There’s a new Facebook ads feature called Dynamic Experiences are Dynamic!. Let us talk about what they are and why you should use them.

But first, the obvious: Why is Facebook so bad at naming features?

Does anything in the name of a dynamic need to start with the word dynamic? So, we now have

  • Here is a dynamic list of advertisements.
  • It is very dynamic and creative.
  • They are intense, dynamic formats and creative ideas.
  • Dynamic Experiences are Dynamic!

Is it possible to be a bit more creative? Oh, and I enjoy the use of the word creative.

What I meant is I digress.

What are the fundamentals?

The Dynamic Experiences are Dynamic! feature is available when you use the Traffic or Conversion objectives with a website destination. Of course, if you have the ODAX objective selection process, I assume you’d need to use Traffic, Sales, or Leads with a website destination.

Dynamic Experiences are Dynamic! is turned on within the ad creation process.

Dynamic Experiences are Dynamic!

You can use a single image or video advertising format.

Dynamic Experiences are Dynamic!

Include several text variations for the main text, the headline, and the description.

Dynamic Experiences are Dynamic!

How does that work?

Facebook will automatically create several variations of your ad, based on which version people are most likely to respond to.

There are several possible enhancements that are possible, both media and ad level composition changes.

Please cite some examples of possible media enhancements.

  • I prefer changing the image brightness or contrast.
  • Apply artistic filters.
  • The aspect ratio is variable.
  • You can then add some templates to your feed image.

Composition changes at ad level are necessary for advertising.

  • There is something you can do to add labels to your Facebook page (likes or ratings).
  • The comments must be shown below your advertisements.
  • We are swapping text combinations.

Many of these enhancements sound like Optimize Creative For Each Person, which is a feature that is only available when you turn on It is very dynamic and creative.. It is possible to have this feature stand alone so it does not require turning on.

The swapping text combinations enhancement is Optimized Text Per Person, which allows Facebook to swap the text that you provide for Primary Text, Headline, and Description between the three locations. If you choose that feature, you are allowed to turn that feature on separately.

This is your turn now.

As for what this feature might mean, you should trust that Facebook is able to stimulate your creativity productively. It is definitely worth testing.

Do you have any dynamic experiences? Have you attempted it yet? What is your opinion?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.