Paris Baguette is a South Oriental multicuisine bakery-cum chain developed in Seoul, South Korea. The bakeshop residence is best recognized for offering some scrumptious baked items beginning with baguettes, croissants, cakes, breads, as well as various other confectioneries. The Paris Baguette food selection with rates is likewise moderately crafted to make sure that all the consumers can appreciate their specials.

The Paris Baguette food selection is comprehensive of breads, cozy breads, beautiful coffee, trademark cakes, as well as a range of various other baked foodstuffs. The bakery-café takes satisfaction in supplying baked items at terrific Paris Baguette rates.

The brand name intent to offer scrumptious sandwiches as well as drinks at a budget-friendly Paris Baguette catalog. This post showcases the actual Paris Baguette food selection with rates to make sure that when you check out the local Paris Baguette, you can appreciate its fantastic offerings.

Paris Baguette Food Selection Prices

Paris Baguette Menu
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Bakery Food selection Prices

Almond Pastry$ 4.17
Apple Pie$ 3.29
Craftsmen Bacon Mozzarella Bread$ 6.37
Craftsmen Tomato Mascarpone Bread$ 6.37
Blueberry Lotion Cheese Pastry$ 3.29
Blueberry King Lotion Donut$ 4.39
Butter Lotion Bread$ 2.74
Castella$ 3.95
Cheese Tart$ 3.07
Choux Lotion Bread$ 2.52
Coffee Bun$ 3.07
Coffee Danish$ 3.62
Crab Meat Croquette$ 3.62
Lotion Cheese Pastry$ 3.29
Lotion Cheese Donut$ 2.52
Croissant Donut$ 4.72
Egg Tart$ 2.74
Fruit Pastry$ 3.62
Gingersnap Molasses Cookie$ 2.19
Pork Cheese Pastry$ 4.39
Hash Brown Bread$ 3.51
Jumbo Twisted Donut$ 3.84
King Lotion Donut$ 3.84
Mini Croissants$ 4.95
Mini Grain Lotion Cheese Pastry$ 4.72
Mini Garlic CroissantN/A
Mr. Bear$ 2.74
Ms. Bear$ 2.74
Bread Frank$ 3.51
Peanut Crumb Bread$ 2.52
Raspberry Fruit Bite$ 2.52
Smoked Sausage Bread$ 3.62
Soft Cheese Cake$ 3.29
Soft Strawberry Cake$ 3.29
Spicy Curry Croquette$ 3.51
Strawberry Cornet Pie$ 3.62
Strawberry Croissant$ 5.49
Strawberry Lemon Lotion Croissant$ 2.96
Sugary Food Potato Pastry$ 3.29
Sugary Food Rice Donut$ 2.52
Tiramisu King Lotion Donut$ 4.39
Tiramisu Tart$ 3.29
Walnut Lotion Bread$ 3.62
Whole Red Bean Bread$ 2.52
Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies$ 2.19
Ghirardelli Brownie$ 3.84
Oat Meal Raisin Cookie$ 2.19
Three-way Delicious Chocolate Cookie$ 2.19
Delicious Chocolate Lotion Croissant$ 4.39
Coffee Lotion Croissant$ 4.39
Matcha Lotion Croissant$ 4.39
Mango Lotion Croissant$ 4.39
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Gourmet Sandwiches Food Selection Prices

Caprese Baguette$ 8.79
Poultry Caesar Baguette$ 8.25
Crab Coleslaw Sandwich$ 5.05
Egg Salad Sandwich$ 7.43
Grain Poultry Salad Sandwich$ 7.98
Pork & & Cheese Baguette$ 7.15
Pork as well as Cheese Sandwich$ 7.15
Honey Chipotle Poultry Multigrain Baguette$ 9.67
Prosciutto Baguette$ 9.12
Provence Poultry Pesto Baguette$ 9.12
Smoked Salmon Avocado Croissant$ 9.89
Tuna Salad Multigrain Baguette$ 9.67
Turkey Avocado Sandwich$ 8.53
Turkey Club Multigrain Baguette$ 9.67
Turkey Mozzarella Baguette$ 9.12

Salads Food Selection Prices

Grilled Poultry Caesar Salad$ 10.22
Exotic Grind Salad$ 10.22
Smoked Salmon Avocado Salad$ 12.42
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Breads Food Selection Prices

Artisan Bacon Mozzarella Bread$ 6.37
Craftsmen Tomato Mascarpone Bread$ 6.37
Baguette$ 3.62
Milk Bread$ 5.27
Multigrain Baguette$ 4.39
Multi Grain Bread$ 5.82
Raisin Bread$ 5.49
Soft Lotion Bread$ 5.82

