Many companies closed down their operations because of the Cold War-19 pandemic. It is not a secret that the pandemic has affected all industries all over the world. 

While the lockdown continued, people throughout the world saw many businesses struggling to stay open. 

Currently, I do not know how many people are able to return to the state that they were in before the lockdown. 

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Your information concerning the client.

Based out of Australia, our clients run a local Escape Room facility.

An escape room is a room in which people are locked in order to play a game. The game is a game in which the player has to solve a series of puzzles in a certain amount of time to reach a goal, usually finding the key to unlock the room.
A screenshot from the client’s website.

We covered everything from requirements gathering, strategy execution, and reporting. We assisted them in gaining bookings and receiving a positive return on investment.

This case study describes how an advertiser from China decided to run their Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns.

Our challenge is getting businesses to make sales for their purchases.

We like to go to escape rooms during the weekend. 

That is the type of thing that you would typically participate in when outing with a lot of friends.

Trying to make plans with friends like | Words quotes, Memes quotes, How to  plan
Have you ever prepared a plan with your friends? You are permitted to relate to this case study.

That means that there are two important challenges for businesses.

  1. More the friends, more the problems – Planning, organizing & executing a weekend plan is no mean task. It requires serious lobbying and good motivation and persuasion skills. 

I found it difficult to be on their screens during every step of the decision making process.

  1. In the past, weekend activities such as those described above were usually decided at the last minute. You do not know if you will be turning on Sherlock at 6:30 in the evening or if you will be searching the Internet to find the next best Netflix show to watch at home until the very last second.

Unlike e-Commerce ads where buying is often impulsive, buying a ticket for our Escape Room client’s business, was a comprehensively thought-out decision.

Showcasing the business, the variety of services offered, their benefits & features to the customer, in an easily consumable form was a challenge we tackled in this project.


When we began we set out the funnel. 

The general layout of a cuboid marketing Facebook and Instagram ads funnel.

The funnel includes both prospecting and retargeting. No matter if they have chosen the advanced package with or without retargeting, we do this for all of our clients.

A funnel is a method that provides us with a single goal to achieve throughout the whole project life cycle.

After we were done with the funnel, we moved onto the prospecting.

Promoting campaigns rely on video artists to promote their businesses. All of these were based upon the client’s existing media assets and were sent to us during the onboarding process.

The videos were edited & optimized for running on different placements (News Feed, Stories, In-stream, etc) and in line with the right duration required for the ads

Interest-based targeting plus Lookalike audiences from the client’s existing database was used.

After running initial prospecting campaigns, some retargeting ads were started.

 We narrowed the ad targeting to targeted individuals that were interested in visiting the website. 

Each campaign helped the user proceed further toward booking a ticket.

All of the ads were monitored daily and new content was added every 5-7 days, as and when needed.

The objective was to force the budget to be higher on the days leading up to the weekend and to bring it back to normal on the other days.


Total expenditures – 973.44.

Total 17* items bought.

Overall impressions 48,930.

Outbound CTR rate is around 0.66% overall.

The highest level CPM is aud19.89.

It costs $1.11 per click overall.

Overall, the return on investment is 2.34*.

On average, the return on spend for top ads was 11.59*.

This excludes purchases that are not tracked by Facebook due to the recent policy of Apple.


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