A new social media platform that focuses on user safety.

A new social media platform that focuses on user safety.

What is exactly the meaning of the word ‘yobo’?

At the moment, the most popular social networks are focused on sharing content, images or videos, and other performance metrics. They are no longer real conversations and no social ties, and everyone is reduced to a single “like” or a single comment.

We chose to design an app instead of focusing on being popular. Instead, we wanted to design an app that emphasizes honesty. There is no competition on Yubo for people to like other people. It allows young people to have fun while conversing with friends from all over the world who have similar interests.

How can we produce such an incredible amount of value? Thank you for using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. At our service, you are able to take part in live events from anywhere in the world in a safe atmosphere. You two have the ability to talk, play games, discuss your interests, and practice doing nothing.

Yubo’s mission is to aid young people in identifying their place in this world. We are here to give young people a platform for making new friends, being themselves, and living in a fun and secure environment.

The persons are extremely important.

More than 60 million people use WordPress.

On average, more than 130 000 people are born each day all across the world. Participants whose experience is the most are thought to be between 16 and 21 years old (75 percent).

In the United States, there are 12 million people who are registered as users of the internet (the largest market in the world).

Yubo is now available. How is it conducted?

Yubo is a social environment where you meet people from all over the world and socialise with friends from all over the world. All users have the right to start or participate in life, send messages to friends, and get to know each other by talking about mutual interests on the social platform.

The user has to set up their profile after downloading the app. Entering their date of birth and adding a photo is required. Yubo requires that users must be at least thirteen years old in order to register. As in real life, then, they will be divided into age groups and socialize with others who share their interests.

The commitment of Yubo toward safety.

Yubo’s mission is to aid young people in identifying their place in this world. As the #1 platform for young people to socialize online, we are extremely responsible to you, our users. Yubo delivers a series of industry-leading safety safeguards to guarantee the app is a safe, happy, and inclusive environment, with safety features on the Yubo app at the forefront of all they do.

That is our protection plan.

The fact is they must confirm their age and their identity to guarantee that you trust them.

You have to be able to trust the people with whom you are communicating on the internet in order to make friends. Yubo has created several tools and techniques to ensure that the information on users’ profiles, including their age, is accurate.

Yubo analyzes fake phone numbers, fake photos stolen from Google Images, and users who have created multiple accounts on the same device or phone number. Users upload a picture of their face and use facial recognition algorithms to verify that the image is true.

Yubo measures the age disparities between the user declares at registration, the age that is shown in the user’s biography, and the age that is indicated in the user’s conversations with others.

Yubo uses patented in-house age scan technology that analyzes all user photographs to verify that they are who they say they are.

If a user is concerned that their safety is in danger, Yubo closely works with the local authorities and communicates information to law enforcement in a timely, transparent, and proactive manner. Yubo always responds to requests for data within 24 hours, and provides the necessary information.

A set of technical and human solutions to protect human interactions.

Yubo follows strict guidelines for its users and ensures respect for each other.

Yubo’s algorithms look through every piece of written and visual content that you upload on the platform. They will look for any sentence or phrase that violates our guidelines, in the user profiles, live comments, and stream titles.

All photo and video posts, and even the live broadcasts, are analyzed by visual algorithms. Yubo is the first platform in the world to allow streaming web content in real time.

Users who are about to divulge some sensitive information, such as their phone number or location, are prompted by a popup notification asking them if they are certain that they are about to share this information. This is the reason why the app wants to educate and raise awareness among its users about how important it is to protect their personal data.

Our app is designed to allow anyone to report suspicious or offensive material.

Our safety specialists are available 24/7 to analyze all of the data generated by our algorithms and user reports.

Because Yubo is situated in France, a specialized Yubo law enforcement guide is accessible on our website to assist and guide law enforcement agencies in obtaining information from our teams.

An international network of safety partners.

We worked with many child safety organizations and industry experts to get better insights from them.

Yubo has a board of experts that is composed of some of the best professionals in the world.

  • Annie Mullins, OBE, Safety Advisor for Yubo, is in charge of the safety at Yubo.
  • John Shehan is the vice president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
  • Alex Holmes, director of the Diane Award, which is the most powerful anti-bullying organization in the world.
  • Travis Bright is the executive director of Thorn, one of the country’s most prominent child safety groups.
  • Anne Collier is the creator of Netfamilynews. He also appears on snap.inc and the Facebook Safety Boards.
  • Dr. Psychiatric specialist Richard Graham, specialized teens, and social media platforms. He is also Clinical Director for the Good Thinking Network.
  • Mick Moran is the former deputy director for human trafficking and child exploitation at Interpol.

We work with government, nongovernmental organizations, charities, and other organizations to increase the protection of our digital information and welfare. That includes the following items.

We also collaborate with The Cyberbullying Research Center, Good Thinking, Switchboard, The Diane Award, The Trevor Project, and others. These are the organisations with whom we collaborate. They usually execute issue driven campaigns on Yeubo. Our guide to mental health and Pride Month can be found in our blogs.

We’re also on the board of directors of the Technology Coalition, which also includes Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other tech titans.

We have signed agreements with several governments, including Australia, where the Electronic Safety Commissioner has made it a tier one social media scheme, France, and the United Kingdom. Yubo has endorsed we protect voluntary principles.

The Internet Watch Foundation (UK), the Kids Helpline (Australia), the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (US), the NSPCCC (UK), Point de Contact in Hope (France), and Thorn (US).

Those are both resources and education.

Yubo is the safest hub in the city. It contains various types of information and guidance for young people, parents, caregivers, and educators. This safety hub includes the following items.

Bullying, inappropriate language, hate speech, and peer pressure are concerns that should be addressed by the Safety Council. Before obtaining the app, any user attempting to register for Yubo must read the guidelines as part of the community.

You, young people and parents, have access to the very thorough safety guidelines, which give an overview of the tools and protections that ensure that Yubo’s people are secure.

As a result, Yubo users all over the globe will be able to benefit from direct links to bullying, mental health, and internet safety groups.