Hot Coffee & & Coffee Food Selection Prices

Small Brewed Coffee$ 2.52
Tool Made Coffee$ 2.96
Big Brewed Coffee$ 3.18
Tiny Coffee Shop Latte$ 4.28
Tool Coffee Shop Latte$ 5.05
Big Coffee Shop Latte$ 5.38
Tiny Cappuccino$ 4.25
Tool Cappuccino$ 5.05
Big Cappuccino$ 5.38
Tiny Americano$ 3.18
Tool Americano$ 3.62
Big Americano$ 3.84
Tiny Sugar Latte$ 4.83
Tool Sugar Latte$ 5.49
Big Sugar Latte$ 6.04
Tiny Coffee Shop Mocha$ 4.83
Tool Coffee Shop Mocha$ 5.49
Big Coffee Shop Mocha$ 6.04
Tiny Warm Chocolate$ 3.73
Tool Warm Chocolate$ 4.28
Big Warm Chocolate$ 4.61
Tiny Brewed Coffee Hazelnut$ 2.52
Tool Made Coffee Hazelnut$ 2.96
Big Brewed Coffee Hazelnut$ 3.18
Tiny Hazelnut Latte$ 4.83
Tool Hazelnut Latte$ 5.49
Big Hazelnut Latte$ 6.04
Tiny Pepper Mint Mocha$ 5.16
Tool Pepper Mint Mocha$ 5.49
Big Pepper Mint Mocha$ 5.82
Tiny Chai Latte$ 4.61
Tool Chai Latte$ 5.38
Big Chai Latte$ 5.71
Tiny Matcha Latte$ 4.61
Tool Matcha Latte$ 5.38
Big Matcha Latte$ 5.71
Tiny Salty Sugar Oat Milk Latte$ 5.05
Tool Salty Sugar Oat Milk Latte$ 5.49
Big Salty Sugar Oat Milk Latte$ 5.82
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Cold Coffee & & Coffee Food Selection Prices

Cold Coffee & & Espresso Small Tool Big
Iced Coffee$ 3.62$ 4.06$ 4.28
Cold Milk Coffee$ 3.84$ 4.28$ 4.50
Cold Brew$ 3.95$ 4.50$ 4.83
Cold Americano$ 3.62$ 3.84$ 4.06
Cold Coffee Shop Latte$ 5.05$ 5.82$ 6.15
Iced Sugar Latte$ 5.49$ 6.37$ 6.59
Cold Coffee Shop Mocha$ 5.49$ 6.37$ 6.59
Cold Hazelnut Latte$ 5.49$ 6.37$ 6.59
Iced Pepper Mint Mocha$ 5.49$ 5.93$ 6.37
Cold Chai Latte$ 5.38$ 5.71$ 6.04
Iced Matcha Latte$ 5.60$ 5.71$ 6.04
Iced Salty Sugar Oat Milk Latte$ 5.49$ 6.04$ 6.37

Bottled Beverages Food Selection Prices

PB Springtime Water$ 2.52
PB Pure Sparkling Water$ 2.74
PB Lemon Black Tea$ 3.29
PB Blood Orange Eco-friendly Tea$ 3.29
PB Exotic Hibiscus Tea$ 3.29
Pressed Orange Juice$ 5.05
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Packaged Roll Cakes as well as Castellas Food Selection Prices

Blueberry Roll Cake$ 21.99
Incredible Cheesecake$ 9.89
Macaron Establish (4pcs)$ 10.22
Trademark Roll Cake$ 21.99

Cake Slices Food Selection Prices

Berry Tart$ 8.02
Blueberry Chiffon Cake Piece$ 7.25
Mug Tiramisu$ 6.59
Ganache Lotion Cake Piece$ 7.69
Oreo Cookies as well as Lotion Item Cake$ 6.15
Souffle Cheesecake Piece$ 6.15
Strawberry Soft Lotion Cake Piece$ 6.92
Tiramisu Mascarpone$ 6.59

Background of Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette Cake Menu Prices
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Paris Baguette is a prominent bakery-café offering in different South Oriental areas to citizens as well as site visitors from around the world. The Paris Baguette cake food selection is rather prominent among regulars for its luscious structure as well as delicious tastes.

The very first Paris Baguette came up in 1986 in Gwanghwamun, Seoul. The bakery-café turned up as a subsidiary of Shani Co. Ltd out of large love for breads as well as interest to provide the finest high quality of baked items. Paris Baguette focuses on supplying French-inspired baked foodstuffs together with some timeless drinks to match the food.

