Is your Oculus Pursuit 2 not downloading and install acquired video games as well as obtaining stuck on the procedure bar?

If your Oculus Pursuit 2 is not downloading and install video games, the video game information on the SideQuest application may be damaged. To download and install video games on Oculus Pursuit 2, clear the SideQuest application information. If this does not function, switch off as well as on Wi-Fi on the headset as well as ensure it has sufficient totally free disk area.

In this write-up, we’ll go over why your Oculus Pursuit 2 is not downloading and install video games as well as what you can do to iron out this problem.

Why is my Oculus not downloading and install video games?

Why is my Oculus not downloading games?

Below are a few of the reasons your Oculus Pursuit 2 is not downloading and install video games after acquisition:

  • Not enough area on the headset.
  • Unpredictable Wi-Fi link.
  • Corrupt SideQuest application information.
  • Short-term software application problems.
  • Headset software application glitching.
  • Energetic dual-band function on the router.

Exactly how do I take care of Oculus download and install stopped working?

Clearing app data in SideQuest

If Oculus Pursuit 2 is not downloading and install video games, right here are 7 tested services that have actually assisted numerous customers rapidly leave this dilemma.

Reactivate the virtual reality Headset

The very first workaround is to reactivate your Oculus 2 to fix any type of short-term problems creating the video game’s download procedure to stop working.

To do this, push the ” Power” switch as well as hold it for 10 secs till the headset switches off. Wait 30-60 secs for the system submits to rejuvenate, as well as push the ” Power” button to reactivate your Oculus Pursuit 2. Currently, attempt downloading your video games once more as well as see if this repairs the problem.

Turn On as well as Off Wi-Fi on the Headset

Some customers have actually attempted shutting off as well as on the Wi-Fi on the headset for a couple of secs as well as effectively downloaded and install the video games later. To do this:

  • Press the ” Power” switch on your Oculus 2 to transform it on as well as use it on your head.
  • Click ” App Collection” in the International navigating food selection.
  • Go to “Setups.”
  • Tap “Wi-Fi.”
  • Toggle off the button alongside ” On.”
  • Wait 1-2 mins to rejuvenate the link.
  • Currently, toggle on the button to connect to Wi-Fi on your Oculus, as well as examine if you can download and install video games currently.
Enabling WI-Fi on Quest 2

KEEP IN MIND: You may need to attempt this technique every thirty minutes to finish the download procedure.

Clear Application Information With SideQuest

Your app/game information may corrupt, leading the headset to obtain stuck on “Putting up” while you are downloading and install the video games utilizing the SideQuest application. Thankfully, you can remove the application or cache information on the SideQuest computer application to fix the problem. For this:

  • Attach your Oculus Pursuit 2 to your computer utilizing the USB 3.0 cable. 
  • Install the SideQuest application on your computer as well as launch it.
  • Check in with your SideQuest account.
  • Click ” Mounted Applications.”
  • Select ” Program All.”
  • Find “com.oculus.ocms.”
  • Click the ” Setups” symbol alongside it to gain access to “Application Setups.”
  • Under ” Handle Application,” select ” CLEAR APPLICATION INFORMATION.”
  • Click “Close”

Disconnect your headset from your computer as well as attempt downloading and install the video games on your headset.

Maximize Some Room on Your Virtual Reality Oculus Pursuit 2

Your Oculus might not have enough space to download and install the video games as well as unbox the documents, leading to the “Install Fell short” mistake.

So, guarantee your headset has double the area of the video game you are attempting to download and install. Otherwise, remove some unneeded applications or video games with the complying with actions:

  • Press the ” Oculus” switch on the ideal Oculus Touch controller.
  • Select ” App Collection.”
  • Choose ” Setups.”
  • Go to ” Storage space.”
  • Choose the ” Remove” symbol alongside the video game or application you intend to uninstall.
  • Select ” Remove” to verify.

You can additionally relocate pictures as well as live-streaming recordings to your computer. For this, switch on the headset, attach it to your computer system utilizing a USB 3.0 cord, as well as select ” Permit” on the desktop computer display to access the documents.

Your Windows computer will immediately spot your Oculus Pursuit 2 as a drive. Next off, choose the documents as well as relocate them to a brand-new folder on your computer. As soon as you have adequate area on your headset, reactivate the video game download procedure as well as see if the issue continues.

Troubleshoot the Network Connection

An unpredictable or slow-moving net link may disturb the video game download procedure on your Oculus Pursuit 2, creating it to stop working.

So, run a speed test to examine if your network rate is secure, as well as attempt the complying with actions to fix the network link:

  • Relocate your headset closer to the router, making sure solid signals.
  • Reactivate your Wi-Fi router or modem.
  • Change to an additional trustworthy net link or mobile information.
  • Disconnect unneeded gadgets from your Wi-Fi network to lower blockage.

Disable Double Band on Router

Another option is to disable the dual-band function on your router as well as button to either 2GHz or 5GHz to prevent disturbance, influencing the download procedure on your Oculus Pursuit 2.

  • Open a web browser on your computer or tool as well as enter your router’s IP address.
  • Log right into your router to access the control panel utilizing your account qualifications.
  • Select “Wireless Setup,” “Double Band Setups,” or 2GHz or 5GHz.
  • If your router reveals Double Band Setups, select either 2GHz or 5GHz in the drop-down food selection to shut down the function. Or else, make it possible for among the 2GHz or 5GHz bands as well as disable the various other.
Disabling dual band on router
  • Click ” Use Adjustments.”

The router will certainly currently transmit in one band, as well as this will possibly take care of the video game downloading and install problem on your Oculus Pursuit 2.

INFO: The actions to transform the dual-band function may vary a little bit depending upon your router’s make as well as design.

Perform a Manufacturing Facility Reset on the virtual reality Headset

It is feasible that your Pursuit 2 firmware is momentarily glitching, protecting against the headset from downloading and install video games. To take care of these problems, manufacturing facility reset your virtual reality headset with these actions.

  • Open the Meta Quest application on your iphone or Android tool.
  • Faucet ” Food selection.”
  • Tap ” Gadgets.”
  • Select your Oculus headset as well as most likely to ” Headset Setup.”
  • Tap ” Advanced Setup.”
  • Select ” Manufacturing Facility Reset.”
  • Choose ” Reset.”

Finally, set your gizmo once more with the application, finish the set up procedure, as well as confirm you can download and install video games currently.

POINTER: You can additionally execute a manufacturing facility reset procedure utilizing the Oculus Pursuit bootloader food selection.


In this detailed write-up, we have actually discovered why your Oculus Pursuit 2 is not downloading and install video games after acquisition as well as exactly how to repair this problem rapidly with 7 easy-to-follow repairs.

Ideally, you can currently set up brand-new virtual reality video games on your headset as well as delight in playing them without disruption. Nonetheless, if the issue is still there, call the Meta Support group as well as report the problem for more troubleshooting by their group.

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