In-Depth Contrast– Moon Shell VS Lovesac VS Yogibo

Let’s go a little deeper right into the distinctions of the 3, as well as additionally point out some sensible distinctions also. What complies with is a comprehensive contrast of Moon Shell, Lovesac, and also Yogibo, side-by-side:

Bean Bag Comparsion
Moon Shell VS Lovesac VS Yogibo
FillExpanded PolystyreneShredded DurafoamExpanded Polystyrene
Pricing$ 299– $499$ 600– $1,550$ 129– $449
ErgonomicVery Ergonomic 5/5Adequate 3/5Good 4/5
ComfortTremendous 5/5Maximum Convenience 5/5More Than Great 4/5
Return PolicyReturns readily available within 2 week of acquisition. Returns readily available within 60 days of acquisition. Returns readily available within 2 week of acquisition.
Does It Have Funding?Yes, Afterpay readily available. Yes, 12-month funding readily available. No.
ShippingFree delivery within the United States. Free delivery within the United States. Free delivery to United States & & Canada on orders over $99.
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While it might have showed up that these 3 bean bag brand names are really comparable, certainly they’re various. We understand that these are a lot more sensible elements, however we intended to discuss them, since they do contribute also.

Moon Shell Bean Bag Review

Original Moon Pod

As we discussed previously, Moon Pod has the least quantity of sizing choices. The only 2 bean bags that are readily available are the traditional Moon Shell, and also SUPER Moon Pod. Prior to you check-off Moon Shell of your checklist though, there are several points that make it the most effective option from the 3.

It started as a Kickstarter in 2018, for which, there was an amazing quantity of passion. The factor being was what it was indicated to simulate.

The Moon Shell was made to offer you the sensation of zero-gravity, similar to flotation protection treatment, where you could be drifting in water in a sensory container, or comparable. I really did not get the entire zero-gravity point in the beginning, however I’m happy to state that I have actually occurred.

It actually functions. Without a doubt, this is one of the most comfy, and also one of the most weird-feeling bean bag. That zero-gravity point actually functions. And also contrasted to Lovesac and also Yogibo, the Moon Shell is much better for assistance.

Significance, it is not one of those bean bags which instantly sink listed below the planet as soon as you rest on them. It has a best equilibrium of convenience and also ergonomic assistance. Yet which design is for you, the initial Moon Shell or the Super Moon Shell?

The regular Moon Pod has to do with 4 sq feet, while the Super design that’s dual the dimension of the initial. Fairly honestly, if you’re seeking a bean bag simply for you, after that the initial suffices. The Super is spot-on for 2 individuals though.

So, you prepare to make the dedication and also choose Moon Shell, well, take into consideration the adhering to benefits and drawbacks:


  • Zero-gravity feel
  • Great design
  • Possible to make even more ergonomic and also supportive
  • Good accessories
  • Sizes for 1 or 2 people

Lovesac Bean Bag Review

Lovesac– Supersac Bean Bag

With Lovesac, it does obtain fascinating.

While the bean bags are made the standard method with shredded durafoam as opposed to EPS, a lot of customers do not appear to care. This could be as a result of the truth that the Lovesac is exceptionally comfy.

And also, there are rather a multitude of dimensions readily available, and also dimensions which are downright bonkers I could include. Display A: The Big One. This set is available in at 6 feet broad and also 4.1 feet high. It can conveniently fit 2 grownups and also 2 kids. Display B: SuperSac. It is available in at 5 feet broad and also 3.10 feet high.

Quite astounding. Yet do you actually require that large bean bags? In all sincerity, I would certainly like to have among those 2, however problems emerge when you require to place the damned point someplace. And also, there is one more issue also.

To proceed with those 2, allow’s discuss prices. The BigOne beginnings at $1,985, while the SuperSac beginnings at $1,600. Yikes. So, it makes a damage on your pocketbook, and also it occupies your entire living-room.

Although, to be reasonable, we’re being as well severe to Lovesac. There is a location and also time which this bean bag most definitely makes good sense. But also for the ordinary customer, not actually.

On a side note, since it’s made the standard method, the bean bag does develop big openings one you being in it. To minimize this, you would certainly need to pump it out and also collect it with each other to make it back to regular.

Let’s discuss the positives and also downsides. This are the benefits and drawbacks that we see with Lovesac:


  • Huge bean bags available
  • A great deal of dimension options
  • Very comfortable
  • Great high quality, both for the bean bags and also covers
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Not as ergonomic as the various other two
  • Not really supportive

Yogibo Bean Bag Review

Yogibo Bean Bags

When it concerns the Yogibo however, it does share a great deal of resemblances with the Moon Shell. Mostly as a result of the truth that it utilizes the exact same padding product, the EPS. And also, the covers and also inside products really feels really comparable.

