Reddit PM Promotion

Reddit Marketing
Made Easy!

Targeted cold emails, but for Reddit.

We have an in-house direct marketing tool for Reddit, made for
Entrepreneurs, Startups and Growth Hackers!

Here are some of the features and options:

Idea Validation

Validate your ideas before you start building them. Get direct feedback from your potential customers on Reddit. Reddit is huge! There’s a subreddit for almost every industry and niche:
130K+ subreddits = 130K+ target niches

Get Your First Customers Through Reddit

Everyday, 500M+ people on Reddit are talking about their pain points, asking for solutions, resources and product recommendations. Someone out there is asking for your business too.
They just don’t know you exist yet!

Access Your Competitors’ Unhappy Customers

You’re building a much better, cheaper and faster competitor to Apple, and you don’t know how to find your customers? Using our in-house sentiment analysis, we found 55K+ people on Reddit, who talked negative about Apple in the last month.

Fresh and Unique Growth Hacking Channel

If You are a growth hacker that’s looking for new and unique marketing, outreach and user acquisition channels? We are he real deal for you! Fresh, unique, and still unutilized!
Oh… and you can expect 40-45% average response rate

Common Questions we get from our clients:

  1. Is this method more effective than ads?

Our system is based on direct marketing (1-on-1 marketing), which is much more successful than the usual social media advertising.
By using Reddit Ads, you are targeting only the people that are part of a specific subreddit. Also, the majority of Reddit users use ad-blocker, which makes the Reddit advertising obsolete and quite unsuccessful. By using Cuboid Marketing, you are directly targeting and contacting the potential customers for your product.     2. Do I need to provide you with my Reddit account?Yes, we would need your account so that you can monitor responses and hopefully close the sale!    3. Is this going to for my business?This is a perfect for:
• growth hackers
• crypto/NFT projects
• entrepreneurs who need to validate their ideas
• small businesses that operate in some kind of a niche
• digital marketing agencies that want to operate in some kind of a niche

In a nutshell: it’s perfect for early stage businesses that operate in a specific niche, because it offers an amazing ROI.

We have large number of satisfied customers who get fascinating results – 40-45% average response rate, and up to 21% conversion rate on some specific projects.

Targeted Reddit outreach.
40-45% average response rate.