Because its beginning, Paris Baguette has actually won the heart of South Koreans with its special as well as to satisfy the large need, the brand name is presently readily available at over 4000 areas in South Korea itself. In the years, Paris Baguette has actually likewise gone global as well as opened up regional subsidiaries in the USA, Vietnam, Singapore, China, as well as also France.

Throughout the years, the Paris Baguette food selection rates have actually advanced a great deal owing to satisfy the expanding demand of the customers. The reasonable Paris Baguette rates are yet an additional facility of destination that overload consumers everyday at each Paris Baguette place.

Evaluation of Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette Menu
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The Paris Baguette hrs of procedure differ from place to place. Nonetheless, at the majority of Paris Baguette areas, the shop opens up at 7 Am as well as shuts at around 9 PM. The Paris Baguette food selection is comprehensive of a range of specials beginning with cakes, breads, croissants, baguettes, sandwiches, as well as various other drinks.

The Paris Baguette cakes can be found in different tastes like combined berry brief lotion, blueberry chiffon, strawberry, coffee, chocoholic cake, mocha cake, rainbow cake, souffle cheesecake, mint strawberry cake, as well as extra. Paris Baguette cake food selection rates are so fantastic that be it any kind of event you will certainly pick their cake for your party.

At Paris Baguette, you reach take pleasure in fresh as well as scrumptious items. The high quality of each Paris Baguette foodstuffs is of a high criterion without also a possibility of any kind of grievance.

The Paris Baguette sandwich food selection draws in the focus of travelers that would certainly like to eat prior to pursuing job. Choices like turkey avocado, turkey mozzarella, tuna panino, as well as egg salad sandwich are among one of the most gotten.

Do not neglect to try out their pleasant as well as tasty flavorful bakeshop things which contained croissants, bagels, donuts, breads, breads, as well as a lot more to raise your experience at Paris Baguette. They likewise had seasonal specials to make the Paris Baguette food selection much more functional.

To match your experience at Paris Baguette, you likewise reach select from a warm, chilly, cold, as well as seasonal drink variety that sees to it that you leave the coffee shop with large fulfillment. With an outstanding Paris Baguette food selection with rates together with savory eatable as well as revitalizing beverages, without a doubt Paris Baguette has all of it.

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How to Order Online from Paris Baguette Food Selection in Couple Of Actions?

Paris Baguette Order Online
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You can quickly buy online from Paris Baguette with the aid of several food distribution solutions like Grubhub, Ubereats, Doordash, and so on. Listed below I will certainly reveal you some straightforward actions on just how you can buy online from Paris Baguette with the aid of Doordash.

If you intend to buy from Grubhub or Ubereats, you can adhere to the exact same actions listed below. Likewise, if you simply intend to inspect the food selection as well as their rates based upon your place, after that you can do that by complying with the exact same actions listed below as the rates might differ from place to place.

  1. First, head over to Doordash as well as pick your place.
  2. After picking your place, the most up to date food selection as well as the rates for Paris Baguette of that certain place will certainly be shown (right here you can simply inspect the rates of Paris Baguette if you do not intend to buy anything).
  3. If you intend to buy, pick all the food things from the food selection of Church Baguette as well as include them to your cart individually.
  4. In the following action, most likely to check out as well as check in to your account if you have one or you can develop a brand-new one.
  5. After effectively checking in, fill out a few of your individual details, delivery address, as well as repayment approach as well as verify your order.

Paris Baguette Get In Touch With Details & & Important Links


Since its beginning, Paris Baguette has actually been the meeting place for several family members, pals, as well as enthusiasts. The Paris Baguette cake cost makes every event much more unique for being so worth for cash.

As if it was inadequate, the Paris Baguette providing solutions ensure to make an exceptional payment per of your unique celebrations like wedding events, as well as birthday celebrations.

So, what do you consider the comprehensive Paris Baguette food selection with the rates talked about over? Compose your feedback relating to the Paris Baguette coffee shop in the remark areas listed below.

Often Asked Inquiries Associated With Paris Baguette (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who has Paris Baguette?

Paris Baguette is a subsidiary firm of the South Korea-based SPC Team.

Where is Paris Baguette from?

Paris Baguette is from Seoul, South Korea.

The amount of Paris Baguettes areas exist?

Paris Baguette has more than 4000 areas in South Korea itself as well as various other retailers in the United States, China, Singapore, as well as Vietnam.

Just how much are Paris Baguette cakes?

The Paris Baguette cake rates begin with as reduced as $13 as well as vary as much as $50.

When does Paris Baguette shut?

Though the Paris Baguette hrs of shutting differ from place to place nonetheless most shops close at around 9 pm.

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