There are a whole lot even more options than the Moon Shell also, however a lot of the moment, a lot of customers will certainly opt-in for the dimensions that Moon Shell provides, which Yogibo has also.

KEEP IN MIND: When we point out dimensions and also dimension contrasts, these are approximate numbers, as a result of the nature of the item concerned. Dimensions differ given that it is comprised from a product that walks around.

Quite honestly, we really felt as though the Yogibo would certainly suffice for the majority of people. It has a terrific equilibrium of convenience and also usefulness. Significance, if you intended to, you can rest upright in the Yogibo bean bag, and also do some service your laptop computer while you go to it. Approved, it does need to be sustained by a wall surface, given that you can not actually relax your back on it completely without some type of assistance.

Costs are fairly budget-friendly as well, being available in really near Moon Shell.

What is respectable with the Yogibo is the customizability, which is rather a lot more comprehensive than a few other options on the marketplace. There are far more shades to select from, which is useful, given that a lot of would certainly wish to match it with another thing in their house.

If you want to include some devices to your bean bag, you can do that also, and also while it does set you back a whole lot a lot more, the device costs are fairly budget-friendly.

If you’re thinking about the Yogibo, these are the benefits and drawbacks that you ought to remember of:


  • Multiple dimensions and also variants available
  • A great deal of shade options
  • Practical and also comfy at the exact same time
  • Lightweight


  • Less ergonomic than the Moon Pod
  • Less sensible than the Moon Pod

Head-To-Head Comparisons

I you resemble me, after that you possibly wish to discover your choices completely. To do that, we place each brand name up versus each various other, to see which would certainly make good sense for some, and also which would not. What complies with is a competition of each brand name.

Which Is Extra Worth It?– Moon Shell VS Lovesac

The Original Moon Pod

Depending on what you’re wanting to obtain from your bean bag, there is a circumstance where Moon Shell is much better, and also where Lovesac is much better.

For instance, if you’re seeking a comfy bean bag, which you can additionally make use of to rest on and also service it also, Moon Pod is much better. It has reclining capacities, which Lovesac does not use in any way.

For the most comfort however, Lovesac is much better. Nevertheless, Lovesac is additionally one of the most pricey from the 3. Anticipate a substantial cost with Lovesac, or, you can choose the much better total bang-for-the-buck option, which is Moon Shell.

What Is Much better?– Moon Shell VS Yogibo

Moon Shell’s Original Bean Bag

From these 2, in our viewpoint, Moon Shell is a lot more superior.

Reason-being, is the truth that you do obtain the exact same bundle in regards to the bean bag design, however total functionality for the Moon Shell is far better. Yogibo requires some type of assistance if you wish to rest upright, which isn’t the instance with Moon Shell.

Sure, Yogibo has even more sizing choices, however a lot of the moment, dimensions used by Moon Shell are the dimensions which most are wanting to obtain. And also, that zero-gravity point that Moon Shell is recognized for, isn’t a trick, individuals have reported that they do seem like they’re drifting.

Lovesac VS Yogibo– The Better Choice Is?

Lovesac– Moviesac Bean Bag

Lovesac. It is far more comfy, and also although it does make use of standard dental filling, the convenience is contemporary of this globe. Nevertheless, you do need to sell usefulness and also functionality for convenience, as Lovesac is tough to make stronger to rest upright, and also points like that.

If you can overcome the larger cost, Lovesac is a terrific choice. Still, if you’re seeking the a lot more affordable choice, Yogibo will execute simply great.

The Decision: Are Bean Bags Well Worth It?– Moon Shell VS Lovesac VS Yogibo

Absolutely, these bean bags deserve it, and also a lot more sensible and also comfy than various other brand names on the marketplace. Yet which one is for you?

Overall, the most effective option from all 3 is Moon Pod. It is really comfy, and also given that it utilizes EPS as the fill, it can be formed right into various other forms, to fit your body. When you rest on it, you body mold and mildews, and also you do obtain wonderful ergonomic assistance.

One of the most comfy bean bag however, is the Lovesac. It resembles a cloud, however the primary problem is that, it can be formed like the Moon Shell. So, its rigorous usage is restricted just to cooling.

When it comes to Yogibo, it offers well as an economical choice, however in regards to convenience and also functionality, in our viewpoint, Moon Shell is the a lot more remarkable option.

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