patisserie is positioned in Sydney, Australia.

If you are considering mosting likely to Michel’s Patisserie after that it will certainly be your finest choice ever before since they use great food and also wonderful solutions in an inviting ambience. They additionally have pleasant personnel in their shops.

If you are an individual that enjoys to consume baked items after that Michel’s Patisserie is a best area for you to check out and also experience scrumptious and also decadent cakes, exquisite breads, and also coffee. Above was the current Michel’s Patisserie food selection with costs. Have a look at a few other vital things listed below.

Michel’s Patisserie Call Information

Below is Michel’s Patisserie’s get in touch with info in situation you intend to get in touch with the dining establishment or check out there.

Michel’s Patisserie Corporate Office AddressRetail Food Team Degree 4, 35 Robina Community Centre Drive, Robina 4226
Michel’s Patisserie Corporate Office Phone Number( 512) 433-6860
Michel’s Patisserie Call FormVisit Here

Michel’s Patisserie Social Profiles

You can comply with Michel’s Patisserie dining establishment on the social media sites systems provided listed below where they post every upgrade.

Essential Links

Below is a listing of some vital web links to Michel’s Patisserie dining establishments like their areas, dietary info, jobs, and also far more.

Michel’s Patisserie Franchising Information

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If you are considering opening up a franchise business of Michel’s Patisserie after that you must call for a financial investment varying from $350,000– $400,000 to utilize the trademark name and also organization version.

Frequently asked questions Connected to Michel’s Patisserie

How lots of Michel’s Patisseries remain in Australia?

There are 123 Michel’s Patisserie in Australia.

What firm is Michel’s Patisserie had by?

Michel’s Patisserie is had by Retail Food Team.

Where is Michel’s Patisserie head office found?

Michel’s Patisserie head office lies in Sydney, Australia.

The amount of areas does Michel’s Patisserie have?

They have 360 shop areas in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and also China.

Does Michel’s Patisserie deal franchise business?

Yes, they use franchise business to people.

Last Words

So this was everything about the Michel’s Patisserie food selection with costs and also we have actually additionally stated lots of various other points associated with this dining establishment like their get in touch with information, social accounts, vital web links, and also far more.

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If you have actually checked out there prior to or you are mosting likely to check out after understanding the Michel’s Patisserie food selection with costs, after that do not fail to remember to provide your evaluations in the remark area listed below. Delighted Consuming …!!!

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