There is a new feature on Facebook called dynamic experiences. We should discuss what it is and whether or not you should use it.

But first, the obvious: Why is Facebook so bad at naming features?

Is it really required to have the word ‘dynamic’ in its name? As of this time, we have:

  • Dynamic Ads
  • Dynamic Creative
  • Dynamic Formats and Creative
  • Dynamic Experiences

Can we be a little more creative? Oh, and I guess that is the word creative.

Anyway, I digress.

That is the basic.

They will be able to utilize the conversion and traffic objectives. These objectives are the ultimate goal for your Facebook ads. Your choices will affect the options you have, including optimizing them and delivering them. Click on the link below to read the description and destination of the site. If you are using the Odax objective selection process, I would assume that you have traffic, sales, or leads from your website.

When the creation process begins, it is possible to create dynamic experiences.

Dynamic Experiences

You will need to use a single image or video ad format.

Dynamic Experiences

You must include several text variations for the primary text, headline, and description.

Dynamic Experiences

How does this all work?

Facebook will automatically generate multiple variations of your ad, and show only those versions that people are most likely to respond to.

There are many types of enhancements that can be made, both in terms of media and ad level composition changes.

Various kinds of media enhancements are possible.

  • Adjusting the image brightness or contrast
  • Applying artistic filters
  • Varying aspect ratio
  • Adding templates to a feed image

A few examples of the effects of ad level compositional changes are:

  • Adding labels from your Facebook page (likes or ratings)
  • Displaying relevant comments below your ad
  • Swapping text combinations

Certain enhancements sound like optimizing creative for each individual. That is an amazing feature that only comes with turning on Dynamic Creative. This is a feature that is free of charge and does not require another feature to be turned on.

Facebook lets users swap out the text of your profile picture, headline, and description between the three locations. You still have the ability to turn that feature on separately.